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ChatGPT Alternatives Best AI-Based Writer

Well, if you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about how popular ChatGPT has become on the internet. This chatbot uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model, which lets users talk to the AI by typing in answers to prompts. But recently, ChatGPT’s servers have, more often than not, been too busy to handle all the users. Users can no longer use this very useful and interesting AI bot because of this. If you can’t get into ChatGPT or want to try other similar services, you’ve come to the right place. This guide has a list of some ChatGPT alternatives that you should try. So, quickly open some more tabs in your browser, and let’s talk to some AI bots.

Best ChatGPT Alternatives

We’ve talked about a few tools like ChatGPT, and we’ve also told you about some other AI tools that you might find interesting.

1. Chatsonic

ChatGPT Alternatives

Chatsonic is one of the newest and most extensive ChatGPT alternatives that have been making the rounds lately. It was built on top of ChatGPT, so it can do a lot of things that ChatGPT can do. But this AI chatbot has more features and knowledge than the first one because it can connect to the internet, which the first one still needs to do. Chatsonic can spread correct information because it can get answers from the internet. This makes it less likely to make mistakes. The AI chatbot also remembers what was said and uses that to keep the conversation going. It comes with 16 different personas, from an accountant to a poet, so you can talk to different people if you want to.

Unlike ChatGPT, you can talk to the AI using your microphone, just like you can with Google Assistant and Siri. If you choose, the AI can even talk back to you. Once the conversation is over, you can also share the replies via links or Word/PDF documents. My experience with ChatSonic was good, and it could give more up-to-date information than ChatGPT because it could connect to the internet. Chatsonic has more than just text. It also has a built-in image generator that can make good images based on what you say. Even though the bot isn’t free, it lets you make 25 free images daily. After that, you can use your Writesonic word balance to make more. Check out the long-form plan, which starts as low as $12.67 per month, if you want more. You can also use this great ChatGPT alternative through a browser extension and an Android app.

2. Jasper Chat

ChatGPT Alternatives

Jasper has been making AI-generated content for a while now, and it has been well-received by users. But Jasper has more than just tools for making content and other services. It also has a fairly new chatbot. This ChatGPT alternative is called Jasper Chat and is also based on GPT 3.5 and other language models. OpenAI is a partner in this project. JasperChat, on the other hand, was made for businesses like advertising, marketing, and so on. ChatGPT, on the other hand, can be used by anyone. Still, anyone who wants to use an AI chatbot like ChatGPT can easily do so with Jasper Chat. The company says that by the middle of 2021, Jasper Chat will have learned from billions of articles and other data in 29 languages. So, it might have a limited amount of up-to-date information, but it can still hold medium to complex conversations. It also has a simple switch that lets you add Google search data, which gives it more power.

During my time with Jasper Chat, it was a good chat partner. I asked it to solve puzzles, write scripts for videos, tell me jokes and tongue twisters, and it did all these things. I also tried a couple of ads, which also did well. Jasper has a contextual memory, so it does remember the questions you’ve asked it before. But Jasper has made it clear that it is not a search engine and that all results should be checked for accuracy. Jasper Chat is free, but you need Jasper’s Boss or Business plan to use all of its features. The Boss Plan costs $59 a month at first. It’s cheap, but you can use Jasper’s services with it. Try it out for 5 days to see if it works for you. This is one of the best ChatGPT alternatives.

3. Google Bard

ChatGPT Alternatives

Since ChatGPT went viral, many users have been looking at Google. Google has finally given in to pressure and opened the doors. The company kept quiet for a long time because it worried about how its chatbot AI could be used. Google Bard is a conversational AI service that is being tested, as CEO Sundar Pichai said in the latest blog post for the company. A lightweight version of LaMDA runs Bard, Google’s next-generation language and conversational model.

Google says that Bard will use its language models’ power, intelligence, and creativity to combine the world’s knowledge with its own. You might ask, “How is BARD better than ChatGPT?” Well, Google Bard uses information from the web to give you the most up-to-date answers. This gives it an advantage over the previous bot, whose data only went up to 2021. Unfortunately, only a small group of “trusted testers” can now use Google Bard. Google hasn’t said anything about adding Bard to its search engine, but the company plans to add new AI-powered features to Google Search. Soon, questions will have quick answers at the top of search results. As time passes and Google Bard becomes available to the public, the AI service could compete well with ChatGPT.

