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Top 10 Best Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketing In 2023

Best Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketing will be discussed in this article. Everyone can agree that email marketing is one of the best methods for connecting with clients and subscribers while also creating a source of income. It is therefore a “must-have” tool for your company. Finding an automatic emailing solution for a blogging platform, eCommerce firm, or for small to large organizations is simple. Finding affiliate-friendly autoresponders, however, becomes incredibly tough if you are an affiliate marketer.

I am aware that signing up for a “popular” email marketing service was a risk you previously took. You might have also conducted a few email campaigns for your clients. Now, based on my five plus years of affiliate marketing knowledge, I can tell you’re about to lose access to that email service. If not, it will happen sooner rather than later. This ban will leave you trapped in either case. You could perhaps lose your email list as well. This is a terrible situation, and trust me when I say that I won’t let it happen to you.

The top ten autoresponders for affiliate marketing or affiliate websites, how to pick the best one out of the bunch, and which email marketing services you should stay away from are all covered in this blog post.

How to choose the best Autoresponders For Affiliate Marketing?

Throughout my background in affiliate marketing, I have decided the best email marketing software for affiliates by adhering to the same rules. In addition to this, I’ve transferred the same strategy with a couple of my buyers. Each of them resumes to use the same service without any issues. You should first check for these grades in an email autoresponder service:

Sufficient free trial period

It would be irrational to blindly buy a service or product without trying it first. Likewise with autoresponders. Fortunately, the majority of the affiliate marketing email handling services listed below have a lengthy free trial duration. You might test out the features & usability of the respective services with the aid of the free trial.

Try Out the Features.

As previously stated, the easiest method to test out the application is with a free trial. Even so, I urge you to use the trial time to test out the features you plan to use the most. These features can be anything, including drip emailing, marketing automation, bulk emailing, scheduling, and email design. You can proceed to the most crucial phase if you are satisfied and are confident in the features’ usability.

Highly Email Deliverability

It all boils down to email delivery, which is the most important feature of an email marketing strategy. What use is a mass emailing service if your emails are not delivered? It is clear that the only way to make sales is via your emails. For affiliate marketing purposes, you should therefore totally stretch out the email delivery of every autoresponder. I guarantee you that if you are lax in this area, your affiliate marketing company won’t be able to expand effectively.

Affordable subscription Plans

After finishing that the matching autoresponder’s features & email delivery rate are perfect for your affiliate website or trade strategies, you should check into its pricing options. Rest ensured that all of the affiliate marketing autoresponders documented here have pricing structures that are well affordable.

Which Autoresponders You Should Avoid Using For Affiliate Marketing?

To be absolutely honest with you, I too chose an email marketing provider in the beginning of my career in affiliate marketing that doesn’t provide services to affiliates. The obvious result was that I was banned! I have discovered a few service providers, however, that you should never employ for affiliate marketing objectives after learning this lesson and after speaking with several top affiliate marketers.

Top 10 Best Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketing In 2023

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In this article, you can know about Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketing here are the details below;

1. Mailchimp


The least affiliate-friendly autoresponder available for affiliate marketing is Mailchimp. Although it is one of the most widely used email marketing services, they are wary of working with affiliate marketers.

They write, “We treat affiliate marketing and affiliate links differently,” on their Terms & Conditions page. Although affiliate links are often OK for usage in MailChimp, affiliate marketing is forbidden by our Terms of usage. In plain English, they claim you can engage in affiliate marketing on the one hand, and they say it is forbidden on the other. The best course of action is to avoid using Mailchimp for affiliate marketing.

2. MailerLite


One of the best autoresponders I’ve ever used was MailerLite. In addition to being free, it also has a tantalizing array of features. But when they forbade me from conducting affiliate marketing email campaigns, all of my aspirations were dashed. Without a doubt, it was not designed for your affiliate business. If you are a blogger, the owner of an online store, or work for a marketing firm, don’t forget to research other top MailerLite alternatives.

3. Constant Contact

Constant Contact

It’s yet another fantastic pick that I considered would be beneficial for my affiliate marketing strategies. I was completely mistaken! Many other affiliate marketers claimed that Constant Contact was only appropriate for online stores. Constant Contact is logically out of the question for you as a result.

4. Sendineblue

To be perfectly honest, Sendinblue is my favorite email marketing platform. However, I wouldn’t make use of it to send affiliate email promotions. Fortunately, even though I was made aware of Sendinblue’s stringent regulation regarding affiliate marketing, I am still allowed to use it. I solely use it to send frequent email alerts about new content on my blogging site. You should avoid using Sendinblue for affiliate marketing, in my opinion. It’s time to look at all of the top services available to you now that you know what to look for in your ideal affiliate marketing autoresponder and which ones to avoid.

