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15 Serviio Alternatives In 2023

This post will explain Serviio Alternatives.A multipurpose media server for Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems, Serviio is available for free. It can only broadcast all types of media files to DLNA devices that are located at home. On the connected home network, Serviio is the specialist at streaming video files to renderer devices like Blu-ray players, cellphones, game consoles, and TV sets. There is a paid edition available as well as a free version for professional and business use. When it comes to Serviio’s free edition, it is likewise capable of offering the best features and alternatives. This is another emby alternatives.

15 Serviio Alternatives In 2023

In this article, you can know about 15 Serviio Alternatives In 2023 here are the details below;

Almost all gadgets that allow an internet connection can stream data thanks to the server. Additionally, it supports the profiles for certain devices, which makes it simple to fine-tune the Serviio to optimise the device’s capability and reduce the absence of transcoding support for media formats. The web-based player, QAPI for online content access, video stacking, limiting access to shared content, and third-party Android applications for streaming content are features that are only available in the Pro edition of Serviio.



A high-performance media server for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux that supports Smart TV and a few other internet-enabled devices is called MOBiLi. Installing this programme involves just a few simple steps. During system installation, all files will be added automatically without the need for additional tools. It will automatically gather the files it needs and then sync with the system.

It supports a wireless media server, Chromecast media server, Samsung AllShare media server, & iTunes media server in addition to a basic home media server. Undoubtedly, TVMOBiLi is a user-friendly, high-performance media platform. The nicest thing about it is that during installation, it will never interfere with your usual media settings.

2. JRIver Media Center

JRIver Media Center

JRIver Media Center is a full-featured multimedia tool that enables you to organise all types of media content & play it on any digital device or operating system. It may be used with Windows and Mac OS X operating systems and enables users to create their own media centre to arrange media files of any kind. You may organise all of your media, including audio, tape, music, web media, HTPC, DLNA, etc., by utilising JRIver Media Center. This is another emby alternatives.

Because JRIver Media Center offers a single comprehensive media solution, everything is in one location. Even better, the platform allows for playlist construction and export in a number of different formats. For the purpose of exporting playlists, JRIver Media Center supports the following file types: CSV, MPL, M3U8, M3U, and ASX. A different special feature known as smart lists is  comparable to the playlist system but considerably different in a number of ways.

3. MediaPortal


A single platform media solution called MediaPortal converts the PC’s multimedia data into a customised media solution. It operates on the most fundamental digital hardware, links the PC to the PC directly, and enables users to access multimedia content on TV directly from the PC. That is how MediaPortal functions. The main benefits of using MediaPortal include the ability to watch or  movies, play any videos of any format, listen to radio and music, make a slideshow, stream media of any format, control all media with a remote, check the weather, and access MediaPortal even from mobile devices and websites.

When it comes to necessary features, it is not as significant in terms of supporting devices. To give consumers a wide range of options, MediaPortal offers a large number of skins and plugins. View sports scores, keep an eye on the HTPC, see local movie timings, stream or download web TV, specify the playlist, and many more features are accessible as platform plugins.

4. Mezzmo


For streaming media in any format, Mezzmo is a multiplatform DLNA-based media server. It allows media files to stream to DLNA and UPnP devices that are located at home. The software can handle a wide range of media, including 3D video, HD videos, photographs, and many other types.The nicest thing about Mezzmo is that it also supports  media sharing, which is something that most media servers built on Windows lack.

Install Mezzmo on your computer, then begin streaming any kind of media to DLNA- and UPnP-enabled devices in your house. Mezzmo enables customers to stream all of their media content to TVs, home theatre systems, video game consoles, PCs, and other digital media appliances. Your domestic entertainment will be elevated to a completely new level. Mezzmo will extract all the text & artwork metadata from the media files after it has been installed.