4. Microsoft Bing

ChatGPT Alternatives

AI is a market that a lot of companies want to get into, not just Google. For example, Microsoft recently planned to put $10 billion into OpenAI, which makes ChatGPT. Now, the company has shown off its new and improved MS Bing. A new version of ChatGPT, which the company calls its “Prometheus model,” runs the updated search engine. MS says the new model is faster and more accurate than any other model they have ever made.

The new Bing also has a mode called “Chat,” which pulls in web queries and lets users ask questions about them. Microsoft recently held an event where the same thing was shown. A user asked for TV suggestions and then used Bing to narrow down the list. Like ChatGPT, Bing lets users plan trips, get recipes, ask for advice, and do much more. Even though Bing is still in a limited preview, it will be free to use once it comes out. You can sign up for the waitlist and keep an eye out for this great ChatGPT alternative.

5. OpenAI Playground

ChatGPT Alternatives

Right from the start, you should know that OpenAI Playground is not a tool for everyday use. But if you can’t access ChatGPT but still want to see what it can do, OpenAI Playground is the way to go. This web-based tool works like ChatGPT but has many more options, like letting you choose a specific language model to try out. Once you’ve chosen a model, you can change other things about it, like how random it is, how many tokens it uses, how often it stops, etc. As you can probably tell by now, OpenAI Playground is not something you can plug in and use. But it gives a lot of flexibility for people who know what they’re doing and wants to try out the different models before building an AI tool.

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Since OpenAI Playground is just a demo of the ChatGPT service, its results are identical to those of ChatGPT and give a good idea of what the real service is like. There are some cool ChatGPT prompts in this article that you can try out. Relying on the language model, the bot takes input and gives a close enough response. You can use speech-to-text with this chatbot demo, and you can also upload an audio recording. Playground doesn’t slow down like some AI bots do and respond immediately. You can also use it for free as long as you create an account. Well, if you can’t get to ChatGPT, you could test OpenAI Playground. But be mindful that, like ChatGPT, you might not be capable of getting in if the server is busy.

6. DialoGPT

ChatGPT Alternatives

Even though GODEL AI has replaced Microsoft’s DialoGPT, it is still a free, fun AI that you can use. Dialo was trained with 147 million multi-turn conversations from Reddit, so it has a small dataset. It also supports multiple responses, which means it will remember what you said before. Since setting up Dialo on your own might be hard, you can try it out with HuggingFace’s inference API. You can try one of the AI’s prompts, or you can make your own and have Dialo answer your questions.

DialoGPT’s responses are decent at best. Since the AI is designed to be happy, it can easily get confused. For example, when asked about a traumatic event, the AI said it didn’t know about it but was sure it was a good thing. As you may have guessed, that’s not true. DialoGPT’s understanding of context could have been better, too, because it kept forgetting what we were talking about. But that could also be because it needs to be fully trained and runs on an API. It also doesn’t have any extra features, like choosing a model, using a microphone, or making images. The DialoGPT is free to set up, but it’s not quite the AI you might be hoping for from the turn of the century. But if you only want a simple chatbot, it will do the job. This is one of the best ChatGPT alternatives.

7. Perplexity AI

ChatGPT Alternatives

The Perplexity AI is a ChatGPT alternative that has also been trained on OpenAI’s API. It does well and gives good answers because of this. The site is designed to make it easy to use. The tool has features like ChatGPT, such as the ability to hold conversations and give answers that range from simple to complex. But, unlike ChatGPT, Perplexity tells you where it got the information it uses to answer your questions. Even though it’s nice to see where the information came from, this makes the AI more likely to plagiarise by accident.