1. GetResponse


The finest autoresponder for affiliate marketing that I could ever suggest to you is GetResponse. I have observed numerous affiliate marketers utilize GetResponse to grow their businesses. It might now be your finest choice. When it comes to GetResponse, it has evolved from a simple email marketing solution to a comprehensive marketing suite for all types of companies. You can therefore use it for a variety of marketing advantages in addition to email sending functionality.

For instance, in complement to email transaction, you can develop sign-up forms, landing pages, sales funnels, lead capture forms, and more. Did I also mention that you can use omnichannel marketing strategies for your affiliate campaigns? Yes, GetResponse offers marketing capabilities beyond only email, including social media marketing, web push alerts, and more. Not to mention, by using its information resources, you may educate yourself on the fundamentals of email marketing. To assist you in building affiliate websites quickly, GetResponse has released a website builder powered by AI.

GetResponse Features That Will Compliment Your Affiliate Business

  • It provides a simple drag-and-drop email builder that enables you to make responsive email templates. There are also pre-made email templates accessible. And a straightforward email editor that lets you write text-only emails.
  • You will have the choice to send emails right away or to plan them to go out at a particular time. When you have to send several affiliate email campaigns in one day, this capability will be useful.
  • GetResponse also includes a marketing automation module that enables you to send emails automatically based on the behavior and activities of your clients. Send emails with product recommendations to your highly engaged clients or begin a customer nurturing emailing routine for inactive contacts.
  • By making your sign-up forms and landing pages available, the autoresponder also assists you in concentrating on growing and renewing your customer list. The sign-up forms are simple to embed on your GetResponse landing page or website. Not to mention, your lead capture forms are seamlessly connected to the AI-driven site builder.
  • This is the only affiliate autoresponder that has a built-in webinar module. You may effortlessly invite your leads and prospective customers to your live webinars, nurture them as necessary, and persuade them to become your devoted patrons.
  • GetResponse’s AI-driven website builder will quickly generate a fully functional website for you if you don’t already have an affiliate website. Additionally, you may include its live chat widget to engage with potential clients.
  • GetResponse may be integrated with a wide range of programs and online storefronts, including WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, PayPal, and Stripe. You can enhance the performance of your affiliate email marketing with the aid of this function.

How Much Will You Pay for GetResponse?

Email marketing is typically expensive for affiliate marketers. However, GetResponse (and other autoresponders as well) go against the grain by providing flexible payment options. You can choose to sign up for its monthly, annually, or biannual programs.

On each of the four pricing tiers, a 30-day free trial is available. The quantity of subscribers or customers is the foundation for each pricing strategy. Along with this, a list of features also grows as you upgrade plans.

But GetResponse’s recently introduced forever free plan is what really sets it apart from the competition.

GetResponse Costs

An summary of GetResponse’s price for 1,000 clients/subscribers may be seen here:

You can send as multiple emails as you like to 500 recipients under the Forever Free plan. Additionally, you reach to build a website with ten pages, make a landing page, & add pop-ups and sign-up documents to it.

  • Simple: $15/month, includes email marketing, autoresponders, a single sales funnel, etc.
  • In addition, the Basic package is $49 per month and includes admission to mechanization builder, webinars (for 100 players), 5 sales cornets, etc.
  • Experienced: $99/month for all the functionality, including open help of the automation builder, sales funnels, and other tools.
  • Max – As this plan addresses unique company needs, you would need to request a custom price.

GetResponse: The Good and the Bad


  • Greatest affiliate marketing autoresponder
  • Boasts about a high rate of email delivery
  • Dynamic drag and drop builder with advanced features
  • Dependable marketing automation with cutting-edge triggers
  • Contains a builder for webinars and sales funnels
  • offers A landing page and a site builder with AI.
  • Also offers a live chat widget and push notifications on the web
  • Includes a plan that is free forever.


  • A collection of vintage ready-made email templates
  • In higher plans, advanced features are accessible.
  • Can be a little pricey

2. EmailOctopus


One software treasure, EmailOctopus, has not yet received the attention it merits. It is among the most affordable & effective email marketing tools for affiliate marketing. Contrary to the majority of email marketing platforms, EmailOctopus gladly invites all affiliates to use its service.

However, you should be aware that there are two versions of this software: EmailOctopus (which comes with an integrated SMTP or autoresponder) and EmailOctopus Connect (which requires Amazon SES integration as SMTP). Use EmailOctopus Connect if your AWS SES account is active, but if not, you can choose EmailOctopus without a doubt.

EmailOctopus Features That Will Benefit Your Affiliate Business

  • EmailOctopus features a slick drag-and-drop email editor, just like any other email marketing program. In the editor, you can also import HTML templates. Additionally, you can write emails entirely from text.
  • You have the choice to design and integrate sign-up forms on your affiliate website with EmailOctopus. Your email lists will be refilled and fresh leads will be captured. A drag and drop builder is another tool that makes the process of creating forms easier.
  • Speaking of email lists, EmailOctopus gives you access to all the segmentation filters required to send your contacts targeted emails. Filters like contact activity, behavior, interest, etc. can be used to segment data.
  • You can now create landing pages for your affiliate marketing campaigns using EmailOctopus’ new feature. Prior to this, direct integration with Carrd or Instapage was required.
  • You may rapidly send your email campaigns with EmailOctopus. You can schedule your campaigns as well if you want to do so for a later time. Additionally, you can design and implement drip campaigns.
  • Email Octopus lets you track the effectiveness of your email campaigns, just like any other affiliate marketing email provider. Additionally, it monitors crucial statistics like opens, clicks, unsubscribes, etc.

