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Top 18 Best Helpmonks Alternatives In 2023

Best Helpmonks Alternatives will be discussed in this article. Denise McCort and Nitai Aventaggiato founded Helpmonks in 2015 as a Customer Engagement Platform to help both small and large organizations effectively manage their customer support, sales, and marketing teams. To assist in the expansion of your company, Helpmonks provides a wide range of tools including email marketing, live chat, knowledge bases, CRM, marketing automation, and mailboxes. By using it, you may manage team daily activities, customer contact, and client engagement.

Additionally, it helps you manage team emails, automate adding new contacts, use live chat for first-rate customer care, send out push notifications to customers, and use your knowledge library to help current customers.


  • Email Management
  • Customer Retention
  • Higher Sales
  • Knowledge Base


  • Often Crashes
  • No Prior Record
  • Complex Interface

Top 18 Best Helpmonks Alternatives In 2023

In this article, you can know about Helpmonks Alternatives here are the details below;

1. Callbell


Carlo Morandi and Gianluca Bargelli created Callbell in 2019 as a customer support platform that makes it possible for people and companies to interact with clients across all social media platforms. You may assign your team members to their various tasks on Callbell – Customer Support Platform for WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, and Telegram to ensure that your customers can always find what they’re looking for. It’s a single multi-agent platform where statistics may be used to evaluate team member performance.

2. HelpDesk


Use the free business and commerce website HelpDesk to automatically improve relationships with customers. You may control all of your clients’ messages with this website. By using this website, users can streamline their processes and get quick customer service. Users can use it to quickly and automatically solve problems and complicated cases. The website offers pre-written responses to help you increase your resolution rate.

3. LiveAgent


Quality Unit created the paid online service, office, and productivity app known as LiveAgent. It is an effective help desk program that enables users to condense several channels into a single, manageable package. Customers using this software can communicate via Facebook, phone, web, Twitter, email, and forums. The program enables additional conversation features including file sharing and status updates in addition to enabling chat on email and social media. It also boasts a sizable staff of experts who.

4. Intercom


The paid social networking and communication software Intercom was created by Intercom, Inc. You may send personalized, behavior-driven emails and in-app messages using this app. customers of the app can learn more about service customers by utilizing the app. With the help of this app, users can work more productively and see faster business growth. The software not only helps businesses expand, but it also gives them the ability to interact with and please their customers. It draws attention because of its real-time metrics system.

5. Zendesk Support Suite

Zendesk Support Suite

A paid online service, business, and commerce website called Zendesk Support Suite appears and handles numerous responsibilities. Users of this website can access their customers at any time and from any location. People can access customer information and their whole profile using this website. People can follow the communications of their customers in addition to receiving information. Additionally, the website facilitates communication through a variety of modes, including phone, chat, email, and messaging. Multiple languages are supported to enhance communication.

6. OneChat


ShOC Developer created the free social networking and productivity app OneChat. This teamwork tool is made to offer a powerful chat and file-sharing feature. People may quickly respond to Facebook comments and discussions with the aid of this software. You may develop high-engagement campaigns on this software to multiply your engagement by ten. The software includes an automatic private message option that responds to comments made on Facebook. The software requires you to set responses and keywords.

7. Freshdesk


A business and commerce app by Freshworks Inc. is called Freshdesk. This website is particularly helpful for meeting the needs of both large and small enterprises. People may interact, communicate, and provide customer care with the use of this software. The app integrates with CRM and older productivity applications so users can access customer data. Additionally, the app combines with a variety of multimedia programs, including Slide share, Youtube, and other Google programs. Businesses can improve thanks to it.

