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Top 10 Cryptocurrency Research Tools In 2023

Best Cryptocurrency Research Tools will be discussed in this article. What is the trader’s secret that makes them so successful? They have a thorough understanding of the market and can predict where it will go next with knowledge. With the correct knowledge, they can locate the expanding network, unearth undiscovered treasures, and pinpoint profitable trading opportunities.

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Research Tools In 2023

In this article, you can know about Top 10 Cryptocurrency Research Tools In 2023 here are the details below;

However, they go and check the facts themselves rather than simply copying trade ideas from others. You can expand your portfolio and understand exactly what’s happening with the help of these cryptocurrency trading tools.

1. Total Locked Value (TVL) – Defi Llama

Defi Llama

The total dollar worth of the digital assets stored on a blockchain, a decentralized application, or a particular project is known as the Total Locked worth (TVL). Over 800 DeFi protocols from more than 80 different blockchains are tracked by DeFi Llama.

You could evaluate the TVL of:

  • Decentralized apps, layer 1 blockchains, and NFT projects

2. Advanced trading charts with technical indicators – Cointree


You may obtain a thorough understanding of the market and stay ahead of the pack with the help of sophisticated candlestick trading charts and built-in technical indicators. As you perform your own technical analysis, you can also mark the charts.

You may quickly and easily check the:

  • Moving Average for the Relative Strength Index (RSI) Moving Average with Convergence and Divergence

3. Bullish or bearish signals –Into the Block

Into the Block

For the leading crypto assets, IntoTheBlock provides real-time bullish and bearish signals. They focus specifically on derivatives, exchange signals, and on-chain signals. The most in-depth charts require registration, but you can view the simpler ones without doing so. Additionally, you may view their automated bitcoin price predictions.

4. Top portfolios – Cointree


In only a few clicks, use our platform to find hidden gems and buy the top traders’ performing portfolios. You may pick up knowledge from the experts, cut down on time spent looking up coins, and profit like a seasoned trader.

The top portfolio portion can be used for:

  • Uncover hidden jewels
  • Instantly diversify your cryptocurrency holdings
  • Compare your own portfolio’s performance

5. Live market intel – Chainalysis


A blockchain data tool called Chainalysis offers perceptions into coins. They offer free coverage of global bitcoin flows in their market section. You can check which regions bitcoin is traveling to and from exchanges.

View the movement of bitcoin with:

  • BTC deposits on exchanges
  • BTC value fluctuation on exchanges
  • BTC trade volume
  • Regional flows of BTC
  • BTC age held Click here now

6. Cryptocurrency prices in AUD – Cointree


Check the Australian dollar values of hundreds of cryptocurrencies. You can see the DeFi assets, metaverse tokens, smart contract platforms, and more. It is simple to determine which currencies are doing the best thanks to integrated pricing information.

Clicking will reveal the:

  • Best gainers
  • Highest market cap, volume, and price losers

7. Financial metrics – Token Terminal

Token Terminal

Token Terminal gathers financial data from decentralized applications and blockchains, then presents it in simple financial metrics that can give you a general idea of how a coin is doing. You can look up indicators like the price-to-earnings ratio that are frequently used to evaluate equities.

Identify a cryptocurrency by using:

  • Revenue from all Protocols
  • Ratio of cost to sales
  • Ratio of price to earnings
  • TVL, or total locked value

8. Portfolio tracker – Cointree


You will automatically get a free portfolio tracker when you register for a Cointree account, which is accessible from your dashboard. You can make a trade in a matter of seconds after rapidly assessing how your portfolio is functioning. Using our portfolio tracker, managing your cryptocurrency assets is simple.

  • The portfolio tracker can be used for
  • Get a quick summary of your Australian dollar portfolio.
  • Monitor your progress over time.
  • Compared to specific assets, evaluate your total performance
  • Make an account

9. Crypto events calendar – Coindar


A protocol’s main events, such a significant announcement, might act as triggers for significant price movements, both up and down. You can use Coindar to filter events by timeline, significance, dependability, and particular coin.

Major occasions may include:

  • Governing bodies decide on a protocol
  • Important disclosures
  • Stony forks

10. Compare coin – The Coin Perspective

The Coin Perspective

One of the most popular measures for cryptocurrency investors is market cap. The Coin Perspective enables you to compare the market capitalization of coins quickly and determine the value of a token if it attained an identical market capitalization. Also check Cryptocurrencies Can Triple Your Money

  • The comparison tool can be used for more than just comparing currencies.
  • Set a price goal.
  • Enter a client market cap
  • Enter a personalized circulating supply.

The more you know, the more you grow

These cryptocurrency trading tools can assist you in discovering fascinating trade possibilities and learning more about particular cryptocurrencies. More importantly, they’ll assist you in expanding your knowledge and developing your trading skills. We offer a thorough learning hub in addition to this guide to the top crypto trading tools to assist everyone, from absolute beginners to seasoned traders, in developing their skills. We’re here at Cointree to support your growth.

Disclaimer: The information is offered for educational purposes only and is not intended to be advice on financial products. Before making any financial decisions, you should seek impartial advice from an Australian financial services licensee.


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