How Much Will You Pay for EmailOctopus?

The affordable pricing model of EmailOctopus characterizes it as the upscale autoresponder for affiliate transaction. You’ll be pleased to know that Email Octopus offers a forever-free plan that allows you to mail 10,000 emails every month to 2,500 subscribers. However, the complimentary project only provides rudimentary support, 30-day reporting, & EmailOctopus branding on all emails.

You can subscribe to its monthly premium projects to gain unique branding, emphasis support, and access to all the advanced features. The digit of subscribers imported or added & the volume of emails sent determine pricing.

Pricing for EmailOctopus

On the EmailOctopus pricing page, a specific pricing calculator is accessible, however for a all-around understanding of the pricing levels, here is an summary:

  • 50,000 emails & 5,000 subscribers for $24 per month.
  • 10,000 subscribers & 100,000 emails for $36 per month.
  • 250,000 emails & 25,000 subscribers for the $70 per month.
  • 500,000 emails & 50,000 subscribers for $130 per month.
  • 100,000 subscribers & 1,000,000 emails are available for $250 per month.
  • The most increased monthly rate for 500,000 subscribers & 5,000,000 emails is $1010. You must reach the EmailOctopus team for special pricing if you have better than 500K subscribers.
  • Note: Because EmailOctopus Connect’s pricing is solely based on the amount of subscribers imported or added, it is less expensive yet different. However, if you wanted to send emails, you would have to pay an extra fee for Amazon SES.

Cons and Advantages of EmailOctopus


  • Designed with new affiliates and beginners in mind
  • incredibly cordial with affiliate marketers
  • Emails that are simple or straightforward have exceptionally high delivery rates.
  • provides the choice to send emails using Amazon SES
  • offers built-in email templates
  • Includes a plan that is free forever.


  • Less reliable than other autoresponders
  • Consists of a very straightforward automation tool
  • Few possibilities for integration

3. SendX


One of the most affiliate-friendly autoresponders you will ever find is SendX. The SendX staff reassures you that doing affiliate marketing will not be prohibited. They go even further by including a “No Bans” section on one of their sales pages. SendX not only supports affiliate transaction fully, but it also supports the development of your affiliate marketing business. Utilizing SendX’s high email delivery rate & other capabilities will help you do this.

Speaking of which, regardless of your membership status, it is the only element of software concealed in this post that permits you to transmit an unlimited digit of email campaigns. But you should keep in mind to observe all the fair emailing practices and not overuse its features. Apart from this, SendX offers an easy way to generate emails, send them quickly or later, and track their performance in real-time.

SendX Features That Will Benefit Your Affiliate Business

  • It is noted for its straightforward usability. Also, there’s an amazing fluidic drag & drop email builder to generate email templates. There are also many pre-made email templates available that are simple to edit to match your campaign’s goals.
  • Additionally, you are qualified to receive 500,000+ cost-free stock images for use in your affiliate email marketing campaigns. You no longer need to spend numerous hours searching through stock picture websites for the perfect image thanks to this function.
  • You have the option to fully automate your email campaigns in addition to drip email campaigns. There are simply a few trigger rules and actions needed.
  • SendX enables you to upload contact lists and categorize them based on user activity. Additionally, with the aid of sign-up forms that can be integrated into different types of websites, you will have the ability to gather additional leads.
  • You can combine SendX with tons of third-party software like CMSs, CRMs, price gateways, webinar tools, etc. If a direct integration is not unrestricted, you can connect your SendX account with Zapier.
  • Lastly, this software like any other autoresponder follows all the important email metrics like opens, clicks, unsubscribes, spam, etc.

How Much Will SendX Cost You?

SendX is the finest autoresponder for affiliate marketing in part because of its cost. SendX has the most affordable pricing options out of all the services covered in this blog. But SendX encourages you to try its 14-day free trial period before you sign up for a subscription plan. The best part is that you can send an endless number of email campaigns. There’s more, though! There is no email sending cap when you choose a subscription plan (monthly or annually), and it comes with all the features.

SendX Price

You would be taxed based on the quantity of subscribers imported, though. Here are a few subscriber caps and the associated subscription prices:

  • 1 – 1,000 – $9.99/month
  • 1,001 – 2,500 – $19.99/month
  • 2,501 – 5,000 – $39.99/month
  • 5,001 – 10,000 – $59.99/month
  • 10,001 – 15,000 – $79.99/month

There are myriad other subscriber tiers in complement to these. By inputting your subscriber total on the SendX pricing page, you may obtain your personalized cost.

