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10 Best Teespring Alternatives And Competitors For 2023

Best Teespring Alternatives will be discussed in his article. Do you want a print-on-demand service that will better suit your requirements? Looking for the top Teespring substitutes available? We have your back.

You’ll uncover 10 of the top Teespring alternatives in this post to run your print-on-demand company.

Print-on-demand fulfillment services, standalone e-commerce platforms, and POD marketplaces are all represented here.

Ready? Let’s get going:

10 Best Teespring Alternatives And Competitors For 2023

In this article, you can know about 10 Best Teespring Alternatives And Competitors For 2023 here are the details below;

Overall, Sellfy is the best Teespring substitute. It is an easy-to-use, all-in-one ecommerce platform with built-in print-on-demand capabilities. It can be used to market POD merchandise as well as other physical and digital goods.

The greatest Teespring substitute is Printful if you want to integrate print-on-demand features into an already-existing e-commerce store. They support a wide range of platforms, including Squarespace, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Shopify. It’s also a fantastic choice for people who wish to sell goods on well-known websites like eBay and Etsy.

1. Sellfy


Print-on-demand dropshipping capabilities are provided by Sellfy, an all-in-one e-commerce platform. If you want greater adaptability and control over your online business, this is the finest Sellfy substitute.

Sellfy is different from Teespring in that it offers more than only print-on-demand dropshipping. It is a fully functional ecommerce platform, similar to Shopify or Wix, but it also comes with an integrated POD fulfillment service. While POD products would typically require plugins to be offered on sites like Shopify.

Another significant distinction is how much simpler it is to use than most other ecommerce platforms.

In addition to the print-on-demand function, Sellfy also provides you with access to a wide range of other resources, including a drag-and-drop website builder, marketing tools, and analytics.

Limitations on store design are one of the main grievances raised by Teespring consumers. You can’t really’make it your own’ using the Teespring storefront because it isn’t really configurable. But you can with Sellfy. You have complete control over how your own business appears and the goods you offer because to its limitless customizability. This is another teespring alternatives.

Additionally, you are not restricted to print-on-demand merchandise because Sellfy is a true ecommerce platform. From the same gateway, you may sell both digital and physical goods.

Sellfy is perfect for vendors who can drive their own clients through various methods, much like Teespring.


Plans with premium features and unlimited goods start at $22 per month.

2. Printful


For anyone who wishes to sell through their own website or Shopify store, Printful is the best print-on-demand fulfillment provider and Teespring’s rival.

Printful isn’t a stand-alone print-on-demand website, in contrast to Teespring. You cannot set up your own Printful store and conduct direct sales of merchandise there. Instead, you build product designs and mockups using Printful’s built-in tools. Then, link it to your preferred sales platform to begin taking orders. Along with prominent e-commerce systems like Shopify and Wix, it interfaces with Etsy.

Printful takes care of order fulfillment whenever you make a transaction. They collaborate with a vast global network of top-notch printing facilities and provide quick shipping (items are often available for shipment within 2–5 days). Additionally, shipping costs are really affordable. This is another teespring alternatives.

The Printful catalog offers a wide range of goods, including bean bags, pet supplies, upscale eco-friendly clothing, and more. White-label services can also be used to add your branding to labels and packaging.


To access premium features, you can subscribe to Printful Plus ($9/month) or Printful Pro ($49/month) from the Free plan. There is a free trial period of 14 days.

3.  Zazzle


Popular print-on-demand marketplace Zazzle is where you can sell personalized goods. In terms of organic traffic, it ranks second only to Redbubble, with over 30 million customers worldwide.

There are countless products available on Zazzle, so there are no restrictions on where you can print your designs. You can market anything, including customized t-shirts and other clothing items, ping pong paddles, and skateboards.

However, if you want to sell stationery, invitations, greeting cards, and related items, I’d mostly suggest Zazzle. These types of creators frequently have great success on the site.


Signing up to become a Zazzle Creator is free. From 5% to 99%, you can choose your own royalty rates.

4. Spreadshop


The top Teespring substitute for YouTubers is Spreadshop. It offers a print-on-demand fulfillment service, lets you build your own branded merchandise shop page, and interfaces with YouTube, just like Teespring.

Spreadshop and Teespring are two of the three print-on-demand websites that YouTube’s merch shelf function supports. The Spreadshop merch shelf feature enables qualified creators to advertise their branded goods through their YouTube channel and videos to increase platform sales.

It’s simple to start making money if you have more than 10,000 subscribers and your channel is approved for monetization.

Go to your YouTube Studio and choose Monetization > Merchandise > Spreadshop to get going. Create your first product and set up your Shop after signing up for Spreadshop.

