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Top 7 Best UpKeep Alternatives For Your Team In 2024

UpKeep Alternatives

Best UpKeep Alternatives For Your Team will be described in this article. UpKeep is a comprehensive Asset Operations Management solution that enables businesses to scale by providing all necessary maintenance and operations tools.

With UpKeep’s CMMS-centric features,you can access your maintenance management system from anywhere – be it your desktop, phone, or tablet.

Top 7 Best UpKeep Alternatives For Your Team In 2024

In this article, you can know about UpKeep Alternatives here are the details below;

However, the software is not perfect enough to suit some businesses’ requirements. Thats where our post on the best Upkeep alternatives comes in.

If you are running a business with special work order requirements, maintenance management operations, complex inspection & safety audits, we’ve got a bunch of recommendation that will fit the bill.

So, let’s get started. And while we’re at it, we’ll also highlight some of the basic aspects of UpKeep to familiarize you with what the program has to offer.

UpKeep delivers core maintenance functionality, including asset, inventory, and work order management preventive maintenance to create service schedules.

The tasks overview page shows upcoming work, along with due dates, criticality, and assets or workers assigned to each. When adding new tasks, you can include notes, a color-coded priority rating, images, assets, and users.

Moreover, the mobile application provides users with the ability to create projects, assign work orders, manage assets, and much more. It is ideal for small to midsize companies operating in various industries.

Thr program’s services are available on a monthly subscription basis that includes support via phone & the email, and an online knowledge base.

UpKeep Key Features

UpKeep Pricing

How to Select the Best UpKeep Alternative(s) Online?

Whether your company is initiating an asset management software implementation or contemplating a switch from UpKeep or another provider, you should consider several factors.

Begin by thoroughly analyzing your company’s requirements and specific needs. If you’re considering a switch, identify the reasons behind it:

For those without a digital asset management solution, evaluate how software can improve asset and maintenance workflows.

Create a list of must-have & the nice-to-have features to guide your decision. Add future needs when selecting the right software solution.

Once your company’s needs are clear, compare available options and the features each solution offers. Here, In this article, we present the top 7 UpKeep maintenance management alternatives, highlighting their key features and pricing for your consideration.

7 Best UpKeep Alternatives In 2024

Let’s dig in and see what the appended UpKeep alternatives bring to the table.

1. Xenia – Overall All-Time Best UpKeep Alternative

Xenia is considered the best alternative to UpKeep as a maintenance management solution.

How so?

Xenia provides the same inspection capabilities, as well as improved maintenance and team management functionality. that UpKeep does, but Xenia is priced per team with one flat monthly rate for teams up to 15 users.

On top of that Xenia has a constantly evolving repository of checklists that suit use-cases from all over different industries.

It is a cloud-based software that the helps businesses streamline their maintenance operations, providing various features such work order management & the preventive maintenance scheduling, asset tracking, inventory management, and more.

Xenia’s user-friendly interface allows users to easily create work orders, track maintenance requests, and manage assets from any device.

With its powerful reporting and analytics tools, businesses can monitor their maintenance operations in real-time and make data-driven decisions to improve their processes. It is a great choice for businesses looking for the comprehensive solution affordable price.

Key Features


2. ToolSense

ToolSense represents a cutting-edge enterprise asset management solution, seamlessly integrating a user-friendly cloud-based platform with state-of-the-art IoT hardware to revolutionize your asset management practices through real-time asset data.

Comparable to UpKeep, ToolSense offers a robust set of features designed to enhance organizational efficiency and streamline asset-related processes.

To further enhance accessibility, ToolSense offers a dedicated mobile app on iOS and Android platforms. Whether for small or large businesses, ToolSense is tailored to meet the diverse asset management needs of organizations across the spectrum.

Key Features


3. eMaint

An alternative to the UpKeep asset operations platform is the cloud-based CMMS software eMaint CMMS.

This versatile solution is designed for efficient asset management, inventory tracking, and workflow optimization within organizations. eMaint CMMS stands as a robust option for businesses seeking a cloud-based CMMS solution to enhance their asset operations and overall organizational efficiency.

Key Features


4. Fiix

For maintenance teams and facility managers seeking robust support, Fiix serves as an enterprise asset management (EAM) solution tailored to the needs of businesses. Also check Mistplay Alternatives 

Utilized wide range of the companies, from smaller enterprises to larger corporations globally, Fiix efficiently oversees maintenance inspections and work orders.

It stands out, especially for organizations requiring multi-site management. Fiix provides businesses with a comprehensive toolset to streamline asset-related operations and enhance overall maintenance efficiency across diverse organizational scales.

Key Features


5. IBM Maximo CMMS

IBM, a globally recognized company, has developed its CMMS solution called IBM Maximo. This particular Upkeep alternative is widely adopted by businesses operating in sectors such as energy and utilities, oil and gas, manufacturing, and transportation. Distinguishing itself from other asset operations management systems, IBM Maximo is flexible in its deployment options, available cloud-based solution, on-premises, or as a hybrid model. Key features of IBM Maximo include:

IBM Maximo offers a comprehensive suite of tools tailored for industries with complex asset management needs, providing flexibility in deployment and ensuring accessibility for users across various devices.

Key Features


6. MaintainX

Of course, when it comes to the best UpKeep alternatives, programs like MaintainX are always popular in the industry.

It’s a comprehensive software solution centered on maintenance, repair, and operations, aiming to enhance daily workflows for maintenance teams and foster improved communications within organizations.

When directly comparing MaintainX with UpKeep, it’s evident that MaintainX caters to both small and large businesses by allowing an unlimited number of assets to be tracked within the system. MaintainX goes beyond basic maintenance tools, providing a versatile set of features that contribute to streamlined operations, effective communication, and overall efficiency for businesses of varying sizes.

Key Features


7. Hippo CMMS

Lastly, on our best Upkeep Alternatives recommendations list, we’ve got Hippo CMMS.

For companies seeking a user-friendly solution accessible on both desktop and mobile platforms, the web-based software Hippo CMMS proves to be an excellent choice.

With a starting price that is more budget-friendly than some alternatives to UpKeep maintenance management, it caters to the needs of smaller to larger companies on a tighter budget. Hippo CMMS provides a cost-effective yet robust solution for organizations looking to streamline their maintenance processes while maintaining flexibility and ease of use. Also check Squid TV alternatives

Key Features



There you have it, some of the best UpKeep alternatives to help you streamline your business processes. In case, your favorite tool isn’t listed here, feel free to reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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