SendX: Pros and Cons


  • One of the friendliest autoresponders for affiliates
  • Straightforward user interface
  • provides a digit of ready-made templates
  • Contains a built-in pop-up & landing page builder
  • Automated transaction for round-the-clock campaigns
  • supports heatmaps for A/B testing
  • 24/7 assistance for all users
  • Cheaper price structures


  • There is no free plan or trial unrestricted from SendX.
  • There are solely a few pre-made email, pop-up, & landing page templates.
  • Using industrialization only functions with simple email triggers

4. Omnisend


Over 75,000 online stores use the email and SMS marketing automation platform Omnisend to increase sales. One of the top email marketing platforms for affiliate marketers is Omnisend. Even though the vast majority of its clients are online stores, if you’ve set up your affiliate website similarly to an online shop, you shouldn’t have any trouble using Omnisend for email marketing.

Your engagement and sales might even increase as a result of its numerous high-converting features. One of the best email marketing platforms available today is Omnisend, which also offers excellent, award-winning 24/7 service. With over 4100 five-star reviews, it has a 4.8 Shopify rating.

Omnisend Features That Will Benefit Your Affiliate Business

  • The game is autoresponders, and Omnisend makes it very simple for you to construct your emails. They have a sizable collection of pre-made email templates that are by default mobile-responsive. Everything in an email may be readily customized by dragging and dropping different elements.
  • Easily add recommended products using the Product Listing tool that can automatically promote your bestsellers or your newest products. These recommendations are dynamic and will help you sell more.
  • Use autoresponder sequences (or automation workflows) more quickly with ready-made workflows, so you can send automated emails to your subscribers when they perform a certain action
  • Easily integrate with more than 100 eCommerce third-party apps to help you easily run your website and make more sales, faster.
  • With thorough reporting, keep track of and obtain insights into all of your email marketing campaigns and automation.
  • Add extra channels, like SMS and push alerts, into your campaigns and autoresponder sequences/automation workflows.

How Much Will Omnisend Cost You?

Omnisend has pretty attractive pricing. The best part is that, even on a free plan, all the features are included, so you won’t get any tiered, walled-off accounts where you have to pay more to gain access to basic features. Omnisend’s free plan comes with 500 emails/month sent to 250 contacts. It also gives you roughly 60 SMS free, so you can play around with text messaging, and 500 free web push notifications.

Their Standard plan starts from only $16/month, and it comes with 60 free SMS and unlimited web push. Their Pro plan is made for marketers who want to use both email & SMS and starts from $59/month. On the Pro plan, you can email your contacts an infinite number of times. The excellent thing is that you receive SMS credits equal to the plan’s cost. Therefore, if you pay $100 per month for the Pro plan, you will receive complimentary SMS credits worth $100.

The Omnisend Price

Depending on how many contacts you have, Omnisend has a pricing calculator. The Standard plan’s pricing is summarized simply here:

  • 1 to 250 – free or monthly fee of $16
  • 251-500-$16 monthly
  • 501 to 1,000 and $20 monthly
  • $1,001 to 1,500 plus $25 monthly
  • 1,501–2,000–30 each month
  • 2,001-2,500-35 monthly
  • $2,501 to $3,001 plus $40 each month
  • 3,001 – 3,500 – $45 per month
  • 3,501 – 4,000 – $50 per month
  • 4,001 – 4,500 – $60 per month
  • 4,501–5,000–$65 monthly

This is quite competitive, especially given the quantity of features you get with each package.

Pros & Cons Of Omnisend


  • Excellent for affiliate sites based on eCommerce
  • Industry-leading email delivery rates
  • The Pro plan allows for unlimited email sending
  • Templates for sign-up emails and forms
  • Autoresponder sequences and segmentation settings that are already made
  • Loads of signup forms and landing pages
  • Supports push alerts, email, SMS, and Google and Facebook ad synchronization.


  • Limited contacts and emails with the free plan
  • May include more features than needed for affiliate marketing

5. AWeber


AWeber is yet another top email marketing software for affiliate sites and enterprises that I know. The high email delivery pace of AWeber is, in my opinion, its most reasonable feature. That’s what makes it a top pick of autoresponders. In accumulation, the AWeber team is passing away free email account migration from any assistance provider, including subscribers, tags, landing pages, etc.

Besides this, the software is regularly updated to further optimize the overall efficiency. Consequently, apart from email marketing, AWeber now offers the potential of creating web push alerts for your affiliate programs. Not to forget, you can also develop and integrate sign-up forms to keep on acquiring fresh leads for your affiliate business.

AWeber Features That Will Benefit Your Affiliate Business

The service incorporates an AI-powered email template designer. This template designer will automatically create emails in only a matter of seconds. AWeber now connects with Canva, providing you the chance to alter photos right in your AWeber account.

