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Best Text Message Marketing Services Of 2023

Best Text Message Marketing Services will be described in this article. The most widely used marketing tactic in the modern day is text message marketing, which is an excellent choice for small businesses looking to dramatically increase their customer base. Unlike other forms of advertising, text messaging creates a personal connection between your business and the customer by acting as a direct line of communication. Text messages are more likely to be seen by customers and received favorably than emails or advertisements.

Best Text Message Marketing Services Of 2023

In this article, you can know about Text Message Marketing Services here are the details below;

EZ Texting: Finest Total Text Message Marketing Services

Because of its many features, control panel that is easy to use, and convenience of use, EZ Texting is the best text messaging marketing software. Online marketers of all skill levels can design and manage successful text campaigns with EZ Texting. Numerous useful tools are included in this service, including customizable contact management, automation features, mobile keywords, message templates, drip campaigns, surveys, and thorough analytics.

Textedly: Finest for Growing Businesses

For small businesses, Textedly is the best text message marketing software available. Textedly offers a number of helpful text marketing options, like personalized keywords and free incoming text messages. Businesses of all sizes may create and implement successful text marketing programs, track outcomes, and use these services.

Podium: Included Sponsor

Podium is a venue for client contact that helps firms manage client connections and establish online credibility across several websites through text messaging.

To help users manage online evaluation, Podium’s technology combines client interactions and online assessments into a single dashboard. Users can send invitations for evaluations, reply in real time to online reviews, & send & receive text messages with customers & potential customers from the control panel.

SimpleTexting: A lot of versatile text message marketing services

Our selection for the bulk of flexible text marketing services is SimpleTexting. It offers multiple options, so you can select the one that works best for your budget. In order to make creating successful texting campaigns easier, SimpleTexting also makes use of a long variety of resources, including division capabilities, automation tools, contact management, customisation, MMS messaging, mobile keywords, and message templates. The dashboard of SimpleTexting can be easily understood. You can obtain help via phone or live conversation if necessary. The cost of using SimpleTexting is determined on the number of texts you send each month. All plans include unlimited contacts, rollover credits, free incoming messages, and shortcodes. Free 14-day samples are available for the service, while premium subscriptions start at $25 per month. Also check Auto loans Services 

SlickText: Best affordable text message marketing service

Because of its flexible and reasonable price options, as well as its user-friendly dashboard, automation capabilities, customized keywords, and contact management features, SlickText is our choice for the best affordable text marketing service. You can sign up for SlickText’s 14-day free trial and receive 50 SMS and one keyword without having to enter your credit card number.


Text marketing rates vary from firm to company and typically include a per-text fee as well as the cost of leasing keywords for specific projects. You can spend on both SMS and keywords at the same time with the normal monthly plans offered by several service providers. Plans ranging from free to over $4,000 a month are available, and different features are offered at different price points. A free month-to-month plan, for example, will only allow you to use a very small text limits and no keywords. In contrast, a $4,000 plan gives you access to 225,000 text credits and limitless keywords.

Some service providers allow you to pay monthly for credits that you may use in your campaigns, or they provide annual or pay-as-you-go plans that are based on how much you use the service.

Advantages and disadvantages of text message marketing

Text marketing offers a lot of advantages as well as some possible drawbacks. It’s a double-edged sword that text messaging’s personal, direct approach offers businesses a great chance to communicate directly with customers. It may also suggest a fine line to walk when it comes to protecting clients’ private information, though.


  • There is a tendency for high conversion rates.
  • People open, read, and reply to texts rapidly.
  • It’s a reasonably priced marketing strategy.
  • Texts can be modified and tailored to your clients’ needs.
  • A large range of tracking and analytics options are offered by the services.


  • The effective usage of the services may need some learning.
  • Expanding your contact list can take time.
  • A text message marketing campaign requires ongoing focus and work.

Rules Regarding Text-Me Marketing

Mobile marketing is not a free-for-all, but it can be an excellent tool for your business. When planning your projects, there are a few rules and best practices that you should be aware of and adhere to.


One law that the United States has is the Telephone Consumer Security Act. When gathering contacts and texting, you must abide by laws imposed by the Federal Communications Commission. Though SMS marketing is exempt from the TCPA, it’s always a good idea to examine the regulations and make sure you comply. Obtaining consent from each contact before initiating bulk text messaging is one of the primary obligations of the act. Similarly, you can only send texts from 8 a.m. until 10 a.m. and nine in the evening. This particular regulation applies to the recipient’s time zone, not the time zone from where you are sending messages.


