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How To Increase Website Traffic Without SEO In 2024

How To Increase Website Traffic Without SEO will be described in this article. Specifically, we’ll cover 13 strategies for attracting visitors to your website from search engines other than Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This tutorial is meant to assist you in increasing website traffic and brand exposure without over-relying on search engine algorithms.

How To Increase Website Traffic Without SEO In 2024

These are some doable strategies for increasing website traffic that you can implement immediately—and indefinitely—without resorting to search engine optimisation.

How to Increase Website Traffic Without SEO

1. Content Marketing

Because content marketing concentrates on putting high-quality content out there to draw customers to your company, it’s a smart approach to boost website traffic without the need for SEO.

This is an excellent long-term plan to increase traffic to your business as more people will start to locate the content assets you accumulate and distribute online. Your efforts with content marketing will eventually build upon one another.

Here are some instances of content marketing:

  • Graphics Books and electronic books
  • Audio Files in PDF Format
  • White Papers
  • Case Studies
  • Market Summaries

2. Guest Blogging

When done correctly, guest blogging is another tactic you can use to increase website traffic without using SEO. Guest blogging can benefit you in multiple ways if you treat it as a strategy to increase traffic to your website. Most people only utilise it to gain backlinks.

The secret is to choose well-known blogs with a large following and take use of that current readership to increase your brand’s online visibility. It’s not enough to simply write a guest post for any website. If not, it won’t generate a lot of referral traffic for you.

Don’t forget to write the guest post in the first person. By doing so, you’ll be able to establish a stronger connection with the reader, who will be inspired to look at your author profile, visit your website, and maybe discover more about you.

You can use the following sophisticated Google search operators to locate guest blogging opportunities:

  • title with keyword “write for us”
  • title with keyword “write for me”
  • Title keyword: “contribute to”
  • Keyword combination: “submit” + “blog”
  • Enter the term “submit a guest post”
  • The term inurl is “guest-post.”
  • “Guest post” is the keyword
  • The phrase “guest post by”
  • “Accepting guest posts” is a keyword.
  • “Guest post guidelines” as a keyword
  • “Guest author” is a keyword.
  • “Guest article” is the keyword
  • “Guest Column” is the keyword
  • “Become a contributor” is the keyword

post-author:visitor inserted postauthor keyword: “guest blog” post author keyword: “guest post”

 3. Social Media Marketing

Another useful tactic to increase website traffic without bothering about SEO is social media marketing. In addition to increasing brand recognition, this strategy facilitates online connections with like-minded individuals, who make up the ideal target market for your website.

Selecting one or two social media platforms that you can post on regularly each week is crucial. Additionally, decide where your target demographic spends their internet time.

For instance, publishing on Twitter is a great way for SEO Chatter to get traffic to their website. Nevertheless, Facebook’s poor performance means that updates to the page are infrequent.

Among the best social media marketing platforms are:

Instagram Snapchat Twitter Facebook



 4. Promotional Giveaways

Without a doubt, winning anything free is something that everyone enjoys. Additionally, you can use this strategy to your advantage to generate a lot of talk about your company and improve website traffic.

Additionally simple to set up are promotional gifts. All you have to do is select a fantastic reward, decide on a start and finish date, and then use any of the other strategies listed on this page to spread the word about it online.

As an added piece of advice, you can increase the exposure for your website by making posting the giveaway details or link mandatory for entry.

The most well-liked contest awards consist of:

Gift Cards for Cash Free Goods or Services

5. Influencer Marketing

Because it leverages two potent advantages—built-in trust with an existing audience and enormous market reach—influencer marketing is one of the quickest ways to grow website traffic without SEO.

“Only 22% of customers trust ads and 27% trust branded content, whereas 51% trust an influencer’s endorsement,” claims Search Engine Journal. Therefore, making connections with influential people in your field can help you market your website and increase awareness of your company without the need for SEO strategies.

It’s better to use software designed specifically for this purpose, such as: to locate good influencers rapidly.

Brandwatch Awario

Buzzsumo Synthesio Sysomos

 6. Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

PPC marketing is a useful tactic to employ if you’re looking to quickly increase website traffic. The issue with SEO is that it may take a new website page days, weeks, or even months to start receiving organic traffic from search engines.

By placing your website above the free organic listings in search results, you can avoid having to wait for organic rankings to take effect by using paid adverts.

Furthermore, PPC advertisements can rapidly drive hundreds to thousands of clicks to your website without the need for SEO, depending on your budget.

Useful PPC applications are as follows:

  • Enrol in Taboola
  • Google Marketing
  • Microsoft Ads
  • Amazon Links
  • Facebook Advertisements
  • Instagram Marketing
  • LinkedIn Advertisements
  • Twitter Commercials

Note: Check out this other guide on Bing Display advertisements for an explanation of how these work if you’d like to know more about running display advertisements on Bing.

7. Pinterest Marketing

For certain categories, Pinterest can be a very effective substitute for SEO in terms of increasing website traffic. More inbound links, increased conversion rates, and the potential for your website’s content to go viral are some of the other benefits Pinterest offers.

Buffer provides the following Pinterest marketing advice if you want to use this platform as your primary source of traffic rather than SEO:

  • At least five times a day, pin
  • Plan Out Your Pins
  • Submit an application for Rich Pins for your blog or website Make “Pin It for Later” links
  • Create pictures with the appropriate dimensions.
  • Make text-based images and Pin them Utilise numerous images with a Pin
  • Write boards and descriptions with lots of keywords.

