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Top 9 Sites like Stockx And StockX Alternatives

Best StockX Alternatives will be discussed in this article. Are you seeking for the best website to purchase or sell gently used clothing or shoes? Check out sites like Stockx. Purchasing both new and old goods has never been simpler. However, the internet has revolutionized consumer behavior by giving users a quick and easy means to browse and buy things. I’ll show you the eight greatest Stockx substitutes in this article.

A website called Stockx provides a live market for buyers and sellers of particular consumer goods related to sportswear, urban accessories, and its specialty in selling high-end sneakers. It examines the goods you want to buy or sell and takes all reasonable commercial action to verify the legitimacy of the good.

Top 9 Sites like Stockx And StockX Alternatives To Buy Sell Stuff

In this article, you can know about StockX Alternatives here are the details below;

Despite being one of the greatest websites, Stockx has a few drawbacks, including prices that are higher than those found in the retail sector and a minor delay in meeting deadlines.

To make the practice of buying and selling shoes on the secondary market more legitimate and secure, numerous members of the sneaker community have created a variety of portals, apps, websites, and storefronts. See the article below for details on the top 8 Stockx alternatives.

1. Grailed


One of the greatest Stockx alternatives is Grailed, which makes it simple to purchase and sell high-end men’s and urban goods to other fashion fans. You may browse the newest streetwear and men’s clothes via their curated feed. If you’re looking to sell or buy expensive urban-style items, it might be the finest option.

One of the most well-liked shoe brands for both purchasing and selling sneakers. If something goes wrong with a transaction you complete with Grailed, you can get a complete refund. Several labels, including Raf Simons, Jordan Brand, Balenciaga, Supreme, Rick Owens, Yeezy, Saint, Gucci, and many more, are available at its own online store for designer men’s clothes.

Key Points

  • Sorted listings to help you shop the newest and most current trends.
  • Adding high-end, fashionable things to your wardrobe is the best choice.
  • If anything goes wrong with a transaction completed through Grailed with PayPal, the full amount will be refunded.
  • You can shop by category, which includes bottoms, tops, tailoring, outerwear, shoes, and much more.

Grailed for Sellers

All you have to do to sell on Grailed is sign up for an account, then click Sell on the bottom of the app or the upper right corner of the website.

Use a good camera, adequate lighting, a neutral background, and present a variety of perspectives and details before uploading at least three images because strong images will aid in a rapid sale. After that, pick a category, include a cost description, and enter the details of the item you wish to sell. Although buyers can use Grailed for free, merchants are required to pay a 9% commission fee.

A regular processing cost based on the funding source you chose is in addition to the commission fee. Processing fees range from 3% for Grailed Payments to 3.49% plus $0.49 for PayPal payments. The location of the buyer’s PayPal billing address may affect this cost.



Another website like Stockx that serves as the best marketplace for past, present, and future products is GOAT. GOAT is one of the top websites for authentic clothing, shoes, and accessories.

It allows you to quickly sell sneakers by just taking pictures and entering a price. The fact that GOAT delivers information to help you determine a price and also includes elements that demonstrate that customers are willing to pay is one of its standout advantages. Additionally, before delivering to you, it requires that all of the sneakers visit the app for authentication by looking at its specialties.

Key Points

  • Display both new and used shoes, accessories, and clothing from throughout the world.
  • Discover the best looks from the most well-known stores, boutiques, and carefully chosen sellers throughout the world, all with purchaser security guaranteed.
  • Browse over 2 million brands, including Nike, Yeezy, Supreme, Air Jordan, Off-White, Adidas, and many more, for one-of-a-kind drops, vintage treasures, new arrivals, and archival styles.
  • Keep tabs on forthcoming arrivals, receive alerts, and save your most-wanted fashions.
  • It assists in deals as a trader and uses an arrangement like to an auction.

GOAT for Sellers

By simply selecting the ‘Sell’ tab in the app and providing the necessary details, you can apply to become a seller on GOAT. Wait until you are approved because they can only guarantee the items’ authenticity and quality by working with a select number of merchants.

Tap the sale tab once you’ve been given the go-ahead to list your things. Next, pick a category, describe the item’s condition and pricing and upload images. Your photos must be crystal clear or they could be rejected, so make sure they are.