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5. TVersity


A DLNA-based media server called 0 TVersity allows users to stream multimedia files from a PC to DLNA, mobile, and UPnP devices. It performs streaming, media sharing, and screen mirroring in addition to streaming. Additionally, it was the first to use real-time transcoding. No other media servers supported this feature prior to the creation of this tool. Delivering media to any device and giving consumers access to a personalised entertainment guide so they may build a channel specifically for them using RSS feeds, URLs, and playlists are the two key benefits. This is another emby alternatives. Also check iptv forest alternatives.

The majority of the included codecs are open source because TVersity is built on an open-source foundation. TVersity Pro does not deal in the transcode and is capable of streaming from internet video websites. In the case of the Free version, there is no online video website streaming. You can play and view the whole media library with this tool in a straightforward, user-friendly interface that offers a lightning-fast search and navigation mechanism.

6. Squire


Squire is a well-known video player with many features that make it a must-have. It enables you to watch movies and TV shows everywhere. Installing it on your Apple TV, iPhone, or iPad will let you start using it. This is another emby alternatives.

Once that’s done, link your accounts from sites like Put.io and Plex, and then use your iPhone to browse the shows for the greatest Internet channels or build your own using the Squire Stream Editor. Installing Squire Helper on a Mac is an optional step that can be used to create a powerful multimedia server. Subtitles, ratings, support for Plex, trailers, favourites, similar content, casting, cloud service integrations, behind-the-scenes content, news, and push alerts are among the features.

7. nextPVR


A video recorder for home use that works with Docker, Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Linux is called nextPVR, which is free to use. With some wonderful features like Kodi integration, series recordings, iPhone/iPad client applications, and web scheduling, it made watching or recording live TV easier.

Nearly all devices are supported, including Copy Freely CableCard, ATSC, HDPVR and DVB, Analog, SAT>IP, DMB-T, & QAM. The solution’s user-friendly and intuitive interface enables you to control various tasks. All of the TV features, including the Web Scheduler, Live TV, Search, TV Guide, & Recordings, are available. To assist everyone with software-related issues, professional support is offered.

8. Easy-Data Mediacenter

Easy-Data Mediacenter

An music and video player that is ideal for home and family use is Free 0 Easy-Data Media center. Without requiring any extra codecs, it offers a wide range of tools and is able to generate bit-perfect audio. It can be run directly from a memory stick without the need for cumbersome installation.

This is another emby alternatives. An audio library, CD ripper, image and audio to video converter, search engine, recording studio, video converter, video playlist, and audio library are a few of the features. In addition to these features, the solution comes with a number of effects, including an equalization, picture/sound adjustment, text editing, and several filters. In addition to watching a movie, other options include combining many movies into one, extracting the audio from a movie, making movies from photos and webcam footage, decoding a video frame by frame, and creating thumbnails and snapshots of movie files.

9. Freevo


Cross-platform, open-source software called Freevo combines DVR/PVR capabilities with home automation, music, gaming, video, and other features. Python is used in its development, and it works on Linux, Mac, and Windows. It makes use of the power of programmes already in existence like VLC, MPlayer, and Xine.

The main features include reading the news and the weather, watching & recording television, playing and backing up DVD video, retrieving video covers and information, detecting and removing commercials, playing games, tuning into internet radio from anywhere, watching new movie trailers, viewing and importing images from a digital camera, being compatible with multiple tuners to help you watch and record simultaneously, and playing FLAC/mp3/ogg/wav or any audio head supported by the device.

10. Jamcast


Jamcast is a platform that enables users to stream audio from various apps and online browsers as well as cast audio directly from their preferred Windows programmes. Users can play music through the software thanks to integrations with audio-enabled programmes like iTunes and Spotify. Each application has a button that users can utilise to cast the software into other applications. Users of the platform can play files to any other connected device that is nearby and within the platform’s range.

