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Top 7 Best BI Tools For Marketers In 2024

Best BI Tools For Marketers will be described in this article. Extracting valuable business insights from massive amounts of data is a chore that many marketers find difficult yet crucial, whether they are sorting through campaign attribution data or examining performance reports from various sources. How then do you effectively assess your findings and share the most important insights?

Top 7 Best BI Tools For Marketers In 2024

In this article, you can know about BI Tools For Marketers here are the details below;

Business intelligence (BI) solutions can help turning unprocessed data into useful insights that help decision-makers focus on the needs of their customers.

In order to assist various marketing and commercial objectives, we compare seven distinct business intelligence software programs in this article. After reading this, you’ll understand:

  • The unique advantages and characteristics of every BI tool
  • How incorporating BI tools into your marketing plan raises client satisfaction
  • Examples of real-world applications using various BI technologies

Convert your BI data into understandable insights.

Use Hotjar to maximize your business objectives while delighting your customers.

1. HubSpot


Although HubSpot is best known for its CRM products, its Marketing Analytics and Dashboard software is also a powerful business intelligence tool for teams looking for a single, user-friendly interface. It helps you track the customer journey, manage content, automate marketing, and assess site performance all without requiring coding or SQL.

Unlike many other systems, HubSpot’s marketing dashboard is made to make it easier for marketers to gain a thorough grasp of business intelligence (BI) via the lens of customer behavior. This allows marketers to create focused campaigns that successfully draw in, keep, and delight people.

Key features and benefits of using HubSpot for business intelligence

  • Multi-touch attribution: To increase total revenue and campaign success, using HubSpot’s multi-touch revenue attribution model to understand how marketing touchpoints interact.
  • Custom report builder: Without the need for spreadsheets, combine data from many cross-functional sources, such as contacts, corporate profiles, landing page analytics, blog posts, and email texts, into a single, accessible spot with the Custom Report Builder.
  • Integrate HubSpot with behavior analytics tools such as Hotjar to combine quantifiable, observable, and qualitative data with numerical, quantitative data to get an even deeper picture of the customer experience.

The marketing dashboard from #HubSpot provides a comprehensive 360-degree picture of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, with a focus on consumer behavior.

With a focus on customer behavior, HubSpot’s marketing dashboard provides a 360-degree perspective of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Expert advice: make the most of the HubSpot-Hotjar combination to hone your marketing approach and provide your target audience with an even more focused experience. Here are three methods to begin going:

See how specific consumers engage with your campaign by watching Hotjar session recordings straight in your HubSpot contact timeline. Then, utilize this data to customize your messaging and content.

Utilize Hotjar user behavior data, including as length, rage-clicks, u-turns, and referrer URLs, to trigger segmented HubSpot campaigns and design a more customized user experience (UX) based on identified customer pain areas.

Create automations that use attributes like “recording occurred,” “lead status,” and “contract value” to notify your sales team of new Hotjar recordings for active prospects. This will provide timely, context-rich messages.

Access your customer’s Hotjar session recording right from the HubSpot contact timeline.

2. Sisense


Sisense is a great choice for BI solutions that facilitate scalability for companies who are expanding quickly.

Regardless of changes in business size, it assists marketers in effectively utilizing Big Data to form strategies, comprehend their market share, and consistently please clients.

Key features and benefits of using Sisense for business intelligence

  • Utilize Sisense’s In-Chip technology, which swiftly analyzes large amounts of data, to make quick judgments and stay up to date in a hectic setting. Also check  Mac OS MySQL Client Tools
  • Cloud-native architecture: take use of Sisense’s infinite storage to make sure your marketing activities run smoothly in the cloud and you don’t have to worry about unforeseen spikes in customer or data volume.
  • Dashboard library: based on your campaign goals and the quantity of data inputs, select from a wide range of interactive dashboard alternatives, including market share, Google Adwords, and customer experience.

A vast library of dashboard options is provided by #Sisense to help organize large data sets and meet the demands of rapidly expanding businesses.

Sisense provides a vast array of dashboard customization options to help manage large data sets and adjust to the demands of rapidly expanding companies.

Pro tip: combine the qualitative insights from Hotjar with the quantitative data analysis from Sisense.

Even though BI solutions like Sisense provide a solid, analytical method for combining large amounts of data, it’s simple to become bogged down in the minutiae and forget about the most important thing: your client.

In this situation, the Hotjar Dashboard can help by offering qualitative context regarding the “why” and “how” of the data in relation to your users.

By combining quantitative and qualitative insights, the Hotjar Dashboard enhances Sisense’s high-volume data processing. It allows you to view heatmaps of your top pages and watch recordings of your most-clicked buttons and links, ensuring that your team bases business and product decisions on actual customer experiences.

An aggregated view of both qualitative and quantitative data is provided by the Hotjar Dashboard, which helps you stay in close contact with your clients.