Similar rules for the appropriate use of text marketing are provided by the Mobile Marketing Association and the Cellular Telecoms Industry Association. Although they outline the best practices you should adhere to, these standards are not regulations. The following are some of the CTIA and MMA standards:

  • It is not appropriate to use the term “free” unless your program truly benefits the user.
  • The program name, the product description, the quantity, if applicable, a link to the terms & conditions, instructions on how to stop receiving the messages, and a warning that message and information rates may apply should all be included in any advertising. You can also provide all of this information when the client texts HELP.
  • Before sending any messages to a specific customer, obtain their opt-in consent.
  • Give your consumers the option to cancel their subscription.
  • Preserve records of opt-in and opt-out for a minimum of half a year.
  • Avoid endorsing the use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs.
  • It may be necessary to request proof of age for certain marketing initiatives.

Advantages of Text message marketing

Text message marketing has several benefits, the most important of which is the ability to communicate with customers directly. Here are a few more significant advantages:

High open rate

Email marketing has a lower open rate (around 98%) than SMS marketing. This means that there’s a good chance the people you’re writing to will see it.

Cost Effectiveness

With many service providers offering inexpensive monthly or annual subscriptions as well as pay-as-you-go options, text message marketing is typically an inexpensive way to market your business.

Mobile method

One of the most important marketing principles is to meet your customers where they are, which for the majority of modern consumers is on their mobile devices. Reaching the majority of your audience using text message marketing is a guaranteed strategy.

A compliment to a larger marketing plan

It’s not necessary to use text messaging only for commercial purposes; SMS marketing can be effective when combined with other forms of advertising. For instance, you might include links to your social media accounts in your message or send the receiver a code that can be used on your website to receive a discount.

Higher customer engagement

Because texting is so personal, it makes your clients feel important and that what they have to say counts. This improves the likelihood that they will interact with you directly.


Services for text message marketing must accomplish much more than just text. These are comprehensive marketing services that improve your customer service, help you track results, and help you interact with your audience. In your search for a text message marketing provider, it’s normal to be unsure of the exact characteristics you require. The features listed below are those we think are most crucial for businesses.

  • Analytics and reports: A good text message marketing provider will provide you with insightful data about contacts, campaigns, and keywords that you can utilize to refine subsequent efforts.
  • Automation: The top text marketing providers have options for automation, which are useful if you want to deliver the same text on a regular basis (for example, recurrent suggestions).
  • Contact management: Text marketing campaigns that are successful depend on having up-to-date, accurate contact lists. Your consumers won’t receive your messages and your projects won’t succeed if your contacts list is filled with outdated phone numbers. The most effective text marketing platforms facilitate the addition of contacts, import pre-existing lists, and filter lists to include only active phone numbers.
  • Customization: The most excellent textual projects are made to order. Certain systems capture customer information like the individual’s entire name, birthday, and postal code.
  • Drip campaigns: Using this functionality, you may send customer journeys that are automatically launched based on pre-established conditions. For example, a customer receives a welcome text upon subscribing, and further trigger texts are sent after they make their first purchase, culminating in a thank-you message.
  • Free inbounding text messages: The top providers of text marketing don’t charge you for the texts you receive from customers.
  • Integrations: A few text-based companies integrate with other platforms, like Mailchimp and Continuous Contact, which are tools for email marketing.
  • Message templates: To send messages much more quickly, look for an option that enables you to create and save templates if you frequently send the same text.
  • Multimedia messaging: You can communicate audio snippets, films, and pictures using certain providers. These communications are also known as MMS messages.
  • Mobile keywords: The finest options let you select unique keywords for your campaign and track their usage.
  • Scheduling: Text message arrangements for departure at any time or date should be possible in advance.
  • Studies: The top services make it easy to use surveys and other means of gathering customer feedback.
  • Text-to-landline: This feature allows you to send and receive text messages without affecting your voice service using your landline number.

Community Expert Insights

We spoke with knowledgeable small business owners in our community about the text marketing programs they use and their favorite features to gain a better understanding of what entrepreneurs are looking for from these services. These are their words.