The seller charge is $5 for US vendors. Your location and the address that is connected to your account will determine this cost. Additionally, a commission fee of 9.5% is applied when an item is bought. Depending on how many complications there are with the verification process and how many sellers cancel, this commission can go up to 15% and a maximum of 25%.

3. eBay


eBay is a multinational American e-commerce enterprise that enables both consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer purchases. The business controls an online marketplace where businesses and individuals from all over the world may purchase & sell a variety of goods & services. It is among the top Stockx substitute websites.

By entering your zip code, you can dig for the things you want in your vicinity on eBay, which is available in many different countries. It is mostly employed as a sales channel by retailers. It offers a broad range of welfares, such as clothing, antiques, electronics, vehicles, and many others. Additionally, buyers can use it for nothing. After a certain quantity of free listings, it assesses vendors a fee to list products.

Key Points

  • Shop leading brands’ newest releases and gently worn items.
  • It enables you to find numerous discounts on all the top brands across a range of categories, including apparel, cosmetics, electronics, and much more.
  • Up to 70% off clothes from brands including Joules, River Island, Superdry, and more.
  • The website is absolutely free for buyers to use, but sellers must pay a fee.

eBay for Sellers

Create an account on eBay by selecting a Personal or Business account, filling out the registration form, and clicking “Create.” After that, take a picture, give a description, and add a price.

eBay retains a percentage of the sale when your item sells. For the majority of categories, this final weight fee is 12.9% of the sale expense or smaller plus $0.30 each order. The majority of sellers can advertise items for free on eBay. You will start paying an insertion fee of $0.35 per listing after you list more than 250 items per month.

4. Nice Kicks

Nice Kicks

One of the most well-known resources for sneaker fans with the most recent news and information is Nice Kicks. This company offers you a huge selection of high-quality brands and products, such as Adidas, Diadora, Converse, New Balance, Nike, Puma, Ascis, Saucony, and many more.

It offers you the safest, most dependable, and secure buying experience possible by utilizing secure technology. Simply sign in to your Nice Kicks account using the “Sign in” option located in the upper fitting corner of your screen to check the progress of your order. Also check KBB Alternatives

Key Points

  • When it first began, the goal was to serve as a global information hub for sneakerheads.
  • You may be able to purchase some products in limited quantities.
  • It contains clothing for you made of textiles as well as accessories like Herschel backpacks, New Era hats, and suitcases.



Another top website like Stockx that gathers everything in one spot is Sneaker Links. You may see the upcoming releases listed for you as soon as you log in, along with a section detailing previous releases. You can enter any specifics in the search bar if you’re looking for something in particular.

You only need to log into the website to see the most recent releases as well as older releases. Users can enter lotteries and purchase links.

Key Points

  • You can browse the website for many categories, such as women’s clothing, men’s clothing, Yeezy clothing, Adidas clothing, Jordan clothing, and more.
  • Nike US, SSENSE, Caliroots, New Balance, Footshop, Adidas, and many more are some of its well-known retailers.
  • Users can access store lists, raffles, and purchase links for the most recent sneaker releases.

6. Vinted


Utilize the free Vinted mobile app to find unique private buying and selling experiences. It enables you to better manage your budget and save your next big dream. It is a user-friendly application with many of the finest brands in the world, like Ralph Lauren, Nike, and Classy Brandy Melville.Vinted’s location filter allows customers to search local sellers and find the greatest offers in their area, which is its most outstanding feature. You can sell and buy items you’ve wanted on this site in a safe, secure, and simple manner. This is another StockX Alternatives. Also check Alternatives To 4K Video Downloader

Key Points

  • It offers a number of fresh features and functionality to enhance your purchasing experience.
  • By employing location criteria, it enables users to locate nearby sellers and find the greatest offers in their neighborhood or locale.
  • It includes study new fashion trends, browse video listings, gain buyer protection, join the community, and receive frequent updates on the newest items.
  • Products are divided into a number of categories where you may find a wide range of styles.

Vinted for Sellers

Create a profile on Vinted by including your profile picture and confirming your account to prove that you are a real person in order to get started. Check what you can sell on Vinted after that. Upload quality images, and if the product is from a well-known brand, you might need to include at least five images of it to prove its legitimacy. This is another StockX Alternatives.

