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How To Remove Frequently Visited On Mac In 2024

How To Remove Frequently Visited On Mac will be described in this article. Given that there are soon to be two billion websites worldwide, it’s simple to think of the internet as having no boundaries. Regardless of how varied you consider your online experiences to be, we all develop online habits and go to certain websites significantly more frequently than others. Safari keeps track websites you visit regularly and displays their icons on its start page, making access faster and preventing you from having to key in the address every time.

How To Remove Frequently Visited On Mac In 2024

In this article, you can know about How To Remove Frequently Visited On Mac here are the details below;

Even while the Frequently Visited area could be quite useful, there are situations when you might want to hide it, particularly if you’re sharing your smartphone. You can decide whether to select privacy or fast access to your favorite websites. It is simple to execute either scenario and to turn it around at any moment.

Therefore, if you’re wondering how to remove frequently visited items from Safari, it’s not too difficult to accomplish. Let’s investigate this in greater depth.

So if you’re currently wondering how to clear Frequently Visited on Safari, it’s fairly easy to do. Let’s look into this in more detail

What is Frequently Visited on Safari?

Frequently Visited on Safari lets you quickly go to your destination with only one click after opening the browser by displaying the websites you frequently visit. You may probably presume that some of the websites in Frequently Visited will contain duplicates of the pages you have already selected to include in your Favorites list. If not, websites just appear under Frequently Visited depending on your present viewing habits, which could alter over time.


Showing webpage thumbnails is the default setting for Frequently Visited in Safari. Just perform a right-click on any of the websites and select View as Icons if you would rather see icons.

If you don’t use the websites that are displayed or you just don’t want people to know about your online habits, you might wish to remove Frequently Visited from your Safari start page. If so, you want to find out how to delete Frequently Visited from Safari.

How to delete frequently visited Safari sites on your Mac?

To eliminate a particular website from the Frequently Visited area, you can just drag and drop the site’s icon or thumbnail into the Trash on your Mac. That is all there is to it. Or select Delete with a right-click on it.

Here’s a simple way to remove frequently visited items from Safari without really removing the feature. New websites that you often visit will eventually show up as shortcuts on your Safari home screen.

How to delete frequently visited Safari sites on your Mac

Additionally, it’s a good idea to complete search history and cache clean-up on your device to ensure that the websites you’re eliminating leave no record in your browser history. Here’s how to accomplish it on a Mac:

  1. Open Safari and click the top menu bar to select History ➙ Clear History.
  2. Select the duration for which you wish to have your browsing history deleted ➙ Safari: remove History remove search history

Decide on the period for which you want your browsing history to be cleared

Work with CleanMyMac X to delete history, cookies, and caches from all of your Mac’s browsers in an appropriate manner. It’s an extremely user-friendly and potent program that protects, cleans, and enhances the performance of your Mac. You may anticipate your Mac to speed up and clear out clutter with just one click of the Run button.

The goal of CleanMyMac X will be to regularly carry out thorough system cleanups in order to:

  • Go through the random app caches and outdated, useless files.
  • assist you in uninstalling programs without erasing any residual data or directories from your computer
  • Organize the terabytes of disk space that email attachments that you haven’t even downloaded are consuming.
  • Find and eliminate thousands of malware threats.

Scan for thousands of malware threats and neutralize them

How to disable Frequently Visited on Safari?

If you find that Frequently Visited isn’t working for you and you don’t need to remove any particular websites, you can set up your Safari start page to hide this section.

Here are the instructions to completely disable Frequently Visited if you’re curious:

  1. Launch the Safari home screen.
  2. In the window’s lower-right corner, select the settings button.
  3. The frequently visited switch off box has a box next to it. Uncheck it. Regular Visits

Uncheck the box next to Frequently Visited

Give Tab Finder a try if you want to disable Safari’s tracking and shortcuts to the websites you visit most frequently.