If you like to get your hands dirty, you too can design using the drag & drop email builder. You only have to choose the email element, drag it to the email template, and place it at the desired spot. Besides, if you like your hands to stay clean, you can utilize the pre-built email templates. AWeber enables you to dynamically add your customer’s name to your email template with the use of personalisation tags. This feature helps immensly in targeting and tailoring affiliate email marketing for optimal conversion.

You can entirely automate your emails on the basis of the activities and behavior of your subscribers. Furthermore, you may also construct and schedule drip campaigns that automatically trigger once reaching the set day and time.

This finest autoresponder for affiliate marketing is also accessible as a mobile application. The software will allow you to construct sign-up forms, send email newsletters to your subscribers, & analyze the effects of your emails. This autoresponder software boldly boasts about its great email deliverability. Additionally, you can also monitor the implementation of your email campaigns through the AWeber reporting section. Also check Google Bard Alternatives

How Much Will AWeber Cost You?

You would love to hear that AWeber may be a free autoresponder for affiliate marketing. It now offers a lifelong free plan, to begin with. Apart from this, there is only one subscription plan with options for monthly, quarterly, and annual billing. This plan offers various subscriber limits, and the subscription cost is established in accordance with these limits. Keep in mind that you will receive all of AWeber’s features regardless of the tier you choose.

Pricing for AWeber – Subscription Plan

  • Free – An unlimited free plan with a monthly email sending cap of 3,000 and a maximum of 500 subscribers. This plan has a number of the characteristics.
  • Pro: All features and access are included in this plan. You can also send an unlimited number of email campaigns. The price you would be required to pay based on the quantity of subscribers is as follows:
  • $0 to $500 each month.
  • $501 to $2,599 per month.
  • 2,501-5,000-for-$49.99 a month.
  • 5,001 to 10,000 for $69.99 a month.
  • $19.99 per month for 10,001 to 25,000.

For special pricing if you have more than 25,000 subscribers, you must contact the AWeber sales team.

AWeber: Pros and Cons


  • A good standing in the email marketing sector
  • A good affiliate marketing solution
  • The software recently received a fresh batch of upgrades.
  • offers push notifications on the web
  • Drag & drop builder for landing pages & emails
  • Features marketing automation


  • The pace of email delivery has been declining.
  • The cost is really high.
  • out-of-date graphics and email templates

6. Sendlane


When it comes to email transaction software for eCommerce, Sendlane is a well-known brand. But Sendlane doesn’t stop there—in my opinion, it’s also one of the greatest autoresponders for affiliate marketing. At first, I had some reservations regarding Sendlane’s affiliate friendliness. However, I learned that Sendlane is a very affiliate-friendly service after speaking with other affiliates about their experiences using it.

If you have an affiliate website that is similar to an eCommerce website, you might make good use of its set of capabilities. In plain terms, Sendlane will assist you in promoting conversions through email and SMS campaigns if you list all the affiliate products on your website. Rest assured that Sendlane also enables you to design and incorporate clever pop-ups to raise conversion rates even higher.

Sendlane Features That Will Benefit Your Affiliate Business

  • The email template design used by this provider is renowned for its exceptional conversion rates. For your campaigns, you can make one from scratch or utilize a pre-made template. In either case, a drag and drop email editor makes creating email templates easier.
  • Sendlane provides marketing automation, particularly for firms that sell online. But it may be utilized to send automated emails for your affiliate programs and enhance sales.
  • To make sure your clients buy your affiliate products, Sendlane offers a service called Sendlane Beacon. The ability to deliver targeted email messages at the ideal time to drive consumer action is provided by this capability, which tracks the whole customer journey.
  • Sendlane offers intelligent pop-ups in addition to simple sign-up forms, as was previously mentioned. Additionally, these pop-ups will boost conversion and help you expand your email list.
  • Sendlane likewise focuses on providing personalized email messages. This allows you to divide up your customer list into several categories and add dynamic customization tags to your email designs.

How Much Will You Pay for Sendlane?

huge services and features cost a huge deal of money. With Sendlane, the same is true. However, Sendlane gives you a generous 14-day free trial period so you may try the service out before you decide to subscribe. 100 contacts would receive an unlimited number of emails from you.

You will have the choice to upgrade to one of three price plans when your free trial has ended. You should be aware that some of these plans require a monthly or annual subscription charge, whereas one of the plans is just required once.

Regarding the distribution of features, each plan offers an essentially same collection of features as well as limitless email sending. However, certain more sophisticated functions are only included in higher-level plans.

Sendlane Price

Finally, price options for affiliate marketers are based on the number of contacts imported, much like regular email marketing campaigns. Here is a quick summary of the plans:

Growth: $99 per month gets you access to all the features and up to 5,000 contacts.

Professional Plus – This plan also begins at $249 per month for a maximum of 10,000 connections. Custom onboarding, a dedicated customer success manager, deliverability monitoring, etc. are additional features.