Describe the item in detail and select the appropriate size. Keep in mind that there is no listing charge, and that posting more things may aid in a quicker sale. Your funds will become accessible in your Vinted balance as soon as your sale is a success. Payouts, however, might not show up in your bank account for up to five working days.

7. Stadium Goods

Stadium Goods

Stadium Goods is the top platform in the world for high-end streetwear and sneakers, featuring limited and uncommon edition styles that can’t be found at regular merchants or outlets.

Stadium Goods operates as a consignment model, as opposed to peer-to-peer markets. This indicates that the business reviews resellers’ products before accepting customer orders. More than 200,000 products are available for selection, including the best from Adidas, Jordan, Nike, Yeezy, Supreme, and other brands. All of these goods are thoroughly hand-inspected by their knowledgeable personnel, who assure that they are genuine and trustworthy.

Key Points

  • Streetwear and footwear, including rare and limited edition models, are sold in the store.
  • Provides a large range of sneakers with prices that vary depending on size and demand.
  • Its catalog is remarkably comparable to that of many of its rivals, and like many of them, it only sells brand-new goods.

Stadium Goods for Sellers

Create an account with Stadium Goods to begin selling, then submit a ticket with the goods you wish to sell. After receiving approval, you can mail or drop off your items for authentication at Stadium Goods.

Then, your products are made accessible on the website or in physical locations. Your stored payment method will be used to pay you once your item has sold and shipped. You will get 80% of the list price, while 20% goes to Stadium Goods as commission. For instance, if you agree to list your sneakers for $200, you will be paid $160 after they are sold. This is another StockX Alternatives.

The payment processing charge for Hyperwallet is 1% of your earnings, and this amount will be subtracted from the payout value as a whole.

8. KicksCrew


KicksCrew carries the newest styles from the top brands. KicksCrew may be the ideal choice if you want to get the most recent arrivals. They have global and worldwide coverage, so you may order from anywhere in the world. This is another StockX Alternatives.

Before being sent to clients, all products are rigorously tested for reliability and quality control across all features, including color, stitching, sizing, box, material, tag, and manufacturing quality. Additionally, it ships to more than 180 nations, with the United States, Canada, Australia, and China being the main markets.

Key Points

  • It provides a number of trustworthy Jordans items.
  • When the order ships, a tracking number will be sent to your email.
  • By going to the courier’s online tracking page, you can follow the progress of your order.
  • Within seven days of the delivery date, you can return a product if you’re not satisfied with it.

9. ThredUp


Customers may purchase and sell used goods online with ThredUp. To determine prices, it employs an algorithm that considers the brand, season, style, and available stock. For those who want to estimate the value of their products before delivering them, it also offers payout estimator services on its website. This is another StockX Alternatives.

ThredUp distinguishes itself from other platforms with its broad range of categories and price points. The app offers a number of crucial features to increase interest, like fantastic bargains, free shipping, must-have fashions, 14-day free returns, and many more.

Key Points

  • There are almost 25 000 brands available.
  • It offers a variety of goods, including shoes, women’s and children’s clothing, and accessories.
  • Unwanted contributions are discarded or given to charity.
  • To sell on ThredUp, you must purchase a closet cleaning kit that includes a sizable mailing bag and a pre-paid label.
  • For customers on a budget or those want to make more responsible fashion decisions, it might be the ideal choice.

tredUp for Sellers

You don’t need to list or picture your products when using thredUp. Simply complete out a kit and submit your items via USPS or FedEx; they will then supply the shipping label. Your clothing will undergo a 12-point examination after being sent. Your products will be priced and offered for sale on thredUp if they pass quality inspection.

Despite being completely free to use, thredUp levies a commission fee that ranges from 20 to 90% of the selling price. The amount paid to the sellers is based on the product’s price. For instance, merchants receive a compensation of 5% to 15% if a product costs $5 to $19.


Can you trust StockX?

StockX is 100 percent legitimate, yes.

Do goats offer phony goods?

No, GOAT doesn’t market counterfeit goods. In addition to providing a forum for buyers and sellers, it also verifies the products’ authenticity to stop counterfeits.

Sites like StockX what are they?

In addition to Grailed, Stadium Goods, GOAT, Flight Club, KickCrew, eBay, Nice Kicks, and many others, there are several websites that are similar to StockX.

Final Thoughts: I hope the above piece has assisted you in locating the top Stockx alternatives that suit your requirements and preferences.


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