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Top 10 Best Free Green Screen Software In 2023

Best Free Green Screen Software will be described in this article. Do you want to alter the video’s background? Fantastic concept! It may seem difficult to find the appropriate software with which to experiment. Few video editors are able to achieve a good-looking green screen effect, even though practically all of them come with one.

Top 10 Best Free Green Screen Software In 2023

In this article, you can know about here are the details below;

1. Movavi Video Editor Plus-recommended

Movavi Video Editor Plus-recommended

With the semi-professional video editing system Movavi Video Editor Plus, anyone can create movies. With its extensive toolkit and user-friendly interface, anyone can start making films with ease. Be aware that every export you make while using its free trial will include a watermark.

You may clip and combine your video, apply filters, create dynamic transitions and effects, stabilize shaky video, and do a lot more with Movavi’s software. Using the Movavi chroma key tool is a lot of fun! With only a few clicks, you may alter the background of your movie. Quite difficult to believe? Here, read this article and make up your own mind.

Key features:

  • sophisticated editing for videos
  • logical user interface
  • integrated effects library


  • Simple to operate
  • suitable for both novice and expert users
  • Simple-to-use color grading instruments

Best Free Chroma Key Software for Desktops

2. Lightworks– for advanced users


With its intuitive UI and competent tool set, Lightworks is an excellent video editing software. Professionals and amateurs alike who are searching for alternatives to popular video editing software should utilize this tool.

Numerous sophisticated tools, including multi-camera editing, HDR color correction, 4K editing, and, of course, chroma key, are included in this program. It’s incredibly simple to use the Lightworks chroma-key tool; a few clicks will cause the background to change automatically.

Key features:

  • both simple and sophisticated tools for altering videos


  • Quick and light software
  • Simple to use chroma key filter
  • Modifiable user interface
  • Support for plugins


  • Non-standard layout: it could be challenging for some users to adjust.

3. VSDC Free Video Editor– If you’re looking for a fast solution

VSDC Free Video Editor

The two versions of VSDC are available for free and for $49.99 as a one-time purchase. Fortunately, the free pack includes the chroma key capability. Applying it is so simple that even a total novice should have no trouble. Basic video editing tools including chopping and merging clips, fast-forwarding and slow-motion, and an audio editor are also included in the free edition.

The app’s Pro edition has a few extra intriguing features. It has an audio waveform and a tool for video stabilization, for instance. Although VSDC isn’t a professional video editor, it does include some very intriguing capabilities that novices and enthusiasts would find useful.

Key features

  • simple tools for editing videos
  • UI that is easy to use


  • The free edition has all the necessities.
  • Upgrading to Pro at a one-time cost


  • bulky applications that could cause your computer to lag
  • only to Windows users

4. Imovie– for beginners


iMovie is another fantastic tool that provides beginners with simple chroma-keying. All Apple laptops come pre-installed with a free video making application. It has a clean, user-friendly interface, a respectable assortment of fundamental editing tools, and a lovely set of effects and transitions.

iMovie is designed for novices and enthusiasts; even if you’ve never used a video editor before, you can still make your first short film and enjoy yourself. This also holds true for iMovie’s chroma key tool, which lets you alter your video’s background in four simple stages. Go through this article to find out more about iMovie.

Key features:

  • fundamentals of video editing for novices


  • Interface that is easy to utilize
  • Pre-installed filters, effects, and transitions
  • Apple Macs come pre-installed with ➕.


  • is devoid of sophisticated features.
  • exclusive to Mac users

5. HitFilm Express– for amateurs

HitFilm Express

FXhome created a fantastic professional-grade video editor called HitFilm. One of the more useful video editing features in HitFilm Express’s free edition is the chroma key.

The fact that this program supports plugins and add-ons is one of its many outstanding features. Rather than purchasing the full Pro version, you can install it for $10–$30 if it is missing a certain feature that you require. This also holds true for the chroma key: this software has an advanced background switcher that may be installed. This article provides a thorough examination of HitFilm Express.

Key features:

  • both simple and sophisticated video editing
  • adaptable UI


  • The tool for chroma keys is updateable
  • An integrated effects library
  • Integrated projects and tutorials


  • Outdated user interface
  • A lot of functions are exclusive to plugins

6. DaVinci Resolve– for ambitious amateurs

DaVinci Resolve

Blackmagic Design is the developer of DaVinci Resolve, and it is freeware. DaVinci started out as a professional color grading tool but eventually evolved into a feature-rich video editing application. Million-dollar blockbuster films like Avatar, Prometheus, and X-Men are edited and color graded by Hollywood pros utilizing Blackmagic Design software, such as DaVinci Resolve Studio.