8. Provide Support

Provide Support

The company Provide Support, LLC created the free communication app and online service. With the use of this software, users can talk with website visitors. People can aggressively promote their goods and offer online customer service by using this software. Users of this software can access a browser-based operator console to view all chat requests from any location. Additionally, the website allows you to integrate live chat into your website by choosing the appropriate chat. Also check Blockfolio Alternatives

9. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk

The free business, commerce, and social media management program Zoho Desk was created by the Zoho Corporation. This app was created specifically for managing customer services in enterprises. This program allows users to adjust things like creating new departments, personalizing email templates, and renaming tabs. The app allows for consumer contact, allowing users to share with clients through email & social media. Additionally, it offers training through webinars, manuals, and videos. This is another Helpmonks Alternatives.

10. Vision Helpdesk

Vision Helpdesk

A paid online service, company, and commerce website called Vision Helpdesk is used to address client problems and grievances. Your consumers can get in touch with you through numerous social media platforms by using this website. Users have the option to modify the dashboard in addition to resolving problems and getting in touch with clients. Additionally, the website offers a live chat alternative that lets you speak with visitors right away. When a user’s problem is resolved, notifications are sent to them. This is another Helpmonks Alternatives.

11. LiveZilla


Businesses can update their clients utilizing the paid communication, business, and commerce platform LiveZilla. Customers may comprehend firms and learn more about them by reading the business information. Organizations can increase customer happiness by using this website. Organizations can assist customers with their questions in addition to increasing customer happiness. On this website, users can share data with coworkers in addition to chatting with customers and responding to their questions.

12. ClickDesk


With the help of the paid live chat service and technology ClickDesk, business owners may communicate with their clients online. This website uses cutting-edge technologies to improve chat connections. Customers can communicate with others on this site, and they can also make video calls. People can expand their enterprises and increase client satisfaction by using this website. Users can download anything from this site without encountering any technological difficulties.

13. LiveHelpNow


Customers can be contacted through the paid social networking, business, communication, commerce, and productivity website LiveHelpNow. You can embed the chat widget from this website into any website. You can talk with consumers once you’ve added the chat widget to your website. The website offers chat transcripts and CRM integration, both of which help users increase customer satisfaction. This website enables firms to sell more goods while offering 24/7 service. Also check weatherbug Alternatives

14. Live2Support


A free business and commerce website called Live2Support offers live chat help for companies. People can interact with their clients with the aid of this website. Through this website, users can promote online company sales in addition to communicating with customers. Users of this website get access to nearly 207 help desk solutions. The website features a group of helpdesk software enthusiasts who offer users free advice. It allows users to chat with visitors and provides real-time visitor monitoring. This is another Helpmonks Alternatives.

15. Live Help

Live Help

A paid website for business, commerce, and productivity called Live Help aims to increase client happiness. This website offers its users technical assistance for automated projects, operations, and CRM. The website enables firms to offer customer help and respond to their inquiries in addition to offering technical support. People can share files with others using this website. Users can talk with site administrators using the site’s talk Widget feature, which you can embed on any website.

16. Pure Chat

Pure Chat

Ruby Receptionists created the free social, commercial, and commercial app Pure Chat. People can chat with every visitor to their website with this software. By building scripted responses, it allows users to send visitors instant responses. You can respond to the customer’s inquiries regarding a variety of topics with this app. In addition, the app contains a section for visitors that lists all of their details, including names, visits, and locations. This is another Helpmonks Alternatives.

17. Olark


Olark is a for-profit internet platform and company website where companies may interact with clients. It is a deep integration enabling users to create and manage an efficient relationship with their consumers. In addition to developing and managing customer relationships, people can also see their clients’ actions. The website offers target chat, in-browser chat, and chat rating. The website also offers its users capabilities for CRM and helpdesk integration. Olark offers a customisation feature so users can quickly change.

18. HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot Service Hub

The business and commerce app HubSpot Service Hub was created by HubSpot, Inc. This app can assist business owners in expanding their enterprises. It enables companies to increase lead generation and customer service. Organizations may monitor their performance and revenue in addition to enhancing customer service and generating new leads. Users can also create stunning email campaigns and distribute them to others. Users of this app have access to their deals and business notes. This is another Helpmonks Alternatives.


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