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Top 10 Best Keyword Research Tools In 2023

Best Keyword Research Tools will be discussed in this article. Since 2014, Brett has been creating, expanding, and making money from websites. He started learning about digital marketing in college. After receiving his degree, he continued to work a full-time job while creating a diversified portfolio of websites. He made the switch to operating his websites full-time after years of expanding his portfolio on the side. Our users help to sustain our website. When you click on the fellow links on our website, we may occasionally get compensation.

Top 10 Best Keyword Research Tools In 2023

In this article, you can know about Keyword Research Tools here are the details below;

What Are the Best Tools for Keyword Research?

Let’s get started with the list of the best keyword research tools that will help you increase the volume and quality of organic search for your website.

1. Google keyword Planner – Best for Paid Keyword

Google keyword Planner

You can view similar keywords to a single term using the Keyword Ideas tool in Google’s keyword planner. Results show information on search volume, impressions, and past costs incurred by advertisers when using that keyword.

Best For: Paid marketing initiatives and pay-per-click (PPC) methods

A Google ads account is necessary because the keyword planner on Google is a component of the search engine’s advertising platform. Account creation is cost-free. Google Keyword Planner can be utilized to get keyword recommendations based on a topic once it is active. You can view related keywords to a single term using the tool’s Keyword Ideas function. Results show information on search volume, impressions, and past costs incurred by advertisers when using that keyword. The refine keyword tool in the keyword planner also aids in limiting results based on particular filters.

You can narrow your search results by ailment, hair type, symptoms, and more, for example, if you search for “oily hair.” It’s vital to note that because this tool is made for Google AdWords, the keyword search results are more heavily weighted toward pay-per-click information than toward organic data. Thus, keyword information obtained from this tool will mostly help paid advertising efforts.


  • Free, but you must register for a Google Ads account, which requests your credit card information.
  • Ideal For
  • Paid marketing initiatives and pay-per-click (PPC) tactics.

2. Moz Keyword Explorer – Smart and Fast keyword Research

Moz Keyword Explorer

You may see a keyword’s monthly search volume, keyword problem, organic click-through rates, research reports, and related keyword ideas with Moz Keyword Explorer.

Best For: New to intermediate marketers seeking simple outcomes

The Keyword Explorer tool from Moz blends attractive design with simple usability. The monthly search volume, keyword difficulty, organic click-through rates, analysis reports, and related keyword ideas for a term may all be seen with this tool. Based on search term history and relation to a predetermined My Score rating, its Priority Score feature lets you know whether a keyword is worthwhile for ranking.

As a result, you can quickly eliminate keywords that are unimportant to your company and concentrate your efforts on those that will raise your search engine ranking. The Moz Keyword Explorer is still a great contender for offering the most intelligently relevant keyword results that you won’t find on its top competitors, despite its inability to provide information like SERP position history. This characteristic makes sure you receive tailored keywords associated with the search terms of your audience.


Has a 30-day free trial and costs $99 a month after that

Ideal For

Beginners to intermediate marketers seeking uncomplicated outcomes without the complexities.

3.Ahrefs Keyword Explorer – Linkbuilder’s Choice

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer is the best tool available for link building and backlink research. Its backlink database is the largest in the world.

Best For: Medium-sized to large companies in need of general SEO tools

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer is the best tool available for link building and backlink research. The largest backlink database in the world is included in this keyword planner, which aids expert marketers in understanding the specifics of sponsored and organic search results for content marketing. Ahref’s database is updated once a month to give users access to fresh information from web pages. One of its important features is Keyword Difficulty, which provides you with the actual number of backlinks your website needs to appear on Google’s front page.

Ahrefs data in numbers is a game-changer for obtaining precise organic traffic analytics, since most solutions just provide general tagging like “Easy” or “Difficult.” This keyword tool also offers a thorough SERP analysis report that enables you to comprehend the elements that contribute to a page’s ranking. These elements include page speed, internal and external links, and on-page SEO. Its cutting-edge click statistic is also helpful for researching search histories and determining whether or not there are bought or organic clicks.


  • Beginning at $99 a month.
  • Ideal For
  • Medium- to large-sized businesses that require universal SEO tools.

4. Semrush – SEO Tool for Experts


The Keyword Magic Tool, one of Semrush’s many tools, finds similar terms you might not typically consider when conducting a manual search.

Best For: PPC specialists, major agencies, and advanced SEO users

Semrush is an indispensable tool for anyone concerned about SEO because it is designed to offer complete support for search engine optimization tactics. Having saying that, beginners might not want to use Semrush’s commercial version. For beginners, the sheer number of functionalities it offers can be bewildering. It has a ton of tools, such as the Keyword Magic Tool, which uncovers similar terms you might not typically consider when conducting a manual search. Additional tools that can be used to find organic keywords are unlocked by connecting this to Google Analytics. This keyword tool also allows you to see terms that are currently ranking on the websites of your rivals, which makes it simpler to organize your content ideas and dominate keyword competition.