Isn’t it wonderful that anyone may utilize the same program that Hollywood’s top filmmakers use without restriction? Naturally, the free edition has limitations: it cannot support 8K, complicated effects, 3D tools, or teamwork. It does, however, have excellent video editing capabilities and a user-friendly, stylish interface. Although its chroma key tool is not the most user-friendly, it is incredibly strong.

See our comparison of HitFilm and DaVinci to find out more about this software.

Key features:

  • sophisticated editing for videos
  • sophisticated color grading instruments


  • Expert-grade instruments in the complimentary edition
  • User-friendly interface


  • may seem too advanced for novices.

7. OBS Studio– for independent hobbyists

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is an open-source, free program for editing videos and taking screen captures. For bloggers and gamers that use a webcam to stream or create other types of material, this is the ideal option. A fast background switcher is available in OBS and can even be used while streaming. Also check Jenesis Software Alternatives.

Key features:

  • screen capture and live streaming
  • AI-powered chroma key device
  • prior to becoming live, preview


  • a large selection of recording options, audio mixing tools, and filters
  • Support for plugins
  • Compatible with the majority of platforms


  • There aren’t many real video editing tools.
  • A confusing interface with no instructions

8. Blender– for 3D animation enthusiasts


Blender is an open source 3D graphics program that may be downloaded and used for free. With Blender, you can make animated movies, motion graphics, visual effects, and even video games thanks to its extensive toolkit! Blender is a fantastic option if you require software that can do more than just edit videos; for example, if you want to be able to make 2D and 3D animations or even a video game.

But none of the software is flawless, and Blender is no different. It’s a terrific piece of software overall, but its UI could use some work. Typical users will need some time to adjust to Blender’s extensive user interface. But keep in mind that the program is totally free and compatible with almost all operating systems!

Key features:

  • three-dimensional modeling
  • Chroma key
  • particle modeling
  • animation


  • Open source and totally free
  • allows for GPU rendering
  • excellent for animation


  • Incomprehensible layer structure
  • Not easily navigable

9. PowerDirector-for experienced users


One of the more sophisticated video editors available is PowerDirector. This program has a ton of features and provides a ton of professional tools. You’ll be shocked to hear that this application actually has a rather straightforward interface, despite your initial suspicions that it would be hard to use and inappropriate for inexperienced editors. Therefore, even if you are a novice video editor, you will probably quickly become proficient with PowerDirector and begin producing fantastic videos.

Key features:

  • picture stabilization
  • tracking of motion
  • a fully functional editor


  • Several features
  • Quick export turnaround times
  • sophisticated instruments


  • really technical
  • limited to 30 days at no cost

10. OpenShot– for amateur filmmakers


A free open-source video editor is called Openshot. Written initially for Linux, it is now compatible with Windows (including Windows 7 and earlier versions) and macOS. With OpenShot Video Editor, trimming parts of your video to improve transitions is simple. Many transitional effects can also be added to effectively blend various scenes together. Numerous video file formats, such as MOV and MP4, are supported. You can also incorporate background music to add even more ambiance to your video. Overall, you can achieve a lot with this program because of its versatility. Also check Amazing HR Software for Small Business

Key features:

  • infinite strata
  • 3D animated titles
  • audio blending
  • Chroma key


  • Numerous inbuilt effects
  • compatibility with numerous video file types


  • sometimes has bugs
  • Outdated user interface

How to choose the chroma key App that Will Work Best for you

The greatest free green screen software that we could locate is now described here. However, how can you tell which one will work best for you? Here are some things to think about.

Think about how much time you’ll be editing. Choose software meant for novices if you don’t want to spend hours tweaking borders and eliminating the green glare from your subject. Although there won’t be as many options, there should still be plenty to meet need. Additionally, you can get fairly amazing effects even using tools that are on the semi-professional level. Take a look at it for yourself here:

Will you make extensive use of the tool? If so, you might want to choose something with more features and greater strength. Working through that learning curve and achieving flawless results each and every time would be preferable.

Will you be able to afford the app in the future? Some of the apps on our list only offer a free trial period; as you may have observed, they are not entirely free. Before choosing one option over another, take that into consideration.

And that’s it! We hope that this post will assist you in locating the ideal chroma keying program for your requirements. Best of luck


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