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Top 6 Best KBB Alternatives You Should Try

Best KBB Alternatives You Should Try will be discussed in this article. Choosing the proper car requires a lot of laborious paperwork and study. Choosing the ideal car for an individual is more difficult when buying a car. In order to locate the best application or website that will provide us the correct information about the car worth, model, and automobile in nice terms on paper and on physicality as well, we search for online car selling and rental services.

However, many times when we look up a car’s valuation, people give it a higher rating and we end up having to pay more than the car is actually worth. Finding a car with decent features and condition that is also reasonably priced is therefore harder than it seems. We’re going to discuss the top 6 KKB alternatives in this article. Kelly Blue Book, or KKB, is a company that offers all the information about cars as well as choices for purchasing, renting, and selling them.

The top 6 Kelly Blue Book substitutes include Edmunds, Carmax, Carfax, Turecar, Carvana, and NADA. By the end of the essay, we’ll go into more detail about these articles, their car values, and the most important lessons to learn from them.

Top 6 Best KBB Alternatives You Should Try

In this article, you can know about KBB Alternatives here are the details below;

The most well-known aspect of Kelly Blue Book is its comprehensive listing of new and used automotive characteristics. More than any other website, people rely on the prices set by KKB.

The tagline for KKB is Kelly Knows Cars, and it clearly states what the company does. Values and repairs both. Therefore, it is clear to everyone from this tagline that KKB is steadfast in providing correct automobile valuations and repair prices.

KKB offers CPO Certificates for automobiles and has been involved in the auto business for 90 years in terms of pricing segmentation. The KKB team of industry specialists from many industries writes the reviews for the company. Therefore, comparing the finest of KKB and determining its substitute is a difficult decision to make. However, we have attempted to select the most similar substitutes for KKB below.

1. Edmunds


Edmunds is an online marketplace for buying, renting, and selling automobiles. Additionally, Edmunds offers evaluations, rankings, and thoroughly researched data to help its customers buy or sell a car at an exact price.

The fact that Edmunds has reliable research resources for realistic automotive valuations and performances makes it one of the best alternatives to KKB. The user interface and access on Edmunds are simple.

Car Values by Edmunds

  • The Affordability Calculator used by Edmunds Car Valuation uses your input to determine the actual worth of the vehicle.
  • The location, zip code, desired monthly payment, market finance rate, and trade-in down payment amount must all be provided.
  • Additionally, you can enter the credit information, including the down payment and trade-in balances.
  • Once you have accurately entered all the information, you will be given the results, including a total down payment with net trade-in and a sticker price range.
  • This is how Edmunds will provide you with an accurate car valuation.

Key Takeaways from Edmunds

  • Along with KBB, Edmunds offers a variety of other tools for online auto buying and selling in addition to car values.
  • Additionally, it provides shop by variety and the best automobile rankings via its vehicle testing staff.
  • Edmunds offers a wide range of vehicles, including SUVs, trucks, sedans, electric vehicles, hybrids, and hatchbacks.
  • Along with major manufacturers like Acura, Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, & many more, it also has shopping features.
  • Additionally, it provides an open review system where you can read a mixture of reviews written in-depth by clients who have used Edmund’s services.
  • Additionally, it provides test drive videos so you can see for yourself how well-maintained and high-quality the car is.
  • For their consumers, Edmund’s also publishes blog postings about their selection of the best cars.

2. Carmax


Due to its options for buying and selling cars, Carmax is well-known. Carmax is among the KBB alternatives because it also includes a budget calculator.

For the hyped-up selling and buying sector, Carmax also contains hidden qualities that the public is unaware of. Carmax provides a great platform for many more underutilized or overlooked services like anticipated budgets, etc.

Car Values of Carmax

  • By figuring out your car’s budget, Carmax calculates the worth of your car on their website.
  • You must first visit their website and conduct a car valuation search.
  • It will ask you for information like the VIN number location, zip code, license number, & many other specifics about the automobile in order to provide you with the car valuation.
  • If you choose trade-in and trade-out, you will be asked for information pertaining to financial statements, such as the value of the down payment, the cash value, your credit score, and more.
  • When you enter all of this information, an estimate of your car’s value is provided, regardless of whether you plan to sell it or buy it.
  • Then you may compare the prices with those on other websites, as well as learn more about the car, conduct research on it, and suspect the same.