For additional advice on creating links on Pinterest, visit this other website.

8. Display Advertising

An additional well-liked strategy for growing website visitors without SEO is display advertising. With display ads, relevant third-party websites will link to your website via banners, photos, and text adverts.

The way that display advertisements are called forward sets them apart from PPC, as was previously indicated. A display ad is displayed to users on other websites based on their search activity or previously used terms, as opposed to appearing based on a keyword search on Google, for example.

Display advertisements operate in real-time if you have ever had an advertisement follow you across the internet after you searched for it.

You can utilise the following examples of display advertising networks:

  • ReklamShop
  • AdSense by Google
  • net
  • Links to information
  • Income-Hits
  • PropellerAds Subtitling
  • Chitika

 9. Email Marketing

One of the finest methods to consistently increase website traffic without depending on search engine optimisation is email marketing.

99% of individuals check their email at least once a day, and some check it up to 20 times a day, according to OptinMonster. Email marketing is still an effective the method of reaching people, regardless of their age, location, or hobbies.

Successful email marketing requires the following elements:

  • Create your email list right now.
  • Provide something of value in each email to entice recipients to open them.
  • Incorporate website links into each email you send.

A website with an active email list can frequently receive 20–40% open rates, which, depending on the size of the list, might result in hundreds or thousands of the clicks to your website without the need for SEO.

10. Referral Marketing

Even though it makes sense, most of us frequently ignore referral marketing when it comes to digital marketing. By using referral marketing, you can increase website traffic by using the recommendations and word-of-mouth of your existing audience.

Referral marketing can be used to social media, email, videos, and any other direct communication channel you use to interact with your audience. And this strategy can be as easy as offering your followers a reward or an invitation to tell a friend about your company.

11. Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing, you only need to pay your affiliates when a conversion occurs, but it may also greatly improve website traffic and brand exposure. Put simply, although you enjoy the long-term branding advantages, your affiliates are the ones spreading the word about your website.

You must have a good or service that you can sell in the market for others to advertise on your behalf in order to employ this tactic. After that, you provide your affiliates with links to your website and only pay them when a visitor converts to a buyer.

One effective tactic for increasing traffic and SEO is affiliate marketing. Consider Amazon as an illustration. Amazon is the subject of millions of affiliate promotions on websites, and the majority of the top 10 search results for transactional queries go to pages that are predominantly Amazon promotional.

Using this approach, Amazon not only increases sales but also receives billions of free referral visitors per month along with a tonne of free backlinks to help with SEO metrics. And you can take use of this identical strategy.

12. Inbound Marketing

By producing useful content and experiences that are catered to your target audience, you can utilise inbound marketing to get people to your website.

Though they are not the same, inbound marketing and content marketing are frequently confused. The goal of inbound marketing to create experiences and information that persuade your audience to take a certain action, such making an inquiry, making a purchase, or filling out a form. The goal of content marketing is to simply produce information that can be shared online through a variety of platforms in order to raise awareness of your company.

Basically, the goal of inbound marketing is to drive the most qualified leads to the website by offering the appropriate information at the appropriate moment to your audience.

Typical cases of inbound marketing consist of:

  • Newsletters & Webinars
  • News Releases
  • Providing Interactive Content Live
  • Instructional videos

13. Video Marketing

Without using SEO, video marketing is growing in popularity as a means of increasing website traffic. It is projected that over 80% of online traffic  come from the video content by 2022. Therefore, it makes sense to learn how to apply this kind of digital marketing plan to boost website traffic for your company.

The good thing about video is that, in addition to being promoted on other platforms, it can be readily optimised for search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, allowing you to get free traffic from these sources.

Here are some helpful pointers for incorporating video marketing into your internet campaigns:

  • Establish a target for the video, such as increased visits to a particular website.
  • Select the audience you want to draw in.
  • Create a video that appeals to those individuals.
  • Post it to a well-known website that hosts videos, such as YouTube.
  • For your target keywords, use basic video SEO techniques to help your video rank higher on YouTube and in Google Search by including them prominently in the title, description, and tags.

Can I Have a Website Without SEO?

Without SEO, you can still have a website, but it will never be truly complete as you will always need to rely on other sources to get visitors. By using the search engine optimisation (SEO), you may the increase your website’s visibility to more people who are actively looking for your goods and services.

Having a website that receives visitors from both SEO and non-SEO methods is the best approach. In this manner, the visitors to your website won’t be reliant on just one source of traffic. A well-rounded approach to bought and organic traffic is beneficial for long-term, sustainable growth.

Does SEO Increase Website Traffic?

By ensuring that your website & the appears for relevant queries, SEO does indeed improve website traffic. More traffic, leads, sales, and conversions result from SEO’s ability to raise your website’s search engine results for the terms that are most important to your company.

Even if you’re employing non-SEO techniques to reach a larger audience, you should always be actively working on SEO for your website. Also check How Technical SEO Agency Can Help You Fuel Business Growth 

Increasing Traffic to a Website Without SEO Summary

This post about how to boost website traffic without SEO should have been enjoyable for you.

As you have found, there are several methods available for boosting website traffic that do not include search engine optimisation. Additionally, you may combine any of these tactics to increase brand awareness online and drive traffic to your website.

To reach the largest audience, a solid SEO plan will include SEO and non-SEO techniques.


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