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Discover The Way How to Get a Virtual Phone Number for Travel Easily

Virtual Phone Numbers for Marketing

There are many articles about what a virtual number is. However, we are going to analyze the specificity of this option for business purposes. Firstly, a virtual mobile number is a single or multi channel for companies. The main aim is to communicate with customers in other countries. As a manager you are not to overpay for roaming or outgoing calls. Especially in cases when you are networking with different regions or states.

How it works 

The work operation principle is: the number is assigned to your phone as a special account. Such numbers do not need a SIM card or physical address to install. The key is that it uses Voice over Internet Protocol. Often such numbers are assigned by account number if a person uses a virtual eSIM card or esim internet. The main difference from the original number is that the online one does not require binding to a physical smartphone.

Key Features and Benefits 

A real benefit of virtual mobile numbers is the ability to choose any country location, pay the propriety tariff price and not to be tied to the office. Communication with customers becomes more flexible instead of ordinary smartphone sms and calls from the sales office. Also, users and business owners can choose the online virtual number to match the marketing needs.

The key distinctive feature is that users can connect it in their home country and use it in any other location or region. Such a method allows users and companies to reduce the money spent on long-distance calls and chatting via the WI-Fi.

The pros and advantages are:

  • No-cost for a month and more. To see if the service suits your ideas and budget, users can use a free period. Often it takes from 10 days to a month.
  • Free Incoming calls. In some services, incoming calls are usually counted as a free tariff. It is quite useful, especially if you work with a warm customer base.
  • Integration with corporate systems. Some services have the ability to integrate with CRM systems. Entering the received data directly into the evaluation scale or calculating the budget.
  • Integration with eSIM. A non-physical card that helps users to stayonline everywhere. The virtual number is assigned to the virtual card embedded into the smartphome.
  • Multichannel option. Allows businesses to call a large number of people from one number. A big plus if you have a large staff.
  • Reducing negotiations. In comparison with any operators, virtual number requests a significantly lower amount of costs for negotiations.

Top Tools for Marketing

1. Google Voice 

No overpay tool helps users to integrate all the numbers the user has. A person uses the tool for free, and a company can use it with a no-cost period and subsequent payment. Also, the free version has limitations in business integrations.The functionality helps to perform most operations from a mobile and desktop device with the network (reading and sending messages, setting up a profile, etc.).

2. GoToConnect

A service geared for startups and business. Many combinations and tariff plans. Convenient use for messaging and communication within Europe and the US. It works with the help of a smartphone mobile network or WI-FI. There is a possibility of multi-channel communication and sending the messages.

3. Nextiva

A smartphone application. Cloud-based app based on a wide range of services offers management internal calls with no limit, emails via voice and more. Suitable for small and medium companies and entrepreneurs.


A good option for the marketing or sales team. There is a free period. The employees can manage all communication from smartphones and computers. Also, whether at home or remotely, you can call and chat from any continent. Staff access an number from any gadget,

Steps to Get a Virtual Number

It does not matter what city you live in – all companies can get the service online. Due to the instructions on the different web-sites there is the basic flow to set up the online number.

1. Choose the tool and the price plan 

Think about key purposes for your and customers needs, about the kind of service you would like to provide to customers. For example, calling existing customers or recruiting new ones.

2. Select a country or multichannel number

Select which locations are better to communicate with. Or you’d be more comfortable to buy the ability to call and communicate for any country. In addition, select the optional mobile online number from the list of the similar ones.

3. Enter your information and make a payment

Select a corporate or personal plan/account, enter your details and complete the transaction. Also, read the privacy policy carefully. This is a quick registration process. Done!


In this article we answered about how to get a virtual phone number. Such an option is  a perfect case for keeping in contact with customers and employees alike. They’re also ideal for maintaining contact with contacts and suppliers. People can easily contact you via email, text or voice mail with such an option.


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