Key Takeaways from Carmax

  • Like KKB, Carmax offers researchers and rankings for well-known secondhand vehicles and SUVs.
  • Carmax provides information about a variety of vehicles, including AWD vehicles, used vehicles, hybrid vehicles, compact SUVs, and electric vehicles.
  • Additionally, it enables shopping by Popularity, Type, Brand, Model, Year, and many other criteria.
  • It offers millions of vehicles for trade-ins, purchases, and sales with a thorough and in-depth inspection by the professionals.
  • Carmax inspects the vehicle in up to 125 different areas, and following the final inspection, they certify the vehicle for purchase, sale, etc.
  • For the greatest vehicles that successfully completed their examination with high marks, Carmax offers its original certified results.

3. Cafax


Visit CarFax CarFax is an excellent alternative to KBB since it offers comprehensive vehicle history reports that are free of bias. Carfax offers comprehensive vehicle reports and offers solutions to any queries like “How much is your car worth?” Accidents? Count of Owners? Recorded Services? plus a lot more. In addition, it offers a selection of cash offers and car dealerships that sell vehicles. This is another KBB Alternatives. Also check SparkPost Alternatives 

Car Values by Carfax

  • You must willingly visit the manufacturer’s official website in order to estimate a car’s value.
  • There is a Menu bar in the left corner of their page once you have arrived there.
  • You can select the used car values option from the menu bar.
  • Select “Used Car Values” from the menu.
  • You will be taken to a new page with some simple questions to answer after selecting the option.
  • The questions ask for information about your zip code, vehicle identification number (VIN), state-specific license plate number, and if you are the car’s owner or not.
  • When you have finished filling out all the information, Carfax will give you an estimated KBB value for your vehicle.

Key Takeaways from Carfax

  • Carfax provides auto repair services for your vehicles.
  • Like KBB, Carfax provides its customers with a research blog and a car value option.
  • Additionally, Carfax provides free account opening for its clients.
  • Customers of Carfax can sign up for a notification alert to receive notifications about their car services.
  • Additionally, Carfax offers Carfax Reports, where you can find comprehensive details and reports on their top vehicles, as well as new and used vehicles and much more.
  • Additionally, Carfax offers its consumers a ready-to-help help line and a separate category for buying used cars for sale.
  • Finding a nearby service shop and keeping track of vehicle maintenance are also features available on Carfax.



Carvana has the plate that is the smoothest and most calming to the eyes. Carvana has the most streamlined user interface out of all of them. Carvana handles a variety of financial matters, including purchasing and selling cars. Customers of Carvana have access to pre-qualified financing options with monthly payments. Like KBB, it also offers research and data about automobiles. This is another KBB Alternatives.

Car Values of Carvana

  • You must first access their website in order to find the car valuation.
  • Carvana offers two choices for car appraisal.
  • You have the option of using a loan calculator to figure out your budget and financing alternatives.
  • The trade-in estimator is the second, and it will provide you with an estimated value for the trade-in choice.
  • You will require the license plate number, the VIN, the location, the zip code, and other information about the car in order to accurately value the vehicle.
  • You will receive an estimated value for your car, similar to KBB, once you have given all the information pertaining to it.

Key TakeAways From Carvana

  • Carvana offers its customers a variety of ways to arrive on its page.
  • With just a few simple questions and your responses, Carvana’s car-finder feature will locate the vehicle you require.
  • For planning a budget for the car, Carvana also provides a loan calculator.
  • The value of your car can also be estimated using the trade-in estimator on Carvana.
  • Carvana offers a 7-day “test to own” period during which you can drive the vehicle and determine whether or not it is a good fit for you.
  • For the state, Carvana also provides delivery and pickup alternatives.
  • For its consumers who are on a tight budget, Carvana further provides a variety of dealerships and financing choices.

