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Top 12 Official Cricbuzz Alternatives In 2023

Best And Official Cricbuzz Alternatives will be described in this article. The cricket community’s most popular programme for online score updates, Cricbuzz lets you keep track of the score in a single window. Due to its quick hosting engines, you can receive real-time updates without any delays. You can view the team names, win and loss percentages, and other entertaining features. It gives you all the details, including information about the coin toss and the Man of the Match award ceremony.

The written match updates are provided by Cricbuzz and may be seen at the bottom of the home page. It has a striking feature that is absent in other applications: it blends textual form into other languages. You can view the live streaming as a widget on your phone’s home screen if you are not interested in receiving score updates. It makes sure you are informed about all of the league and tournament games, along with their times, dates, and locations.

Top 12 Best And Official Cricbuzz Alternatives In 2023

Top 12 Best And Official Cricbuzz Alternatives are explained here.

1. Cricket Scores Live CricSmith

Cricket Scores Live CricSmith

A feature-rich application for the display of current and historical match statistics is CricSmith.It allows you to view live scoreboards, news, and other information from the coin toss until the awards presentation. You may view the win and loss percentages as well as the score differential using this programme. Also check foxsports alternatives.

With the aid of a comparison with the present score rate, it guarantees that you can estimate the future score in the form of graphs. The key feature of Cricket Scores LIVE CricSmith is the ability to send out alerts when wickets fall, half-centuries are reached, and boundaries are scored. It convinces you to link it to your TV and computer without using an outside application. You can keep track of the schedule for international T20, Test, ODI, and other matches with the help of this programme. Due to your hectic schedule, you may have missed a game, but you can still watch the highlights in perfect resolution.

2. CricLine


With the help of the CricLine app, you can view live cricket match score updates without switching tabs. It can be used to keep track of the scorecard, shortlisted team members, match schedule, date, and time during major tournaments like the World Cup. You have the option of viewing the score in split-screen or as widgets on the lock screen.You can see the win and loss percentages as well as the foul rate for each club through this.

One of CricLine’s key features is the ability to link it to your TV and computer so you can play on a huge screen. You may get details regarding playgrounds there, such as the shortest and longest boundary parameters and entrance and exit routes. Without causing any commotion, you can also post the score as an image to social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

3. Cricket Scoring App

Cricket Scoring App

One of the trustworthy apps for cricket enthusiasts that provides real-time match updates is Free 0 Cricket Scoring App. It provides you with information on the name and position on his team as well as the ball-to-ball performance of your favourite player. This is another Cricbuzz Alternatives. Also check sportshub

You may design widgets for your lock screen that let you check the score without unlocking your device. It contains a feature that allows you to create your own tournament for private use and keep track of every match’s results. The ability to create your own profile with your cricket statistics and export it to social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is one of its standout features. Your run rate per over and graphs can be used to evaluate your performance. You can watch your match on a large screen with the aid of screen mirroring.

4. ScoreCam


This is another Cricbuzz Alternatives. ScoreCam is a programme that enables you to record a video of your match and preserve the gameplay statistics. It provides a straightforward method for performing numerous tasks at once without the need of a third-party application, such as the ability to record gaming and upload it to social media sites for sharing with friends and family. Additionally, you can include a scorecard that displays the performance disparity between the two teams as charts and graphs.

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ScoreCam convinces the captured video to save itself in a different folder in your gallery so that you can find your movie later on without spending a lot of time. You may take pictures with its Hot camera and then edit them using its sophisticated editing capabilities, which improve the brightness, saturation, and exposure of the snaps. You can use it to stream live games from your high school, college, and university tournaments.

5. Best Cricket Scorer FREE

Best Cricket Scorer FREE

A robust sports news application called Free 0 Best Cricket Scorer FREE enables users to view complete updates on all cricket events from across the globe. The user of this application can view the results of his favourite cricket team in well kept charts and layouts.Additionally, it offers comprehensive data about a game, including Total Extras, Total Target, as well as the required run rate per over and many other things.The intriguing aspect of this programme is that users can read about the bowlers’ and batsmen’s performance from ball to ball at the website’s end. This is another Cricbuzz Alternatives.

Users can use this programme to track the score or receive updates during competitions at their schools or universities. Because it allows you to customise how the gameplay is organised, there is no need to create a manual schedule for the teams. Along with player name and match number, users can also maintain records for Man of the Tournament and Most Wicket Taker.

6. STUMPS – The Cricket Scorer

STUMPS – The Cricket Scorer

An application called Free 0 STUMPS – The Cricket Scorer is designed to keep you informed about cricket match results. Through vibrant and appealing layouts, you can follow it to examine the data together with the player name and its order. It has some interesting important features, such as the ability to instantly monitor player and team performance. On a single platform, it gives you access to all the information, from the coin toss to the closing ceremony.