With the aid of Tab Finder, you can quickly locate what you’re looking for and stay on top of the chaos caused by open tabs. This clever program is easy to use, effective, and frequently necessary since it

  • creates a list of every tab you have open across every browser you have open, saving you the trouble of going through each tab individually and switching between browsers.
  • Compatible with any browser, including Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and more
  • can to be opened via a shortcut or the Dock

Can be launched from the Dock or with a shortcut

How to add sites to Frequently Visited on Safari

In addition to the bookmarks you choose to keep in the Favorites area, Safari attempts to provide you with a backup of the shortcuts to the websites you visit most frequently through Frequently Visited. Therefore, you can choose which websites show up in Frequently Visited to some extent. Here, the desired use case is:

  • You add websites to your Favorites section that you wish to access fast.
  • Based on your browsing habits, Safari offers you more quick-access alternatives in Frequently Visited.
  • The websites you no longer want to visit can be removed from both your Favorites and Frequently Visited lists.

It is absolutely helpful to have shortcuts to the websites you visit. However, there’s always more to be done to improve web life. Make sure to give OpenIn and ClearVPN a try if you want to significantly enhance your everyday habits.

If you’re prepared to take the next step toward optimizing your workflow, pick OpenIn. With the aid of this program, you may configure default utilities to handle various file formats. For instance, you can configure a browser to open links from a specified domain or open Zoom links within the Zoom app. By constantly opening links in the proper manner, you’ll save time.

Additionally, if you’re searching for a simple and uncluttered approach to keep your personal and work-related internet activities separate, OpenIn may end up being a lifesaver. This app:

  • makes it easier to use different browsers for different jobs.
  • designates particular mail clients to access mail connections
  • allows you to choose how specific file extensions are opened.
  • lets you create defaults for every file you open on a Mac by adding any application or browser to its Selector feature.

How to add sites to Frequently Visited on Safari

Check out ClearVPN if you want to be able to view any content from anywhere in the world. It’s a user-friendly, safe VPN program for Mac that provides pre-configured VPN shortcuts that you may customize to fit your preferences. With ClearVPN, you can ignore all the technical jargon and just enjoy: Also check Free Offline Music Apps

  • access to internet resources and material that aren’t available in your area
  • All of your inbound and outgoing internet traffic is secure thanks to bank-level AES-256 encryption, which thwarts tracking.
  • Anonymity combined with a stringent no-log policy that makes sure no personal information is gathered, saved, or shared
  • The ability to click to change your location to any preferred nation
  • Speed with the fastest server that is always selected for a quick connection
  • entertainment that is accessible outside of your country on well-known platforms like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, and others

Entertainment with shows and movies on popular services, like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, and others, available outside your country

How to remove Frequently Visited from Safari on iPhone and iPad?

Safari keeps track websites you visit regularly, regardless of the device you use to browse the web. Fortunately, deleting Frequently Visited from your iPhone or iPad is as simple as adjusting the Safari home page settings on your Mac.

To avoid seeing Frequently Visited when you load Safari on your iPhone or the iPad, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Press Safari.
  3. Verify that the toggle next to “Frequently Visited Sites” is off by scrolling down.
  4. Down on the same screen, tap Clear History and Website Data (optional).

If you’re not satisfied with a particular website, you can remove it one at a time from your iPhone or iPad’s Frequently Visited list without using the service as a whole. You can remove this shortcut from the Frequently Visited list by simply tapping and holding the symbol of the website you wish to remove, then selecting Delete.

How to remove Frequently Visited from Safari on iPhone and iPad

How to turn off Frequently Visited on Safari if it doesn’t work for you

Safari provides customers with an excellent way to access the websites they visit most frequently with its Frequently Visited start page. It is, however, quite simple to remove Frequently Visited if you would prefer to keep to shortcuts that you personally put to Favorites. Just be sure to delete browsing history and caches as well if privacy is your top priority. For a thorough cleaning and speed optimization of your Mac, try CleanMyMac X. Also check Best Budgeting Apps

There are always ways to improve your workflow if you don’t want to be embarrassed by your online behavior but yet don’t want to give up on productivity. Regardless of the number of open tabs and browser windows, select Tab Finder to swiftly locate the precise item you need. OpenIn lets you set defaults so that links always open in the appropriate app automatically. Use ClearVPN to safely increase your access to content that is blocked in your area.

Fortunately, Setapp, a platform of top-notch, high-performance iOS and macOS apps, offers a seven-day trial that lets you try using CleanMyMac X, Tab Finder, OpenIn, and ClearVPN for free. Check out over 230 different options to increase your productivity and choose the app that best suits your needs.


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