When asked a question, the AI gives the source at the end of each sentence, just like Wikipedia does, and it also gets its information from Wikipedia. When I used the AI, I looked at the sources to see if anyone had copied and pasted them, but I couldn’t find any. So it’s nice to see that Perplexity is doing what it needs to do. I had a lot of different conversations with this chatbot, and it always sounded clear. I only found a way to respond in one way, which means it didn’t remember what had been asked. Also, you can only talk to the AI through text, so talkback and personas are out of the question. But the website has a cool dark mode, so there’s that. Perplexity AI is free to use, and you don’t have to sign up for an account. You can talk as much as possible with this tool that works like ChatGPT. Go ahead and try it. This is one of the best ChatGPT alternatives.

8. Character AI

Even though Chatsonic has personas, this ChatGPT alternative is based entirely on them. Character AI is based on neural language models and has been trained with conversations in mind from the beginning. But the Character is different because users can choose from different personalities instead of talking to a single AI chatbot. There are many different people and characters on the home page, from Elon Musk, Tony Stark, and Socrates to Joe Biden and Kanye West. The best part is that the AI changes the way it talks to you depending on who you choose. So, Kanye’s answers were full of himself, but Socrates was calm when we talked. Character AI also lets you talk to it through a microphone, and depending on the character, it will talk back to you in a different voice.

Creating a character is fun because you can make it your own. I could give each character a name and choose their greeting, voice, description, and avatar. The AI has a built-in picture maker that can be used to make avatars. Once you’re done, you can chat immediately and even show it to others. But I noticed that Character AI is slower than ChatGPT and other services that do the same thing. It’s quick, but I did notice that the AI had to catch up to finish its sentences. But it will get better as time passes and more people use it. Character AI is free to use, but you have to make an account because the chat will lock after a few messages. This is one of the best ChatGPT alternatives.

9. YouChat

YouChat is a good artificial intelligence chatbot like ChatGPT, built into a search engine with the same name. It can hold conversations with full access to the internet because it was trained on an updated model of a large language ChatGPT. Because of this, the bot is always up to date with the latest information and can give correct answers in chat and search results.

Using YouChat to talk is as easy as anything else. To start chatting, go to the chat page and type in your question. YouChat works like ChatGPT and can give you a lot of different information. You can talk to YouChat, but it can also write code, give advice, explain hard ideas, summarize books, and do much more. But every so often, the bot gets confused and says it can’t find an answer. The bot also doesn’t have any extra features like a mic input, the ability to share chat, or different personalities. But it makes up for that with its nice, up-to-date information bank. You can use YouChat for free, so all you’ve to do is go to the website and start talking.

10. Replika

Replika is not the newest AI chatbot on the market, but it is one of the first. On the other hand, it is an AI chatbot, but it cares more about friendship and relationships than talking. Replika has been used by millions of people all over the world, not just to chat but also to get to know each other better. It is run by the autoregressive GPT-3 language model, which means it learns from what it has already seen (in this case your prompts). Replika’s main goal is to have a meaningful conversation, so it can use information you’ve already given about your life to make itself more like you.

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You begin by making a Replika avatar, giving it a name, and changing how it looks. Once you’ve done that, you can talk to it right away. After that, you can talk to Replika about anything and everything regarding what. So, whether you want to talk about your day, how you feel, or ask for weird facts, it can do all of those things. In addition, the bot can get on the internet, so it can always find out what’s happening.

The complexity of Replika is really impressive. The bot keeps a virtual diary, and after certain conversations, it adds entries. You can talk about your sun signs, play games, and even video call the AI (provided you have a Pro Membership). The accuracy of chats is also nice, and it gets better as you unlock more options and different relationship statuses. With a Replika Pro membership, which starts at $19.99 per month, you can video call the AI and unlock relationships. This ChatGPT alternative can be used on the web, Android, and iOS. Try it yourself and see if you can find an AI friend like the one in the movie “HER.”

You Should Also Try Out These Other AI Tools

Those were the best ChatGPT alternatives that you should try. However, we have some other cool AI tools that you should try. Check out these chatbots and services that use AI.