Once you’ve been given the go-ahead, you may begin adding items to your YouTube merch section, which will then be visible to viewers beneath your videos. When a customer places an order, Spreadshop will fulfill it and pay you. This is another teespring alternatives.

You may sell to a global audience with 10 supported currencies and languages and there are hundreds of things to pick from, like bespoke t-shirts and home decor. All of the designs are printed on premium goods from well-known manufacturers, and you can even request a free product sample from your shop to check the caliber.

Spreadshop is undoubtedly still worthwhile visiting even if you’re not a YouTuber or don’t qualify for the merch shelf program. All types of artists should use this print-on-demand platform.


Spreadshop is completely cost-free and does not require a subscription. Spreadshop takes its cut by deducting the base product price from the retail prices you set. You retain the remainder as profit.

5. Redbubble


Another well-known print-on-demand website in the world is Redbubble. Every month, millions of customers seeking out goods created by independent artists throng to it, making it an excellent Teespring substitute for creators who don’t already have a following.

The problem is that Teespring doesn’t receive a lot of organic traffic. It’s more of a POD storefront builder than a “true” print-on-demand marketplace, thus the chances of customers searching through creator designs and discovering your products on the platform are limited to none. You must put in the effort and generate your own sales.

If you’re an influencer with a sizable following, you can simply direct your fans to your Teespring store, but this isn’t the case for the majority of designers.

Listing your products on a website that receives genuine organic traffic will make it much easier for you to generate sales if you’re one of the many designers without a sizable following or marketing budget.

Since many individuals frequently browse Redbubble in search of merchandise, you’ll be able to attract clients as long as your designs are available there.

To instantly reach Redbubble’s enormous worldwide audience, all you need to do is sign up and upload your designs to goods in your Redbubble shop.

They will be discovered by site visitors who are browsing, and if they like your designs, they will buy them. Redbubble will take care of the rest while paying you. Orders will be printed and shipped directly to the customer while they take care of fulfillment. Easy!


Selling on Redbubble is free. They include their share of the basic price in the sales of your goods. Your own margins are chosen.

6. Merch by Amazon

Merch by Amazon

Amazon has its own print-on-demand service called Merch by Amazon. You can set up a store on the renowned Amazon marketplace if you have innovative ideas and wish to sell unique products, digital goods, and other merchandise. This is another teespring alternatives.

The reach of selling through Merch by Amazon is undoubtedly its best feature. Nearly half of all ecommerce sales in the US are made on Amazon, the largest online retailer in the world. Therefore, it should go without saying that adding your POD products to Amazon will increase your consumer base.

You just need to add your description, your product category, and your adjustments after uploading your artwork. When a customer makes a purchase, Amazon will establish a product page for you and take care of production, shipping, and customer support. On each product sold, a royalty will be given to you.

Fast shipping is another benefit of selling on Amazon. All Merch by Amazon items are eligible for Prime Shipping, so wherever your customers are, they will receive their orders swiftly.


Amazon’s merchandise is free. But it’s also by invitation only. Before you can begin selling, you must apply for an invitation and wait for approval (which could take months).

7. Society 6

Society 6

Another excellent Teespring substitute is Society6, especially if you’re selling wall art or fine art prints rather than t-shirts and pop culture merchandise. Since 2009, it has existed as one of the first print-on-demand marketplaces.

Through Society6, you may offer home items, stationery, personalized clothing, and other merchandise in addition to art supplies.

In order to set up your artist store on the marketplace, you need a PayPal account. You can then start producing your products and selling them after that. Similar to Teespring, Society6 takes care of fulfillment. This is another teespring alternatives.

With Society6’s sizable social media following and consistent organic traffic, it’s possible to generate purchases without directly marketing your products. However, it’s worthwhile to spend in marketing if you want to outperform the competition and increase your revenues.


Society6 registration is cost-free. 10% of each sale goes to the artist. Selling prints will allow you to choose your own markup and make more money than the typical 10%.

8. Fine Art America

Fine Art America

Another print-on-demand website similar to Teespring is Fine Art America. It provides many other things, such as phone cases, home decor, and clothing, but it is most suited to professional artists and photographers who wish to sell framed prints.

The largest custom framing business in the world, Fine Art America, provides consumers with a huge selection of frames and mats. You can sell just about any kind of print you can imagine: framed prints, canvas prints, acrylic prints, wood prints, etc.

Fine Art America will take care of all the printing, frame, matting, packaging, shipping, customer support, and other details when a consumer puts an order. Other than collecting your monthly profit split, there is nothing else you need to do. Because you can set your own rates, margins are adjustable.


Standard free plans are available from Fine Art America. For $30 a year, you can upgrade to the premium plan to have access to advanced features.

9. CafePress


CafePress is a popular online store that offers print-on-demand services and a wide range of goods. This is another teespring alternatives.