Semrush’s Phrase Match function offers a thorough keyword index of long-tail keywords relevant to the topic you specify if you’re not sure what to search for. You can utilize Semrush’s SEO content template tool to build a content brief once you’ve gathered the keywords for the content on your website. This serves as your writing plan to make sure your posts have the proper format and hierarchy for information that will rank highly in search engine results. High-ranking keywords can be found using its position-tracking capabilities, which also helps you find the keyword profiles of your rivals.


  • For basic functions, it provides a free version.
  • The paid edition starts at $119.95 a month and includes a 7-day free trial.
  • Ideal For
  • Large agencies, experienced PPC users, and advanced SEO users.

5. Keyword Surfer – Handy Chrome Extension for Instant Keyword Search

Keyword Surfer

In an initial search, Keyword Surfer assists in locating Google-backed results and related keywords based on location. To focus your search, you can turn on and off the global search volume.

Best For: Anyone seeking a rapid, straight Google keyword data result.

A free Chrome addon called Keyword Surfer produces keyword results for questions that are connected. This free tool assists in locating related terms based on location and initial queries with Google-backed results. To focus your search, you can turn on and off the global search volume.

After installation, you’ll see the monthly searches for a term, how many times it occurs on a page, and a Title modified indicator beneath the title, indicating that Google modified the link in its title tag. The search-generated keywords can also be downloaded as a CSV file and saved for further use. The AI article generator in this free keyword tool is useful if you’re using it to help you write. It provides you with outlines or structural recommendations for how to structure your content to reflect the hierarchy in which search engines rank related topics.


Extension without charge.

Ideal For

Anyone looking for a quick Google search result with keyword information.

6. Google Trends – Google’s Trendiest Terms With a Click

Google Trends

Given that it shows term popularity over a specific time period, Google Trends is excellent for aiding you with seasonal ads.

Who should use it: Anyone who needs to know the hottest keywords right away.

Look no further than Google Trends if you need to know the popular search terms.It’s a totally free application made to record the most common keyword hits over time and across all locations. You can trust that the data is accurate and up-to-date because Google, the biggest search engine in the world, powers it. Given that it shows term popularity over a specific time period, Google Trends is excellent for aiding you with seasonal ads.

You can find possible topics that are becoming more and more popular with your target audience by looking through the Related Queries area. Additionally, Google Trends provides accurate search volume data that lets you see whether a topic is receiving more or less attention. Google search results for one phrase may increase after five years, although they may indicate less searches in the year prior compared to increasing related searches.

Knowing this enables you to prepare ahead of time and structure your content ideas on current keyword suggestions. Additionally, Google Trends can track the popularity of keywords on YouTube. Knowing what’s ‘hot’ can therefore assist your post become more popular if your strategy is centered on video content. You may get a head start on things that will probably become popular in the next months by keeping an eye on Google’s trending topics. This allows you time to adjust your SEO strategy to meet consumer demand.



Ideal For

Everyone who has to be aware of the hottest keywords right away.

7. Google Search Console – Easy Monitoring of Google’s Search Performance

Google Search Console

Given that it works with Google Analytics and that you can integrate the two, Google Search Console is a wise choice for keyword research. Who should use it: Anyone looking for profitable keywords from those already used on their website. The best way to come up with blog post ideas is to base them on current keywords using Google Search Console’s keyword research tool. This tool displays keywords that you already rank for but haven’t given much attention to. For instance, a keyword may receive a lot of impressions but rank poorly. This indicates that the information is compelling enough to encourage clicks. Also check CB Insights Alternatives

An image of the Google Search Console

However, there isn’t much content on your site that uses that phrase and is related. Instead of starting from zero and researching new keywords, you now have the chance to create content that are focused on that term. When you combine Google Search Console and Google Analytics, your keyword research outcomes improve even further. For simple tracking, information like the quantity of clicks, impressions, click-through rates, and location are provided in columns.



All you require is a website.

Ideal For

Anyone searching their website’s existing keywords for potential ones.

8. Jaaxy– keywords Explorer for Affiliate Marketers


Jaaxy is fantastic because it uses its extensive database of recent keywords to help you find niche niches that other tools frequently overlook. Who It’s Best For: Marketers seeking a simple keyword research device with access to affiliate marketing programs. The simplest keyword research tool on our list is Jaaxy. The search field is where you type the phrase or topic to get a list of all the relevant keywords, search volumes, search impressions, and traffic.

Jaaxy uses its extensive library of new keywords to help you find niche niches that other tools frequently overlook. Jaaxy can offer users in-depth ranking information because to its unique competitor tracking tool, SiteRank. The tool tells you of the outcome within the platform, and you can control how frequently you rank your site against rivals. This keywords explorer differs from others because it gives you access to affiliate marketing data that you can use in your articles.

If you like, you can even join them. There are additional affiliate program options thanks to their several affiliate program sources, which include Digital River, ClickBanks, Link Share, and Commission Junction. The Quoted Search Result function on Jaaxy does a great job of providing details on websites that are vying for a particular keyword position.


$50 a month.

Ideal For

Marketers seeking an easy-to-use solution for keyword research with access to affiliate marketing programs.

9. Serpstat – Best in Competition Analysis


In order to assist you generate content that has a better chance of showing up higher on search engine results pages, Serpstat gives data on keyword trends, group keywords, & related terms.