Users are able to play music on various devices without using any other tools thanks to the software. Users get access to a comprehensive list of the gadgets connected to Jamcast. Users merely need to click the cast button, choose a device, and start listening to music with Jamcast because it supports the most recent streaming protocols. And finally, it needs the Microsoft.NET framework to function.

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11. Twonky


A media server called Twonky enables users to locate their personal media libraries of digital music and movie assets. They are immediately controllable by users using their mobile devices. The software enables users to enjoy the music or video files simultaneously on many screens and speakers. The platform includes the top DLNA media server and allows users to share media files and photos amongst connected devices. This is another emby alternatives.

Additionally, the user interface offers the ability to effortlessly adjust every aspect of media files. Users can make playlists and play the music files they add from various sites in the sequence they were added. A built-in digital media server in Twonky allows it to connect to an infinite number of devices. Furthermore, individuals who are using portable devices can still add new folders from their desktops.

12. Playon


MediaMall Technologies Inc. created and released the video game 0 Playon. You may watch local videos from your PC on your mobile device thanks to this strong app. Additionally, the programme compiles all of your preferred streaming material from more than 60 websites into a single, user-friendly interface on your computer. The streaming media company Playon is renowned for letting customers watch and record videos from a variety of online content sources. Two main effects, such as Playon Desktop and Playon Cloud, make up this comprehensive suite. A window-based programme called Playon Desktop serves as the computer’s dashboard and centre. Also check slashfilm alternatives.

With the help of native mobile device applications, users can access the web service known as The Playon Cloud to record digital video feeds. The user browses through or searches the tape content discovered in such channels to record the video for later watching. In both products, all the streaming services are arranged as a channel.

13. Windows Media Center

Windows Media Center

This is another emby alternatives. By combining material from your computer and the internet into a single interface, Windows Media Center is software that turns your computer into a comprehensive home entertainment centre. It can be used to record TV, although a TV tuner is necessary for this function. Utilize the full capabilities of WMC by connecting your computer to an HDTV and a compatible remote control so you can control everything from the comfort of your couch. In 2002, Media Center was originally incorporated into Windows XP.

After afterwards, it was included in Windows Vista’s Ultimate and Home Premium editions as well as Windows 7’s, leaving just the Starter and Home Basic editions to be devoid of it. The programme can play music, slideshows, and songs from local hard drives, network locations, and optical discs. It allows the user to stream movies and TV shows on a few services, like Netflix. You can playback content on televisions or computer monitors with Windows Media Center Extenders.

It provides choices for live TV viewing and pausing. A tuner card can support a maximum of six TV tuners. The ATSC and DVB-T standards, which are used by Windows Media Center, support high- and standard-definition unencrypted video. To see encrypted cable television channels, use a CableCARD-compatible external or internal tuner.

14. MediaTomb


UPnP media server MediaTomb is free and open-source, and it has a fantastic and straightforward web interface. It enables media enthusiasts to watch and listen on various UPnP-compatible devices while streaming their digital media files across their home network. At the moment, features include metadata extraction from all kinds of media files, help for the EXIF thumbnail, user-defined server layout, browser and playback of media files for all formats using UPnP, extraction of metadata from scriptable virtual containers, and several more. This is another emby alternatives.

The system supports adding, removing, modifying, and browsing media through a very sophisticated online interface that takes the form of a tree view of the file system and database. The MediaTomb includes support for the Content Directory Service for receiving updates.

15. Windows Media Services

Windows Media Services

This is another emby alternatives. Microsoft offers Windows Media Services, a programme that enables the creation and management of streaming media files. Only formats from Windows Media are supported. Only MP3 and JPEG formats are supported by this service, just like for audio and images. There are a few extra features, though, that you won’t find on any other streaming sites. To start, it can cache and record streams, set different connection restrictions, restrict, record streams, utilise multiple protocols, FEC, and much more. Windows Media Services also has the ability to distribute streaming over numerous servers as a component of a distribution network. A distinct audience and network are fed by each server. Additionally, it supports multicast and unicast streams.


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