You may start a store on CafePress and sell your artwork for hundreds of items, including top-notch custom t-shirts and items for the home. The most popular product categories on CafePress are gifts, home office supplies, stationery, signs, and drinkware (mugs, bottles, etc.).

The design upload procedure is simple, and it only takes a few clicks to have your products ready to sale.


Making an account on CafePress is free. Every time a product is sold, you receive royalties, and CafePress deducts their costs from the basic price.

10. TPop


For artists that care about the environment, TPop is the greatest Teespring substitute. You won’t find a greater assortment of premium, green products anyplace than it has. This is another teespring alternatives.

TPop not only provides print-on-demand services that are eco-friendly, but it also has excellent branding features.

On all parcels and delivery notes, you can add your own brand name and logo, and you can even advertise your social media accounts on the packing slips. You can also include an insert, such as a thank-you card, with your orders.

All orders are printed sustainably and sent via carbon-neutral postal services without plastic packaging. Despite having a French headquarters, TPop ships everywhere. European destinations receive shipping the quickest (3–7 days).


TPop is open to everyone. Only the product base cost and fulfillment fees are due when a sale is made.

Best alternatives to Teespring: FAQ

Describe Teespring.

A social e-commerce network called Teespring (now called Spring) provides print-on-demand fulfillment services.

On Teespring, users may set up their own stores where they can offer digital goods, personalized clothing, goods, bespoke t-shirts, and other unique products.

Users who want to sell bespoke apparel with their own designs (such as T-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts) and digital goods on the Teespring platform without actually holding stock can do so by setting up their own Teespring store. Before it is printed, the merchandise is sold. Teespring prints the items and ships them to your customers once you meet a minimum sales target.

Can you trust Teespring?

Teespring is a genuine company (not a con). Thousands of business owners trust it because of its excellent reputation.

It is undoubtedly legitimate, yet it is not without flaws. For a variety of reasons, some people are not pleased with Teespring as a print-on-demand business. Its limited customizing options for stores is one downside. Another is that it has rigorous payment thresholds of $100 and minimum sales requirements that must be met.

Numerous options on this list don’t have any minimum sales or payment limits and provide more flexibility and control.

Is Teespring a thief?

Although Teespring itself doesn’t, there have been some complaints from artists who feel their designs have been “stolen” and copied on merchandise by Teespring retailers. This kind of infringement is a widespread issue that most print-on-demand businesses deal with; Teespring is not the only one with this problem.

It’s important to note that Teespring asserts that it would act quickly to remove pirated products once rights-owners give notice, but others believe this is inadequate.

No matter which print-on-demand website you use to sell your ideas, it’s always worthwhile to take precautions to safeguard your creations so that, if required, you can take legal action against copycats. This is where Teespring’s Design Guard feature can be useful.

Which of Redbubble and Teespring is better?

Both Redbubble and Teespring are excellent marketplaces for selling your print-on-demand goods, and each offers advantages and disadvantages of its own.

The key distinction between the two is that Teespring is more of a stand-alone ecommerce business, whilst Redbubble is a “true” print-on-demand marketplace with millions of active purchasers.

Although Teespring has a Discover Creators section where customers may browse merchandise, it can be more difficult to generate sales here because Redbubble’s marketplace is so much more well-known and widely used. Unlike Redbubble, where sales come to you, Teespring requires you to drive traffic to your store.

How much money is possible with print-on-demand?

Your ability as a designer, your marketing know-how, and the quantity of work you put in will all determine how much money you can generate from your print-on-demand firm. Some designers barely make any money, while others earn a full-time living from their creations and make thousands of dollars each month.

How can I promote my print-on-demand goods?

Print-on-demand items can be marketed in a variety of ways. To increase traffic to their online store or product pages, many vendors execute paid advertising campaigns using platforms like Google Ads or Facebook Ads. Others concentrate on SEO or social media marketing.

Consider where your target customers are first, and move forward from there. For instance, if your target demographic is younger, you might want to consider using influencer marketing campaigns like TikTok videos to advertise your items.

Choosing the ideal Teespring substitute for your company

We hope that this article was useful in your search for the ideal company platform. As you can see, there are multiple different Teespring alternatives available. Here is a summary of our top three picks:

If you want an all-in-one ecommerce solution with integrated print-on-demand capabilities, Sellfy is the ideal option.

The greatest option for existing e-commerce businesses is Printful. Leading e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce are simple to integrate. Anyone who wishes to offer unique products directly on eBay, Etsy, or other top marketplaces should consider this alternative.

If you don’t want to have to generate your own sales, Zazzle is the greatest specialized print-on-demand marketplace and a perfect Teespring alternative.

For YouTubers, Spreadshop is the top Teespring substitute. One of the few POD platforms that interacts with YouTube and enables direct product sales.


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