Alex Kovalenko, account supervisor and senior IT employer at Kovasys: EZ Texting

“We enjoy how easy it is to accomplish. Different groups of people can be included, and after the message is issued, communicating with [customers] is straightforward and unsubscribing is also simple”.

Mike Khorev, growth specialist: EZ Texting

“With all of its capabilities, EZ Texting is a huge time-saver, and I appreciate how user-friendly its interface is. Moreover, customizing and automating messages is a breeze. Nevertheless, there may be a steep learning curve for some advanced capabilities, and customer support can occasionally be delayed”.

Malte Scholz, CEO and co founder of Airfocus: SlickText

“We use SlickText to fulfill our SMS marketing requirements. Our greatest advantage is not just our first-rate customer service but also our ease of usage. More opportunities for integration would be beneficial. Customer service, however, gets a clean 5/5. They have always been there for me, and they respond quickly”.

Jane Kovalkova and chief marketing officer at Chanty: SimpleTexting

“We adore how simple the UI is, only requiring 15 minutes to set up and use. Regardless of your experience level, you can rapidly learn how to set up autoresponders and send out bulk messages. However, importing contacts from CSV lists can be a little glitchy, and the range of credits you need can be perplexing”.

Is text message marketing efficient?

Reaching customers using text messaging is a remarkably dependable, quick, and easy method. More than 90% of text messages are read three minutes after they are sent, so your audience will typically see what you have to say. Because text message marketing messages are so easy to customize and make the customer feel recognized and valued, they are also dependable because they increase the likelihood that the customer will interact with your business.

When should businesses use text marketing?

When a service has quick, important information to provide with its audience—like a new coupon code, an update to their store hours, or details about an event—they should use SMS marketing. Try to send them exclusively between 9 a.m. and noon, the usual business hours. and six o’clock. in the local time of a client.

Why is text message marketing important?

Text message marketing is essential because it creates a direct, focused channel of communication between your business and the customer. Additionally, it lets you customize every message you deliver to your target audience, which can improve brand recognition, consumer satisfaction, and engagement. Also check Home Decorating Services

What are the measures to set up text marketing for your service?

Although the exact steps to launch a text project vary depending on your organization, most platforms share the same fundamental steps:

  1. Create an account.
  2. Get your account going.
  3. Either import or create a contact group.
  4. Write a note and select the recipient or recipients.
  5. Forward your message to the selected individual or group.
  6. Use the service’s analytics to keep an eye on the effectiveness of your project.

What do your staff members require to know to utilize text message marketing?

It’s not necessary to teach text message marketing to every employee. Pay close attention to training those who will be responsible for initiating and overseeing the projects. They should be able to manage analytics and display the data, select contact lists, design campaigns, fix minor issues, and more.

How can text or SMS marketing bring new consumers to your service?

Given that text messaging provides a simple, direct channel of communication between your company and your customers of all ages, text message marketing has the advantage of showing prospective customers that your firm is committed to customer service and a tailored consumer experience. This might provide your service more legitimacy and transparency.

How can text or SMS marketing assists you in keeping the clients you currently have?

If you keep your current customers informed about promotions, opportunities, and news from your company, they will gain from receiving text messages from you. These updates remind consumers of your company and, especially if you utilize them as a means of rewarding devoted customers, encourage them to make additional purchases from you.

What do text message marketing services generally cost?

Text message marketing services typically provide a range of monthly or annual subscriptions starting at about $14 to $20 and going up to $2,000 to $4,000 per month for more advanced services, though prices vary depending on the supplier. The cost will also vary based on how many messages and keywords your company needs each month.

Is text message marketing effective?

Reaching customers using text message marketing is a remarkably dependable, quick, and easy method. More than 90% of text messages are read three minutes after they are sent, so your audience will virtually always see what you are sending. Text message marketing campaigns are also effective because they are very easy to personalize, which improves the likelihood that a client will interact with your business by feeling recognized and appreciated.

When should companies use text message marketing?

When businesses need to quickly provide their consumers with important information, like a new discount code, an update on store hours, or information about an event, they should use text marketing. Try to mail them between 9 a.m. and noon, during regular business hours. and six o’clock. in the local time of a customer.

Why is text message marketing essential?

Text message marketing is crucial because it creates a dedicated, open channel of communication between your company and its customers. Additionally, it enables you to add personal touches to every communication you send out to your target audience, which can improve customer happiness, engagement, and brand image.


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