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Top 10 best Video and Photo Sharing Websites and Apps

Many individuals share their favourite pictures and videos on social networking sites like Facebook or Instagram, but some people desire greater privacy options or don’t like using social media. You can store and manage your material on specialised photo and video sharing websites, then control who can view your photos and videos.

We reviewed the top photo and video sharing websites available and selected our top 10 choices based on their usability, privacy settings, storage capacity, and other factors. Look them over and decide which one best suits your requirements.

You can share both photographs and videos on each of the websites and apps on this list. Others offer premium tiers with more functionality while some are completely free.

1. Best for Budding Photographers: Flickr


Although Flickr is best known for hosting images, you can also upload, manage, save, and share videos there. Even regular users who want a convenient place to save their images and movies will love Flickr’s UI and capabilities. Professional and amateur photographers adore Flickr’s editing and social features.

Simple media uploading and album creation allow you to share your favourite images and videos with family and friends on a private basis. Just like its website, Flickr’s iOS and Android apps are simple to use.

You can upload up to 1,000 photos and videos for free on Flickr. Unlimited storage, video streaming, no advertisements, and additional features are available when you upgrade to a Pro subscription ($49.99 annually).

2. Best Free Photo and Video Storage: Google Photos

Google Photos

Google Photographs has developed into an outstanding platform for sharing and storing information. Its original purpose was to make it simple to backup your photos and movies from your phone. Create albums quickly and easily to share publicly or just with your family and friends when you upload, browse, and edit photographs and videos. There are some resolution restrictions (16MP for photographs and 1080p for films), but you can always increase your storage space with the Google One subscription plan, which starts at $1.99 per month.

3.  Best for the Amazon Ecosystem: Amazon Photos

Amazon PhotosAnother benefit of Prime is Amazon Photos, which provides 5GB of video storage and unlimited high-resolution photo storage. To view and share pictures and videos, establish a Family Vault and then invite up to five friends or family members. Alternatively, you can make albums and share them with specific people. You can share pictures and videos with additional people with Amazon Photos’ Groups function if you’re working with a bigger group of individuals, such in a club or classroom.

4. Best for the Apple Ecosystem: iCloud Photos

iCloud Photos

Your photographs and videos automatically upload to iCloud, where you have 5GB of space, when you enable iCloud Photos on your Mac or iOS device. Create albums with ease, share pictures and videos on a web page or in the Photos app’s Photo Stream. With the ability to build an album that other iCloud users may contribute to and share, iCloud Photos is excellent for teamwork. If you discover that you require extra storage than 5GB, Apple offers a number of premium upgrades starting at just 99 cents per month.

5. Best No-Frills Way to Share: Dropbox


Although Dropbox may not immediately come to mind as a photo and video sharing website, it is a simple and convenient way to store and share your media files with friends, family, and anyone else you choose. Create presentations with your uploaded images and movies, or just share them with other Dropbox users. You get 2GB of storage in the Dropbox free tier, but if you need more, there are different price tiers created for different storage needs.

6. Best for Quick-and-Easy File Sharing: WeTransfer


WeTransfer is a really straightforward and easy way to send data, like emails, including images and videos. It performs what it does quite well, despite not being intended to be a media management site with editing features. Your receivers will receive your photographs and videos fast if you send them to them in a folder using their email addresses. File sizes up to 2GB can be sent using WeTransfer’s free plan, but upgrading to WeTransfer Pro ($12 monthly) unlocks password security, 20MB file size limits, 1TB of storage, and other features.

7. Best for Editing Tools: Photobucket


When uploading movies, Photobucket’s free tier offers 2.5GB of storage in addition to several sharing options, including a slideshow, and allows you to store up to 250 photos. Ad-free access, unlimited image hosting, social sharing, password-protected album sharing, and other features are available with the service’s subscription plans, which start at $5.99 a month. Video uploads require 500MB of space, while photo uploads are limited to 50MB.

8. Most Stylish Site: SmugMug


SmugMug is a stylish website that you can use to host your images and videos. It provides 150MB of limitless photo storage and 1080p video storage. Although there isn’t a free plan, the Basic plan is $7 per month and the Power plan costs $11 per month, which are both fairly affordable options given that you receive a website, full-screen galleries, and simple public, private, and social network sharing features.

9. Best App for Private Sharing: Cluster


Cluster has a gorgeously designed web and mobile user interface that delivers a social media experience without the privacy invasions. Create private groups with Cluster, invite participants, and then share your photographs, videos, notes, and updates with them. To make it simple to access your material, make a variety of albums and group your pictures and videos into categories. You may use and download Cluster for free.

10. Best for Families: FamilyAlbum

Best for Families: FamilyAlbum
It can be difficult to post images and videos of your kids on social media due to privacy issues and worries that you’ll annoy friends who aren’t as interested in your child’s developmental milestones. The ideal approach to gather, keep, and share priceless childhood memories in confidence and privacy is with FamilyAlbum.

With images and videos automatically arranged by month and your child’s age, this lovely free app enables parents to easily maintain a digital scrapbook of their kids’ lives. Without succumbing to the demands of “liking” and publishing on social media, share albums and videos with whomever you like. The $4.99 premium edition gives you more sharing options while the free version is feature-rich and ad-free.


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