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4 Ways You Benefit From Indoor Maps In 2023

Ways You Benefit From Indoor Maps will be described in this article. Indoor positioning and indoor navigation (IPIN) are currently popular terms. How can you actually benefit from investing in an indoor wayfinding platform like MazeMap? It seems fancy to have an indoor positioning system.

4 Ways You Benefit From Indoor Maps In 2023

In this article, you can know about Benefit From Indoor Maps here are the details below;

Our additional features are built on top of the indoor maps. It is entirely up to you as a customer to decide whether you want to invest in just our interactive, searchable, and linkable maps or add any additional features or solutions on top. Let’s examine how these indoor mapping services benefit you and your guests on a daily basis.

1. Effortless Navigation

Effortless Navigation

The ability to save time and feel less stressed is one of the benefits of employing IPIN technology that is most obvious. How many times have you had a doctor’s appointment or a client meeting and had no idea where to go? We at MazeMap strive to make it easier for you to navigate because we understand how difficult it can be. Because of this, our specialty is indoor wayfinding utilising indoor maps. A mobile device displaying MazeMap’s seamless indoor-outdoor navigation Indoor navigation solutions have many advantages, including lowering stress and time spent trying to find your route. Also check installment loans

Another option we provide is asset tracking utilising a Real-Time Location Service (RTLS), which allows customers to discover essential assets quickly and be given the quickest route to that area. Although mostly employed in hospitals, this may be applied to practically any situation.

2. Reduce the amount of wasted resource usage

Reduce the amount of wasted resource usage

Having a systematic manner to display booked and available resources, whether they are desks, conference rooms, meeting rooms, or other resources, will significantly improve the efficiency of how your workplace is used. We advise investigating MazeMap’s Space Booking solution to lower the cost of underutilised resources. This enables the viewing of conference rooms, work areas, and desks on our indoor map and the corresponding colour coding of the rooms.

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These bookings are integrated directly with Google and Microsoft calendars, or even a university timetabling system! Computer and phone graphics depicting the indoor maps from Mazemap as well as the desk and meeting room occupancy. The amazing thing here is that we’re also able to stop “false” bookings.This implies that you can programme the room settings to release a reserved room or workstation after a specified period of inactivity.

enhancing the use of that room by allowing others to occupy it in its place. UPDATE: We’ve now created the ability to determine whether or not the individual who reserved a specific desk actually showed up. Our most recent blog post has further information about that.

3. Reduce Costs

If no one ever shows up for their appointments, money is lost. We conducted our own research at a hospital in Trondheim, Norway, and the results indicate that providing visitors with directions and maps a day in advance can result in annual cost savings of up to 1.5 million USD. Moreover, meeting and conference spaces cost businesses about $382 per square metre yearly (based on US numbers).

If we use a 30 square metre conference space as an example, ghost bookings lead the room to be underutilised 50% of the time, costing 5730 dollars in annual costs. Imagine increasing the price by 10, 35, or 100 since there is only one room. The expenses really start to mount at that point. Universities, hospitals, and offices can significantly reduce their costs associated with underutilised spaces by implementing our Space Booking. A phone displaying the desk booking interface of MazeMap’s indoor maps

4. Inclusiveness


Navigating vast campuses or workplace settings can be difficult for anyone. Particularly for people who have hearing and vision impairments. That’s where we come in. MazeMap wants to provide everyone with a seamless navigating experience, and therefore provide solutions for both individuals with visual and hearing impairments with our Accessible Navigation features. Also check essential types of software every business needs

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Being WCAG 2.1 AA accredited implies that we adhere to the global Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and offer high contrast modes, alternative pathways around obstructions, and audio navigation. With our indoor wayfinding, MazeMap prioritises inclusivity.

Other routes have the following advantages:

lessens the burden of wheelchair users and people who can’t use stairs having to find the suitable space

reduces the number of missed appointments or lessons Map owners have the freedom to add and alter available paths For those with visual impairments, digital signage is more affordable than physical signs.

advantages of audio navigation

  • Simple to use, swiping functions, and industry-standard screen reading (voiceover).
  • High contrast screen mode to make it simpler to view on-screen instructions
  • – Little to no upkeep
  • enables users to tour buildings without a guide, giving them mobility and independence


In brief, indoor maps let you make the most of your building’s potential. This manifests itself in the form of decreased expenses, higher facility usage, time savings, decreased resource waste, and an overall improvement in quality of life.

When your clients must decide which solution to use, dynamic digital indoor maps will help you stand out from the competition. Based on our references and outside studies, indoor navigation solutions help businesses save a tonne of money and time, which quickly pays for the services’ deployment and effectively makes them free. Are you inquisitive in learning how to utilize indoor maps in your building to improve inclusivity and maximise space use? We’ll answer all of your questions if you get in touch with us or schedule a demo right away.


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