3. SimilarWeb


SimilarWeb is a web analytics-focused competitive business intelligence platform that provides detailed insights into the website traffic, demographics, and user behavior of competitors.

Additionally, SimilarWeb offers benchmarking tools that let you examine the online tactics, effectiveness, and market placement of rivals. This gives marketing teams insight into the competitive environment, motivates them to develop fresh approaches, and aids in spotting possible possibilities or dangers.

Key features and benefits of using SimilarWeb for business intelligence

  • Industry benchmarks: to keep ahead of the competition, analyze industry trends, and spot holes in your own marketing strategy, utilize the Industry Analysis tool.
  • Top pages: examine popular content on your competitors’ websites by using the Popular Pages tool. Use this information to improve your content and communications strategy by identifying the themes, approaches, and forms that your audience responds to the best.
  • Analyze your competitors’ advertising by using the Ad Creatives tool to determine which of their commercials are most effective. To maximize your own marketing efforts and increase consumer involvement, analyze advertising content, advertising channels, and audience segmentation.

With #SimilarWeb’s Ad Creatives tool, you can view the entire campaign and platform ad strategy of your competitors.

The Ad Creatives tool from SimilarWeb allows you to view the ad strategy used by your competitors on all of their platforms and campaigns.

4. Tableau


Popular enterprise BI tool Tableau has powerful storytelling and data visualization features.

With an emphasis on turning complicated data sets into aesthetically pleasing and easily readable formats, Tableau enables marketing teams to successfully share important lessons across the organization in an entertaining way.

Key features and benefits of using Tableau for business intelligence

  • Easy-to-share and comprehend interactive charts, maps, presentations, and dashboards created from unstructured marketing data can foster cross-departmental collaboration.
  • Data storytelling: get support from stakeholders by explaining the meaning behind campaign metrics in plain English. Using sophisticated data storytelling tools that work well with data science computer languages like R, Python, and MATLAB
  • Real-time visualization: use dashboards that automatically refresh to analyze performance changes in real time and proactively stay ahead of your campaign.

Complex data points are transformed into understandable images by #Tableau’s data storytelling features.

Complex data points are transformed into understandable visualizations using Tableau’s data storytelling features.

Pro tip: Use Hotjar Trends to enhance your BI data storytelling.

It may take many hours or even days to identify the problem when Tableau detects a change in user behavior patterns, such as a decline in the page conversion rate for your marketing campaign. This is because hundreds or even thousands of related data points must be analyzed.

Hotjar Trends can be useful in this situation. Hotjar Trends instantly displays the individual heatmaps and session recordings correlated with the change initially detected by Tableau when it integrates with Tableau via This allows you to decipher the “why” behind those behavior patterns, strengthening your data storytelling strategy and assisting with troubleshooting.

You can determine the “why” behind Tableau BI data spikes and dips with the aid of Hotjar.

5. Cognos Analytics

Cognos Analytics

IBM’s web-based, self-service Cognos Analytics software advances business intelligence (BI) with sophisticated, AI-driven predictive analytics features.

It gives a reliable, comprehensive, and accurate view of the overall operation of the company and helps marketers predict trends by using statistical algorithms and historical data. For instance, Cognos’s capacity to forecast consumer patterns enables marketers to proactively create ads that appeal to their target market at the right time.

Key features and benefits of using Cognos Analytics for business intelligence

  • Predictive analysis: Before deciding on a campaign, utilize Cognos’s AI features and what-if analysis to run simulations based on past data in order to spot trends and potential hazards.
  • Machine learning self-service: without depending on data science teams, use self-service tools to extract insights from data and identify patterns, speeding up decision-making processes.
  • Natural language interactions: to make intuitive and effective judgments, utilize the Natural Language Processing (NLP) capability to communicate with your data in ordinary language. This will make it easier to explore large and complex consumer data sets.

#Cognos Analytics forecasts trends with automations driven by AI.

Cognos Analytics forecasts trends with AI-powered automations.

Pro tip: use Hotjar Surveys and concept testing to fully utilize Cognos’ predictive analysis capabilities.

Utilize those essential insights from Cognos’s predictive analysis to develop and test timely, relevant new content for your marketing campaign. Here’s how to do it:

Utilize Hotjar’s on-page surveys to get user input and learn how your audience feels about your recently added content.

Use concept testing or A/B testing on new creative assets to see which variations—such as altered copy and graphics—best pique your target audience’s interest.

Use Hotjar Surveys to find out what people think of your latest content.

Use BI tools to improve your marketing performance and optimize UX

Adding BI tools to your marketing toolkit is a simple and effective way to add actionable information to your campaign strategy.

But with so many tools at your disposal, it’s imperative that you take the time to precisely establish your marketing and business objectives. Consequently, you and your group will have more time to satisfy clients with customized, engaging experiences that truly represent their choices and demands.


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