This is another Cricbuzz Alternatives. STUMPS – The Cricket Scorer convinces you to watch the highlights of a game you missed because of your hectic schedule without sacrificing the match’s quality. A tap on a player’s name in the score chart will allow you to view highlights of their gameplay. You can construct your own match with pals and keep track of the data using this personalised programme. Due to its straightforward interface and inventory, even a new user or someone without technical understanding can easily utilise it.

7. Chauka Cricket Scoring App

Chauka Cricket Scoring App

An app called Free 0 Chauka Cricket Scoring App is made to keep score of live games. It presents player statistics in the form of graphs along with their names and locations. From the coin toss through the match’s closing ceremony, you can find out everything there is to know. It allows you to keep track of the results of any competitions or leagues, whether they are held locally or internationally.

Additionally, you can receive updates on your school tournament along with the scorecard and player of the match. With the help of Chauka Cricket Scoring App, you may organise your own competition with your friends as teams or as individuals. It provides a colourful structure or charts that summarise your gaming, guaranteeing that you can easily explain the outcomes. In addition to any URL transfer, you can also share your match’s video or photographs with other social media acquaintances, which is a useful feature not seen in other applications. This is another Cricbuzz Alternatives.

8. Cricket Line Guru

Cricket Line Guru

Guru is a programme created especially to help cricket fans track their teams’ results. All ODI, T20, international Test, domestic women’s matches, and international leagues are covered. It contains information about their coaches and sub players in addition to listing all of the teams’ players who have been shortlisted.

You may view your teams’ whole schedule as well as the location, date, and time of their matches. Cricket Line Guru, unlike other platforms, guarantees that you will receive scoring updates during a game along with information about the bowler and batsman’s career. Making a widget out of the window allows you to continue your stream by switching tabs if you don’t want to leave the window open. The standout feature is that you may hear the live commentary in every language without downloading any additional software from a third party.

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9. Cricket Exchange

Cricket Exchange

You have the opportunity to quickly study the cricket score and statistics thanks to Free 0 Cricket Exchange. You may watch the live game streaming online and listen to commentary in any language. All leagues featuring international and domestic matches that are played all over the world are associated with it. The data, which include the required score per over and the total runs each inning, can be seen in the form of appealing layouts.

Additionally, it makes it possible for you to enjoy live streaming in any HD quality including 720p, 1080p, and 4K—without being bothered. Cricket Exchange makes sure that users can share score updates via URLs on popular social networking platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This platform also offers numerous more features, such as a complete squad with coaches and their substitute players, as well as ground scoring patterns like the shortest and longest boundary. Also check streamlikers alternatives

10. ESPNcricinfo


With one of the broadest global coverages, ESPNcricinfo offers you a smooth experience. It guarantees that you can follow both the overall statistics and ball-by-ball commentary in all languages. If you wish to watch the live broadcast of the game on a large screen while it’s happening, the app will offer to connect to a PC using screen mirroring and Bluetooth.

It includes visually appealing, simple charts to assess gameplay that list the names of the bowler and batsman along with information about their professional backgrounds. You can access match updates from ESPNcricinfo in writing for every language; a summary is available at the website’s bottom. With the aid of graphs, you can monitor how your squad is doing in terms of run rate per over and future score predictions. You have the chance to learn about the team’s schedule, including the location of the game, the day, and the time, as well as details about the playing surface, such as the shortest and longest boundary.

11. ICC


Cricket enthusiasts have a traditional and trustworthy resource in the ICC to learn everything there is to know about the game. It incorporates schedules, results, news, videos, and a lot more information about male and female international teams. Based on each player’s performance throughout the previous year, it presents the player rankings on its website.

As a result, they receive both national and worldwide promotions. You may view the live streaming of the game in any quality, including 720p, 1080p, and 4K HD, without any buffering. You may learn about every team and management-related news through ICC. You can view the schedule of your favourite team, which includes a number of international games.

It provides professional advice and ground specs during the practise session, including pitch behaviour that aids in predicting the highest possible score. You can access this site to hear your favourite commentator’s commentary in all available languages. Without sacrificing quality, it persuades you to watch the Man of the Match performance video. This is another Cricbuzz Alternatives.

12. OneCricket


OneCricket offers you a platform that makes it simple to calculate your team’s score and forecast future results without the need to instal any other software. It includes layouts and graphs that make it easy to evaluate a team’s success in prestigious leagues like the World Cup and others. Graphs that are based on the run rate per over can be used to compare your team to the opposition. OneCricket’s intriguing characteristic is that it offers all team and management-related news.

Due to some problems, if you forgot to look at the score chart, it would alert you by sending you a notification. The weather and pitch report, ground parameters, and videos of the opening and closing ceremonies with expert advice are some of the standout elements of this application that are not offered by other platforms.


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