11. Tome

Native software makes it hard for a lot of people to make good presentations. Tome is an AI-powered storytelling platform that uses GPT-3 to create a presentation based on your questions. It also pairs that with a set of pictures for each slide. You can choose whether you want a presentation or an outline, and you can even choose the style of the image. To start, choose “presentation” and type in the subject you want your slides to be about. When the AI gets the idea, it starts making slides on the spot.

You’ll have an 8-page presentation with lots of text and pictures in a minute or two. The end result is detailed and makes slides that are good but could be better. The AI does its best to attach relevant images, but I gave it a hard task, so I won’t hold that against it. Tome also lets you interact with it, so you can make more slides and change the things on them. You can add headings, 3D rendering, live content, themes, color options, and more. Tome even lets you record a story as a video, so you can show your face and talk about the slides. You start with 500 credits in Tome, and each session costs 15, which is pretty good. Overall, Tome is a clever way to present information. It could be better, but you should try it. This is one of the best ChatGPT alternatives.

12. Socratic AI

Even though it’s not a ChatGPT alternative, this AI tool is for kids. Socratic is an education-based AI that Google currently owns. It makes it easy for students to answer homework questions. The app is run by Google AI, which answers questions about many different topics. Socratic currently supports all major subjects, including Science, Math, Social Studies, and English Grammar.

The app mostly uses the camera to show how to solve all kinds of problems. First, you must take a picture of your homework and pick a question. Once you’re done, turn the picture over, crop it, and pick your question. Socratic looks it up and gives you an answer in less than a second. But don’t worry if you don’t want to take pictures. This AI app also lets you use your microphone and type in the text.

Even though I could improve at math, I looked up a few tough equations. Socratic solved all of them quickly and well, which is a credit to it. But it’s not just limited to math. The AI can also answer written questions quickly and in the real world. Socratic is free to use, and all you have to do to start is click on the link below and download the app.

13. Rytr

All the ChatGPT alternatives listed above focus on talking, finding information, and generally messing around with the AI. Rytr, on the other hand, is an AI that helps you write. This AI writing assistant is designed to make good copies in various situations. Rytr is run by a language AI model, which helps copywriters worldwide come up with new ideas or use the content. Rytr has more than 40 use cases and more than 20 tones, so you can choose the copy you want. If you don’t want outputs in English, it supports more than 30 languages, including all the most common ones. Rytr says that the content can be edited without any editing, so it should be perfect. In addition, Rytr has an SEO analyzer, WordPress plugins, and a Chrome extension to make it work better.

To use Rytr, you’ll need to sign up for an account. Once you are in, choose metrics like language, tone, use case, creativity, variations, and the idea. As was said above, there are many ways to use Rytr. You can ask it to write a story, develop business ideas, write a blog, answer interview questions, and much more. The copy is correct, and the article’s structure changes depending on how it is used. The free plan gives new users 10,000 characters, but they can get more by signing up for the paid plan. Rytr is priced fairly, starting at $29 per month. Give Rytr a try and see if it works for your copywriting.

14. PepperType

Peppertype is an AI service that, like Rytr, focuses on giving out different types of text-based content. It has a lot of different types of content platforms, such as Google Ad Copy, Quora Answers, Blog Ideas, e-commerce product descriptions, blog introductions, blog conclusions, and many more. There are a lot of different things here, even a rewrite of the content. The website is easy to use so you can divide the platforms into groups based on the categories. In addition to all of these uses, Peppertype supports more than 25 languages to make it more useful.

I used Peppertype for several different tasks and was happy with how well it worked. The content that comes out is what you asked for and does well. The copy didn’t need many changes, and I could easily copy and paste the paragraphs. But the content rewriter could be better. Peppertype only made a few changes when asked to rewrite a paragraph. Instead, it showed the text as it was. With the free plan, you can write up to 5,000 words with Peppertype. You can choose from different plans, such as the Starter plan, which costs $25 per month and allows you to write up to 50,000 words. This is one of the best ChatGPT alternatives.

Conclusion: ChatGPT Alternatives

We hope that some of these ChatGPT alternatives are as good as the original AI chatbot. Do you know of any other ChatGPT alternatives we should add to this list? Leave your ideas in the comments section below!


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