5. truecar


Truecar is a good substitute for KBB because it offers detailed car appraisals and the greatest auto reviews. Truecar offers both new and used car buying and selling options on its shopping features. Additionally, it offers trade-in and trade-out options to its clients. Additionally, it includes a special research blog where you can find out all the information on the car you have or are seeking for. This is another KBB Alternatives. Also check Webflow Alternatives

Car Values of Truecar

  • It provides two methods—calculating the trade-in value or the loan balance alone—to get the correct car value.
  • You must first access their official website on the internet in order to begin calculating car valuation.
  • When you arrive at their page, a sign-up form will encourage you to enter your email address.
  • If you intend to use Truecar in the future for selling, buying car valuations, etc., create an account.
  • After signing up, you can select the method for the car valuation as described above.
  • They will need details like the vehicle’s license number, VIN, location, zip code, & financial statements.
  • For a precise and accurate evaluation of the car, it will also ask you for information on the year, model, and other factors.
  • After the data is checked and processed, you will receive an estimated car valuation, similar to KBB.

Key Takeaways from truecar

  • After a lot of mistrust, Truecar provides in-depth study materials on car rankings and ratings.
  • In addition, Truecar provides a side-by-side comparison of two vehicles with comprehensive specifications.
  • For those who are on a budget, Truecar also provides an auto loan calculator and an auto leasing calculator.
  • Truecar provides instructions for the fundamental information that customers should remember when shopping.
  • Truecar provides both comprehensive study on the electric car as well as the option to lease a vehicle.
  • Similar to KBB, Truecar provides a variety of blogs, rankings, and awards for the best new and old automobiles.



NADA is an acronym for J.D. Power’s Nada Guides/Nada Values. NADA’s website features a straightforward design, making it very simple for new users to utilize for automobile appraisal, research, and other purposes. This is another KBB Alternatives.

You may find out the exact automobile worth of your vehicle with NADA’s Consumer Vehicle Values, which is similar to KBB. As a result, it is a fantastic substitute for KBB in terms of the valuation criteria.

Car Values by NADA

  • The car appraisal performed by NADA is accurate, quick, and easy to complete.
  • First, visit their official website to receive a proper car valuation.
  • Choose the option to get a value or the type of car for the valuation on their website.
  • You can choose one of these to move on with the process.
  • The estimated value then comes in three different forms.
  • One is that you can enter your vehicle identification number to obtain a valuation report.
  • For the car valuation, you can also input the model, year of manufacture, and zip code.
  • Third, you can choose the method for valuing a car by indicating the body style of the vehicle and a variety of other details, such as the service fee.
  • You can accurately value an automobile using any of the aforementioned approaches, just like KBB.

Key Takeaways from NADA

  • A car’s value can also be determined by the type of vehicle it is, such as an SUV, truck, sedan, minivan, motorcycle, recreational vehicle, boat, and more.
  • Consequently, it includes estimators for motorcycles, boats, and buses in addition to a calculator for automobile values.
  • For lenders, dealers, insurers, the government, and other people who work in the automotive industry, NADA provides business tools that are provided by J.D. Power.
  • The entire name of NADA is the National Automobile Dealers Association, which also rates and awards vehicles.
  • For automotive rankings, ratings, reviews, and research, there is a dedicated area.
  • You may view the available cards under the automobiles for sale category as well.
  • For all customers, it also includes sections with automobile offers and shopping suggestions.
  • Additionally, it offers to sell features for my car like KBB, Carvana, and many others.

Conclusion: KBB Alternatives

In this post, we’ve given you comprehensive details about the top KBB substitutes, how they operate, and the techniques employed in car appraisal. After reading the article, you may choose the one that best meets your needs and provides you with accurate reports, reviews, rankings, and value estimates for the car. In order to save you time and eliminate misunderstanding, we have made an effort to make the difficult task of car valuation a bit easier by providing you with research materials.


Owner of Carmax?

The owner of Carmax is Circuit City.

What are the KBB alternatives?

We’ve listed the top 6 KBB substitutes, including CarMax, Carfax, TrueCar, NADA, Edmunds, and Carvana. View their contact information here.

What is more precise than the car valuation from KBB?

According to the expert analysis, Kelly Blue Book’s and Edmund’s car valuations are both superior.


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