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Top 12 Best Petrol Pump Management Software In 2023

Best Petrol Pump Management Software will be described in this article. There is no gasoline station company that would not benefit from the capabilities offered by petrol pump management software. A fuel pump, like any other company, needs support that enables for the automated execution of specified operations. Consider automated report generation, meter reading, accounting operations, and so forth.

There is also a multitude of petrol pump management software to choose from in order to reap the advantages of automation. A fuel pump solution may help with anything from backend tasks to inventory management, sales, and marketing.

12 Best Petrol Pump Management Software in 2023

Let’s have a look at the best Petrol Pump Management Software available.

1. Petro Genius

Petro Genius

The Petro Genius development lives up to its name. This petrol pump managing software has both basic and complex functions. Accurate meter reading, lubricant sales, and fuel evaporation loss testing are simply a few of the many areas where the program may help.

Moving on to specific capabilities, the program allows for the creation of graphical reports & the study of reports from several viewpoints such as bill wise, item wise, & so on. Furthermore, CRM software capabilities like as bulk SMS distribution, reminders, and so on are included in the program.

2. Oilex Petrol Pumps

Oilex Petrol Pumps

Oilex Petrol Pumps software assists in the administration of many areas of a fuel pump company. You may easily address back-office operations with its’simple billing,’ ‘customer management,’ & the ‘labeling’ modules. Its item management feature helps you to check a customer’s financial history & establish a distinction limit for him or her based on that knowledge. Furthermore, this top petrol pump software’s access permissions function offers security. You may provide your employees role-based access.

3. Petro ERP

Petro ERP

Petro ERP is the best petrol pump management software for Windows. The software aids with inventory, accounting, stock loss, voucher entry, invoicing, and other functions. You may use it to complete credit limits for customers & determine how much they owe you. Additionally, the fuel pump software is totally secure and provides automatic data backup for added convenience. Also check Sticky Notes Alternatives

4. PumpCount


PumpCount software is a full-featured petrol pump software that incorporates accounting, invoicing, and inventory management. Everything from typing journal entries to defending ledger accounts to organizing financial statements is handled by the program. You may also help from automatic machine reading & dip estimation by using its inventory management module.

5. Petromate


Petromate is a well-organized petrol pump software that may assist you in becoming a better professional. For example, it helps in the upkeep of tank & pump opening and closing meters, dip, density, cash & credit accounts, & so on.

6. Petrol Pump Tally

Petrol Pump Tally

Petrol Pump Tally input makes regular use of petrol pump management software easy. The solution is totally designed using Tally. ERP9 has a dip reading meter, customer billing, vehicle billing & the online payment gateways in India, and the ability to create automobile sales invoices. Tally petrol pump software contains analytics as well as an audit trail.



With consumers in over 25 states, the SOFTGUN software offers a one-stop answer for petrol pumps. It tackles the most common areas where petrol pumps need help, such as meter-dip reading, counter billing, credit billing, analytical reports & the financial statements, and so on.

The best petrol pump software is Windows 8 and touchscreen machines. For example, utilizing the touchscreen memo lets you to create cash memos more rapidly. SOFTGUN also contains various critical functions, such as payroll, asset management, and tanker movement.

8. PetroSoft


Petrosoft is the best petrol pump software for handling and reporting on petrol bunk assets, sales, GST, profit/loss, credit consumer billing, staff sale cash flow transactions, & cash collection on shift ending as daily rate changes.

9. LePetro


LePetro helps with the management of a petrol pump, including accounting & the inventory. This program is adaptive & compatible with all Windows versions. LePetro comes in two flavors: normal and professional, and both are simple to operate. Its inventory management function aids in the recording of petrol & other commodities such as CNG, engine oil, motor oil, and other fuel products. Furthermore, the program has an automatic backup system and a strong security mechanism.

10. Pumpmate


Pumpmate by Gaba Program is the best petrol pump management software. The program provides you with a number of credit client billing options, such as party-based, vehicle-based, day-based (15-day billing), and so on. Its extensive inventory module keeps track of the quantity of gasoline received and sold. Nonetheless, it provides several stock valuation methodologies such as LIFO, FIFO, WA, and so on. This program is more than just the features mentioned above. They consistently go above and above. Simply add the right one to your cart to get a sample of all its tools and features. Also check Book Formatting Software

11. HiTech Petrol Pump Software

HiTech Petrol Pump Software

HiTech fuel pump software is a computerized accounting system with a variety of analytical functions. By improving accounting procedures, HiTech for petrol pumps may help your firm grow fast. Its strong analytics capabilities for gasoline pumps may help with company accounting automation.

12. Alomart Petrol Pump Software

Alomart Petrol Pump Software

Alomart petrol pump software is web-based software that may be tailored to specific fuel pumps. It is a DOS-based system that is totally secure due to password protection. There is also the option of laser printing and inkjet printing.


If you are on a tight budget, another choice is using free petrol pump software. You may compare many petrol pump software online with us.


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