Starter: 6 months of access to the Growth plan for a one-time fee of $497.

Sendlane: The Good and the Bad


  • Possesses a strong automation characteristic
  • In addition to eCommerce, it serves affiliates.
  • Supports marketing by SMS and MMS
  • Offers Real-time analytics and comprehensive data integration.
  • Contains a sophisticated collection of features


  • A pricey email marketing option
  • Ideal only for affiliate sites with an online store
  • Extreme prudence in email marketing procedures

7. Drip


None could match Drip’s efficiency when it comes to eCommerce email automation. Having said that, it would be unfair to Drip if I failed to inform you that they support affiliate marketers with email marketing. Drip would work wonders for you if you have an affiliate website and have featured affiliate products like an eCommerce store. You would be able to build up comprehensive marketing automation for your website in addition to sending straightforward email marketing campaigns.

In addition, you’ll be happy to hear that 30,000+ marketers are utilizing Drip to market their goods, just like you. You should check Drip’s G2 Crowd rating to learn more about its effectiveness. Since it received a high rating of 4.5/5 stars, it has risen to the top of the list of autoresponders used by affiliate marketers.

Drip Features That Will Benefit Your Affiliate Business

  • Drip has a very flexible email builder to generate responsive email themes, just like other autoresponders. The necessary email components can be dragged and dropped into the template. Alternatively, you can preserve time by using the pre-made email templates.
  • You have the ability to dynamically add recommended products to your emails thanks to Drip. Given that they are solely based on each customer’s prior purchasing behavior, these recommendations may be specific to them.
  • Additionally, you may interact with your clients by sending them emails in response to their actions on your affiliate website, such as adding an item to their shopping cart or reading a product page.
  • There are several alternatives for third-party integration with Drip. You may take advantage of multichannel contact with your customers with the aid of these integrations.
  • If you link your affiliate store to Drip, you can measure additional email performance metrics like overall revenue, revenue per subscriber, and unsubscribe rate in addition to the basic metrics like open rate, click rate, and unsubscribe percentage.

What Will Drip Set You Back?

Drip’s incredibly flexible pricing is what makes it the finest autoresponder for affiliate marketing. Drip gives you a 14-day free trial period to get things going. All functionalities are available during the trial period so you may fully evaluate the application.

You will have to subscribe to monthly membership options once your trial period is over. Remember that the amount you pay will depend on how many contacts you import. In addition, you will have full access to all services and limitless email sending.

Pricing in Drips

On their website, Drip provides a cost calculator. However, in order to give you a general impression, the pricing plans are summarized here:

  • 500 – 1 = $19 per month
  • 501 to 2,000 per month for $29
  • Monthly cost: $2,001-2,500-$39
  • 2,500–3,000–$49 per month
  • 3,001–3,500–$59 per month
  • 3,501 to 4,000 per month at $69
  • Every month, $4,001 to 4,500, or $79
  • 4,501 to 5,000 per month for $89

The price increases to $1,599 per month for 140,000 contacts. Get in touch with the Drip team if you have more interaction than this.

Cons & Advantages of Drip


  • Suitable for affiliate sites focused on eCommerce
  • Possesses exceptional email delivery rates
  • Allows for limitless email sending
  • Updated landing pages and email template designs
  • Supports social media marketing, emails, and SMS
  • Strong automation for clients


  • The costs are a little high.
  • Certain functionalities might not always be necessary for your email marketing efforts.

8. MailerCloud


Another top autoresponder for affiliate marketing that has been operating covertly is MailerCloud. When compared to other affiliate email marketing providers, this autoresponder service is very young. Although it is new, the program includes all the necessary capabilities and, most importantly, lets affiliate marketers run email marketing campaigns.

Before you get online and create a Mailercloud account, you should be aware that the group will examine your email sending procedures and content. After all, engaging in unethical email marketing techniques is something that neither you (as an affiliate marketer) nor the service provider want to do. You can send affiliate emails in bulk and ultimately grow your affiliate marketing business after receiving clearance from the Mailercloud staff.

Mailercloud Features That Will Benefit Your Affiliate Business

  • The program prefers to make things straightforward. Therefore, it provides a drag-and-drop builder for making email templates that seem professional. In addition, Mailercloud lets you create email templates using unique HTML codes.
  • You have the choice to use Mailercloud to send emails as regular campaigns or as autoresponders. Additionally, you would have the freedom to manage email automation for your clients with this software. Additionally, you may A/B test your email campaigns and automation processes.
  • The capability of Mailercloud to create and maintain email lists is another feature that makes it the ideal email marketing tool for affiliate marketing. To gather leads, the program gives sign-up forms. Additionally, Mailercloud enables you to divide your email addresses based on several criteria.
  • You have the choice to use a dedicated IP address with Mailercloud to increase the deliverability of your emails. Furthermore, the software forces you to link custom domains and verify them by including SPF & DKIM records in your DNS records.
  • When it comes to evaluating your emailing performance, Mailercloud examines every angle. It provides time-stamped enhanced reports for this. In addition, it offers information on standard email analytics like opens, clicks, and unsubscribes.