Best For: Small businesses and independent SEO experts

Serpstat is a powerful tool for competition analysis and a reasonably priced keyword research tool. It offers information on keyword trends, keyword groups, and associated phrases to assist you in creating content that has a better possibility of showing up higher on search engine results pages.

This tool’s key selling point is how easily it provides information about your top rivals. It has a page called Competitors Graph that displays vibrant bubbles that stand in for your rivals. Additionally, you can see the keywords that you and your rivals are targeting with paid or organic marketing. A screenshot of the webpage for Serpstat


Beginning at $55 a month.

Ideal For

Small businesses and independent SEO experts who want to concentrate on market rivalry.

10. QuestionDB – Top Questions Asked Around the Globe


When you enter seed keywords into the QuestionDB tool, which functions like a reversed Q&A portal, the tool returns a list of specific questions that people are asking about those keywords online. When hunting for blog subjects, content writers and SEO experts should use this method.

Are you seeking for keyword suggestions for your upcoming article? You have a wide range of possibilities utilizing QuestionDB. When you enter seed keywords into this tool, which functions like a reversed Q&A portal, it returns a list of particular questions that people are asking about those keywords online. ‘Am I doing my keyword research wrong?’ is one of the results from a search for ‘Keyword Research.’

You can trust the questions in QuestionDB’s findings since they come from sites like Reddit and Quora, where genuine audience members ask the questions. Additionally, each part has a source link that you may utilize to view the entire conversation related to that subject. This tool’s ability to sort results by popularity is one of its best features. This directs you to subjects with the most search activity.


Free plans only allow for 50 results; premium plans start at $15 per month and allow for infinite results.

Ideal For

SEO experts and content creators are seeking blog themes.

Factors to consider When Choosing the Best keyword Research Tools in 2023

You should be clear on what you need from them because some premium and free keyword research tools have functions in common. The following criteria might assist you in selecting the SEO keyword research tool that most closely matches your intended content strategy.

Features for Keyword Research

How much help do you need with keyword ideas? The majority of free keyword research tools can provide you with thorough results, but they lack more sophisticated options like detailed ranking difficulty analysis and position tracking, which are only available with expensive solutions. If you want to learn the fundamentals, you can start with a free version. However, the best method to acquire competitive search engine results is to subscribe to a paid keyword planner.

Usage Promptness

The most effective keyword research tools are made to simplify search marketing. Software navigation, however, can be challenging for some people. It is beneficial to test out a tool before subscribing while looking for one. A number of the research tools we’ve highlighted provide brief free trials, which you can make the most of by learning how they operate. Find a tool that you feel at ease utilizing. Choosing anything complicated could overwhelm you and prevent you from using the majority of its functions.


For simple keyword idea searches, free keyword research tools are your best bet. However, if you want to build domain authority for your website, you must be prepared to spend money on techniques that help you rank highly on Google. Paid research tools are expensive, and the majority, if not all, have monthly costs that apply only to one user, not an entire business. Aside from the features, spend some time determining whether your budget can support the price of the tool you want. If not, work on creating a list of options you can start with and then scale.

Product Evaluations

How does the product rate among other customers? The best features and functionalities in keyword research tools will satisfy marketers, and this will be evident in their reviews.

To be on the safe side, select a keyword planner with a tall star rating and favorable online reviews. Additionally, you should look at the feedback to see how the tool’s customer care responded. Not every software includes a dedicated phone number where you may call and get immediate assistance. Some could take up to 72 hours, which could be a deal-breaker, particularly for big firms with a lot of clients. Also check Klue Alternatives

Features for Internal Content Marketing

Although it’s optional, you should consider the additional benefits you’ll receive when signing up as you’ll be paying for the service.You should keep an eye out for more capabilities like a tool for creating SEO content templates and managing listings on social media.

Questions and Answers

Are Premium Tools for Keyword Research Valuable?

If you’re committed to your SEO strategy and prepared to put in the effort, it’s worthwhile. Effective use of these technologies has been shown to increase organic search traffic and propel pages to the top of Google. Even with the best equipment at work, results do not appear immediately, therefore you must have realistic expectations. The technology needs to be integrated into your current campaign and used to enhance the delivery of your content.

What Keyword Research Tool Is Best?

No tool has ever been officially named as being superior to the others. The tool that offers you the functionality you need is the finest tool. However, you can utilize any of the product’s USPs to support the level of performance that users have confirmed. For instance, Ahrefs is a good option if you’re looking for backlink data to improve your SEO approach. Although more expensive than the competition, it has the best database for link development.

What should I expect to pay for keyword research?

This entirely depends on you. Semrush should be at the top of your list if you have a huge website to manage and the necessary resources and skills. Although it is pricey, the data you receive can help you stay up with your competitors’ content strategies, making this an investment that may be worthwhile.

A Conclusion

It’s time to choose your favorite keyword research tool now that you have a list of options. Establish your needs and your financial limits. You can then decide which of our selected items best meets your needs. Remember that results may not appear right away, so be realistic in your expectations as you select your keyword research software.


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