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Top 4 Best Apps like Timehop And Timehop Alternatives

Best Apps like Timehop And Timehop Alternatives will be described in this article. People live for their photos and memories. The generations have lived by photographs. Just take a glance at the pictures, and there you are, living the life of that generation.  Photos and videos are the tools for gathering memories that allow us to capture, save, and access them whenever we choose. They transport us back to our favorite moments so we can savor them once more and again in the future.

With the help of the software Timehop, you can go back in time by visiting your favorite memories each day. You can use it to look for pictures taken on the same day, twenty years ago, one year ago, etc.  Continue reading this article if you want to use Timehop-like programs to jump through various eras and memories to relive them. You will learn more about the top Timehop alternatives and their essential features by the article’s conclusion.

Top 4 Best Apps like Timehop And Timehop Alternatives

In this article, you can know about Timehop Alternatives here are the details below;

1. Lookback


One of the finest Timehop alternatives for iOS and Android is Lookback: Moments and experiences, which allows users to travel through time and save all of their treasured experiences for a lifetime. The app’s main mission is to share memories rather than just photographs. Simply telling the tales behind the pictures will bring back all the best memories.

Key Features of Lookback

  • Simply put, Lookback aids in the compilation of your images into memories much like Timehop.
  • Both downloading and using it are free.
  • Both of the Apple App Store & the Google Play Store include the app.
  • Not only by date or location, but also by first experiences, childhood recollections, etc., you can alter how memories are saved.
  • With Lookback, you can decide to tell the tale of how your treasured memory came to be.
  • You can watch them on the app just like movies, too.

2. Google Photos

Google Photos

Google Photos is a fantastic software that is similar to Timehop for iOS and Android, trusted by millions of users and available on all platforms and devices. It is renowned for independently constructing memories from photographs, much like Timehop.

The software is loaded with Google Technical Department features, and it provides an easy backup option that only requires a quick sign-in on the user’s Google account. Additionally, you may pick which pictures you want to backup before deleting them from your devices to make room. Also check Apps like Endless Paper

Key Features of Google Photos

  • Users of the app can search for images by date, location, and other criteria.
  • It contains a tool that automatically assembles photographs to create memories, just like Timehop.
  • Provides simple editing tools to organize and release them as time passes.
  • To create the best memories, Google Photos allows you to automatically create collages, stories, grids, and other types of memories based on the same dates or year.
  • It displays memories from the past month, year, three years, etc.

3. Memories – Keep Living


The iOS Android Memories app is fantastic for recording memories and keeping them safe. Like Timehop, it gathers and alters your photographs and stories to preserve them for all time.

Both of the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store provide it for free download and use. With the help of a timeline, you can effortlessly share photographs and movies with your loved ones.

Key Features of Memories – keep Living

  • The Memories app allows you to build three free timelines before charges apply.
  • Users will have access to visual timelines, a photo vault, etc.
  • Additionally, you can set up special notes and time capsules to be distributed to your loved ones in a few weeks or months by recording them.
  • It is an app without ads.
  • To build memories with family and your organization, you may share, work together, and connect.
  • Users will receive 1 GB of memory for free to use as a memory vault for their pictures and movies.

4. Second Everyday 

Second Everyday 

One of the top applications for apps like Timehop that has been highlighted by Apple, BBC, CNN, TED, Fast Company, and many others is 1 Second Everyday Journal for iOS and Android. Also check Depository Alternatives

The original concept behind 1 Second Everyday Journal is to create a video diary for 1-second sharing from each day in order to recapture the best moments of the year, week, and month.

Key Features of 1 Second Everyday

  • Use and download of the software are both free.
  • According to the preferences of the user, offers a freemium version.
  • To prevent users from being interrupted while using the 1 Second Everyday App to make memories, it includes an ad-free function.
  • You may set friendly and original reminders with the app so you never forget special days.
  • Create recurring videos that cover the past five years, a season, a month, etc.
  • Use the app to record your day and add a personal message for yourself.

Final Conclusion – Apps Like Timehop

This is the last section of the article about Timehop-like apps. We sincerely hope that you will discover the top Timehop alternatives here and select them to repeatedly build, love, and relieve the best recollections of your existence.


Is Timehop a cost-free app?

Timehop is reportedly a free program that can be downloaded & used on Android and iOS smartphones.

What time period does Timehop cover?

You can use the program to travel back in time and relive memories for as many years as you have used Timehop.


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