What Does Mailercloud Cost?

You’ll be happy to know that Mailercloud is a free affiliate marketing autoresponder when it comes to cost. This means that you can send 12,000 emails per month to 1,000 subscribers under its permanently free plan. This is another aspect regarding Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketing. Also check Apptivo Alternatives

Even if the free plan has all the necessary functionality, there are still some limitations. For instance, you would have to make up with limited email sending, no marketing automation feature, and Mailecloud branding in your email templates.

You would need to sign up for the premium plan to have access to these advanced features and to send an unlimited number of email campaigns in a month. The fact that Mailercloud price is based on the amount of subscribers imported or added is its strongest feature.

Here is a summary of its pricing scheme:

Mailercloud Costs

  • Monthly fee for 1 to 1,000 subscribers is $10.
  • $15 per month for 1,001–2,500 subscribers
  • $2,501 – $5,000 in monthly subscribers at $20
  • $5,001 – $10,000 in monthly subscribers at a cost of $35
  • $55 per month for 10,001–15,000 subscribers.
  • 80 dollars per month for 15,001 to 20,000 subscribers.
  • $20,001 – $25,000 in monthly subscribers at $100

Mailercloud offers a lot more price tiers. As it provides a calculator on its pricing page, you can figure out the prices on your own.

Cons and Advantages of MailerCloud


  • Claims to be a helpful option for affiliates.
  • HTML email creator with drag and drop
  • Supports monitoring blacklists
  • Provide devoted IP addresses
  • Include an autoresponder and email automation tool.
  • Using advanced segmentation in A/B testing
  • Enables time zone-based email delivery
  • Offers a plan that is eternally free


  • A more recent emailing solution
  • Uncertain email delivery rates

9. Kartra Mail

Kartra Mail

Kartra Mail is a special addition to this list of the top autoresponders for affiliate marketing. Kartra is a business management and marketing software that offers a variety of built-in modules. One such native marketing component of the program that focuses on sending email campaigns to your consumers is Kartra Mail. You may rest assured that our emailing solution is adaptable and welcoming to affiliate marketers. This is another aspect regarding Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketing.

One of the biggest benefits of utilizing Kartra Mail is that it includes all of the other Kartra capabilities in addition to this. Together, all the Kartra modules will help you maximize your earnings. Sales funnels, membership websites, checkout pages, landing pages, support desks, and analytics are some of the most popular Kartra features.

Kartra Features That Will Benefit Your Affiliate Business

  • Kartra Mail lets you create/edit email templates using a drag-and-drop builder, just like all the other email marketing platforms for affiliates. However, its capacity to incorporate things like a countdown timer, hero sections, video thumbnails, etc. in the email templates is what sets it apart and makes it superior to the competition.
  • Additionally, the software has the ability to put your email marketing plan on autopilot. For this, it enables you to build up email automation that will be based on the behavior and activities of your customers. The drag and drop interface and IF & THEN logic can be used to construct the automation workflow.
  • Kartra Mail enables you to split test your email messages so that you may determine which email marketing approach is most effective for your affiliate business. The module may easily test and monitor the effectiveness of various email contents, subject lines, etc. The best aspect is that Kartra Mail will automatically set the optimal conversion version as the default workflow.
  • You may automatically add leads that you’ve obtained via the Kartra Forms, Leads, and Landing Pages functionalities to your email lists. To further tailor your email marketing for your clients, it also enables you to add subscriber tags.
  • It all boils down to how successfully your email marketing initiatives perform in the end. Complete information on your opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and spam complaints is provided by Kartra Mail. Additionally, the software may provide you with information on your revenue ratios for each campaign.

What Will Kartra Mail Set You Back?

Kartra Mail’s unpleasant feature is that you cannot access it as a standalone module. In order to utilize this mass emailing module, you must subscribe to one of Kartra’s premium plans, which also provide you access to the rest of the platform’s capabilities in addition to Kartra Mail.

One of the top paid autoresponders for affiliate marketing is this one. But to start, it charges $1 and gives you 14 days to try out the software. You would have access to all the necessary features throughout this trial period to make your final choice.

You can choose and subscribe to any of its premium plans after you are happy. The cost is determined by the quantity of imported or acquired leads and clients. This is another aspect regarding Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketing.

Pricing For Kartra Mail

  • Starter: $99/month for 15,000 emails and 2,500 subscribers.
  • Silver offers unlimited monthly emails and 12,500 subscribers for $199 per month.
  • With Gold, you can send unrestricted emails to 25,000 subscribers for $299 per month.
  • Platinum offers limitless monthly emails and 50,000 subscribers for $499 a month.
  • Please bear in mind that these plans also include all the other Kartra features.

