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Top 11 Best Apex Legends Discord Servers

Apex Legends Discord Servers

A helpful Apex Legends group can make a difference when you’re playing. Apex Legends Discord servers make it easy to connect with other gamers who like the same games you do. We’ll look at the best Apex Legends Discord server in this guide.

Top 11 Best Apex Legends Discord Servers

With so many Apex Legends Discord servers, figuring out which ones are worth joining can take time. So, whether you’re a serious or casual gamer, we’ve compiled a list of the best Apex Legends Discord servers. Those who want to improve their Apex Legends experience should join us as we look at the best of them.

Note: We started the list with the Apex Legends official server, which is the game’s official Discord server. But the other things on this list are not in any particular order. We have compiled a list of the best Apex Legends Discord servers for you, and you can choose any of them.

1. Apex Legends (Official)

We’ll start with the Apex Legends server on Discord, which is undoubtedly the best server. This is the official Apex Legends server, which is great because this is where you’ll first find out about game news and events. You won’t get bored because the server is very active. You’ll undoubtedly find teammates to play with on this server because there are so many members. This is the best server on the market, whether you’re looking for an LFG server or a dedicated server for Apex Legends. The Apex Legends Official Discord server has the following best features or highlights.

2. Z League

If you also play other shooting games, Z League may be a choice. However, Apex Legends does not use this server as a dedicated server. It does have a dedicated Apex Legends channel where you can chat about the game, find a partner, or do anything else that has to do with Apex. If you’re looking for a dangerous pair to team up and get those important 3v3s, you won’t be spending any time. Here are some of the best things about the server.

3. Tranquility

Tranquility, another active server, can be your go-to spot to chill with the Apex group. It’s never a bad idea to join this Apex Legends LFG Discord server if you’re looking to play Apex Legends with other players or want to find a good Discord server. It has some of the following features that we think you will like.

4. PlayAtDark

The Discord server PlayAtDark is fun to use. When you join the server, you’ll first need to pick the gaming platform you use and the games you choose to play. When you join the server, the server bot greets you with a cool picture of your ID and personal picture, along with a welcome message. This is different from the other Apex Legends Discord servers on the list, and it’s cool. The apex-lfg dedicated channel will allow you to search for teammates. This best Apex Legends server on Discord has the following features.

5. Apex Legends (Unofficial)

This can be a great substitute if you want to avoid joining the official Apex Legends server or need help finding teammates to play Apex. This Apex Legends Discord server is unofficial, but it does offer an option if you’re looking for Apex Legends LFG servers to join and make new friends to play Apex with. It doesn’t have all the extra dedicated features the official server gives, but it has all the necessary channels and features. These are some of its features.

6. The Amazing World of Apex Gamers

That’s good to know. The Amazing World of Apex Gamers server has many channels to keep you busy. This server has channels for each platform, including PC, tablet, and mobile, just like the unofficial Apex Legends server. You can find teammates and have fun on this server regardless of where you play Apex Legends. Here are some of its features.

7. The District

The District is another server where the channels are well organized. No matter what rank you are in Apex Legends—beginner, Predator, Diamond, Gold, or any other—you can find other players to play with on the server’s dedicated channels. You can join this one of the best Apex Legends Discord servers because it has many activities and people to talk to and chill with. Here are some of the best things about the server.

8. Liquid Apex

Many people who like e-sports have heard of Team Liquid. They are an international organization for e-sports, and this server, Liquid Apex, is their official Apex Legends server. Team Liquid is the best at many famous video games and has fans worldwide. If you’re considering joining this server or are searching for Apex Legends LFG Discord servers, you can do so by joining this server and looking for other players to play. Here are some of its features.

9. Battlecord | Apex

For those looking for a group or serious rank grind and serious players to play with, the Apex Battlecord Discord server is the place to be. Here are some of the best things about the server.

10. The Void II

One of the best Apex Legends Discord servers is The Void II. The goal of this server is to help players and content makers grow. They offer many tools for streamers and video makers and many ways to promote yourself. On the other hand, The Void II is a community server that is one of the other Discord servers dedicated to first-person shooter games, including Apex Legends. Here are some of the best things about the server.


Apex Legends players can find groups and play on, a great LFG Discord server. Accept the server’s rules and choose which games you want to play when you join. Players of Apex Legends who want to get better at the game and connect with other players should join, a web-based server, and the Discord server. Here are some of the best things about the Discord server.

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That’s it for now! We’re sure this list of the best Apex Legends Discord servers ends your search. You won’t have to play alone anymore either because, with so many LFG Discord servers, it will be easy to find teammates. The official Apex Legends server is unquestionably the best, but some other unique servers mentioned in this list are also worth your time. For example, has a large community, but NESSY Apex Legends has fewer members and is very well organized and active. Therefore, we are confident that you will be satisfied with this list of Discord servers, regardless of which server you choose to join. You can leave questions or ideas in the area below for comments.

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