Kartra Mail: Pros and Cons


  • A single point of contact for affiliate marketers
  • Separate modules for various demands in marketing
  • Builds sales funnels more easily
  • Your own affiliate program management


  • There is neither a free trial nor a plan.
  • The cost is really high.

10. ConvertKit


ConvertKit has to be the most unexpected mention of all the top affiliate marketing autoresponders in this piece. ConvertKit is ideally a well-liked option for email marketing services for bloggers and content producers. But because of recent updates to the application, many newer or less experienced affiliate marketers have started using it. This is another aspect regarding Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketing.

We can safely assume that ConvertKit has the ability to improve your affiliate marketing business because we are all aware of how amazing it has been over the years.

Note: When it comes to delivering affiliate email campaigns, ConvertKit has grown a little bit tighter. You should send fewer emails to a smaller email list, in my opinion. If not, you risk being barred.

ConvertKit Features That Will Benefit Your Affiliate Business

  • Utilizing the autoresponder service is easy. It keeps things simple by providing you with a text-based email builder that can accommodate graphics.
  • You will have the option to immediately after a subscriber signs up, send them tailored email campaigns. The process could be automatic or manual.
  • You may build an automated sales funnel with ConvertKit. You’ll be able to use this functionality to send your subscribers the appropriate emails at the appropriate times.
  • In order to continue generating leads, you may also develop landing pages and sign-up forms. These leads may ultimately become clients.
  • With numerous internet platforms, affiliate management, eCommerce, webinars, etc., ConverKit is flawlessly integrable.

How much will you have to pay for ConvertKit?

ConvertKit has improved its cost structure in addition to becoming the finest autoresponder for affiliate marketing. ConvertKit is now a free autoresponder for affiliate marketing thanks to a forever-free plan. The plan gives fundamental functions and 1,000 email subscribers can be reached.

In addition to this, there are subscription options that are accessible with a 14-day free trial, including monthly and annual ones. These subscriptions have sophisticated capabilities and come with a free email account migration as backup. This is another aspect regarding Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketing.

By entering your subscriber count on ConvertKit’s pricing page, you may determine your own pricing. However, to give you a quick idea, here is a list of monthly plans:

ConvertKit Costs

  • Creator – You would have to pay to access features like limitless email sends, landing pages, forms, automated sales funnels & sequences, and free migration.
  • $1,000 and $29 per month
  • 1,001 – 3,000 – $49/month
  • 3,001 – 5,000 – $79/month
  • 5,001 – 8,000 – $99/month
  • 8,001 – 10,000 – $119/month
  • Creator Pro – You would have to pay to access more sophisticated tools like Facebook custom audiences, newsletter referral systems, subscription scoring, and extensive reporting.
  • 1,000 or less – $59 monthly
  • 1,001 – 3,000 – $79/month
  • 3,001 – 5,000 – $11/month
  • 5,001 – 8,000 – $139/month
  • 8,001 – 10,000 – $167/month
  • Up to 400,000 users may use the plans. A software demo and unique pricing must be requested if your subscriber base exceeds 500,000.

Cons & Advantages of ConvertKit


  • Provides one of the greatest rates for email delivery.
  • Easily navigable interface
  • Straightforward email reports
  • Enables limitless email sending


  • Software has become more restrictive with regard to affiliate marketing
  • You might be prohibited.
  • Simple email templates with few customizing options

What Will Happen Next?

I hope you are able to select the finest autoresponder for affiliate marketing after reading about my top picks.

If not, all affiliate marketing autoresponders provide free trial periods. You can join them and try out the services by signing up for them.

Additionally, you can save your ideal autoresponder once you are pleased.

Last but not least, feel free to contact me if you need my personal assistance in this regard. You might also just leave your questions in the comment area. I would be delighted to assist you.

Questions and Answers

Which autoresponder is best for affiliate marketing?

  1. GetResponse is the greatest autoresponder you can purchase, in my opinion. Its features have been geared toward affiliate marketers and affiliate websites specifically.

Q. Are there any affiliate marketing autoresponders available for free?

  1. Yes, GetResponse and EmailOctopus are free to use. Both autoresponders provide an entirely free plan with little features and email sending capacity.

Q. Which autoresponder is the most helpful to affiliates?

  1. I believe that SendX and EmailOctopus are the two benefits that are the most affiliate-friendly. The other benefits are all generally helpful as well. However, always remember to utilize the proper email marketing techniques. If not then all the services reserve the right to prohibit you.

Q. Why are affiliate marketers hated by email marketing services?

  1. Most of the autoresponder services feel that affiliate marketers do not have a real, working website. And all they ever do is send their clients to different URLs in every email. This normally comes under spamming and no service provider would allow you to exploit their services.

Q. How could affiliate marketers guard against being barred?

  1. First of all, you should never spam. Your contacts must have delivered their consent, and you shouldn’t utilize any purchased email lists. Additionally, list affiliate products on your website & direct visitors there rather than shipping them to other domains.

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