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Top 5 Best Alternatives To 4K Video Downloader

Best Alternatives To 4K Video Downloader will be described in this article. Whether you are trying to save online videos, enjoy Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YTB, Vimeo, and Dailymotion videos on hard drives, or saving stock footage, scrheensavers in original 4K resolutions, there are times when you want an alternative to 4K video downloader.

4K video downloader is the go-to app for many movie lovers and content creators, still, an alternative app can come into use when the former is not stable. In fact, you may be surprised that some alternatives are way better, with subtitle options, playlist downloading, 4K, 8K resolution options and more.

Below are the aspects to consider when selecting the best alternative to 4K video downloader. Tools that meet all or most of the criteria stay high on the list.

  1. Number of supported websites: tools that support numerous websites will make your workflow quick and easy.
  2. Type of supported videos: besides parsing the direct video URL, it would be nice if the tool can also download embedded videos, blob videos, playlists, channels, private videos, etc.
  3. Options for video quality and file type: it’s nice to list out all the available resolutions and file format, so that you can select the desired specifications such as 4K, 1080p, video to audio-only, etc.
  4. Download speed: faster speed will sure enhance your downloading experience.
  5. Clean installation without bundled ware, adware, or malware: some free tools come with adware that you may want to avoid.
  6. Bonus features that will enhance user experience: proxy settings, toolbox to edit videos, download only the audio from the video URL, and so on.

Top 5 Best Alternatives To 4K Video Downloader

In this article, you can know about Alternatives To 4K Video Downloader here are the details below;

1. VideoProc Converter

VideoProc Converter

As the overall best alternative to 4K Video Downloader, VideoProc Converter has all the nice features of 4K video downloader and offers more tools that 4K Video Downloader doesn’t have. Recommended by PCWorld, Tech Advisor, Techradar and other leading tech publications, VideoProc Converter is a trustworthy video tool, with a clean installation, no ads, and no bundleware.

Inside the downloader panel, you can add any link for VideoProc Converter to analyze, and it will auto-detect the video to download. For instance, it’s easy to download embedded videos on most web pages. The best thing is, this downloader will list out all the available resolutions and formats, with estimated file size. You can download 4K videos, or opt for 1080p, 720p, and more. Here are many features you will love.

Batch download videos: you can queue multiple videos inside VideoProc Converter, so that you don’t have to stay in front of the computer all day long. Easy to use: the interface is concise with modern design. Everybody can easily navigate and find the features without learning.

Multiple downloading options: you can choose the available resolutions and formats to download the video. You can also convert video to any desired format. If you want to extract music from the video, you can directly download the URL as the music, which is quicker than downloading the large video and then extracting the audio.

Optimized downloading engine for max stability: the developer behind this downloader regularly maintains and upgrades the engine, so that it excels at analyzing URLs to extract and download videos. Currently, it supports 1000+ online sites, including popular social media that everybody uses. You can even download blob videos with VideoProc Converter.

Save video playlists as offline videos: you can simply enter the single URL of a playlist, VideoProc Converter will show all the videos in that list to download. Plus, if you have m3u8 playlist URL, you can download m3u8 to MP4, MOV, and 420+ formats at your own choice.

If you love 4K Video Downloader, you will love VideoProc Converter more. If you find fault with 4K Video Downloader on some aspects, you will love the ease and efficiency provided in VideoProc Converter.

2. Video DownloadHelper

Video DownloadHelper

If you are looking for a lightweight alternative to 4K Video Downloader, Video DownloadHelper is a nice option. Instead of requiring you to download and install the download on a computer, this downloader is a Google Chrome Extension (which also works on Firefox).

Popular sites are supported in this extension, including but not limited to Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Udemy, and video hosting sites. The only downside is, as a bare bone extension, it less convenient to pause or resume downloading. It will make you feel less secure when downloading large 4K videos. Getting “Stuck at 99%” would be a nightmare for everyone waiting so long for a movie. Also check  Video Downloading Software

Video DownloaderHelper has a peer-help-peer forum, created with Google Groups. If you have problems using the extension, or a certain URL is not working, you can always seek help in the forum.

3. JDownloader 2

JDownloader 2

If you love the batch downloading feature of 4K video downloader, you will love JDownloader 2. As one of the best open-source downloading managers, JDownloader 2 proves itself to be a nice alternative to 4K video downloader in terms of mass downloading.

It automates the processing by detecting URLs from the clipboard and analyzing all the available videos from that link. With the CAPTCHA tool and link grabber, JDownloader 2 can pass the verification of “I’m not a robot” to bulk save videos on certain sites. You can also set up bandwidth limitations or pause downloads. These features come in handy when you are multi-tasking on the computer.

With this tool, you can save 4K videos, 360 videos, HD videos, music and even images to enjoy offline. Just note that its interface can be somewhat intimidating for the non-geek and the official installation contains adware. If you like a clean building, you can download the JAR File – a portable version – under the Other section on the official Download Page.

JDownloader 2 has an active forum where you can ask questions and join in discussions. There are sub-forums in English, German, Polish, Spanish, Turkish, and French languages.

Currently, this 4K video downloader alternative doesn’t support saving Vimeo videos and Instagram posts.

4. ClipGrab


If you prefer integrated searches inside the downloader, then ClipGrab shall fulfill your requirement as the alternative to 4K video downloader. Its user interface is simple and clean to navigate, with four tabs: Search, Downloads, Settings and about. Just as other alternatives, ClipGrab is baked with clipboard monitoring that will automatically analyze any link you just copied.

After crawling the downloadable videos and other content on a single page, ClipGrab will demonstrate you multiple parallel streams, so that you can choose which resolution or file format to save. Generally, you can download from 144p to 1080p and 4K videos when it’s available from the server. Besides MP4, you can also save WMV, MP3, OGG, Theora, or convert the downloaded video to the preferred format, both for videos and audio tracks.

The only downside is, ClipGrab only shows 12 searches per time. To save more videos or music, you need to manually enter the URLs, which could be time-consuming, especially for videos in playlists and channels. Some users reported there are ad pop-ups without consent, which may be caused by installing the software from unreliable resources. Make sure to download ClipGrab from its official page. Also check Apps like Widgetable

5. SnapDownloader


SnapDownloader is a lightweight alternative to 4K video downloader, with a sleek and tidy interface that appeals to many users. Once installed on your Windows or Mac computers, you can copy and paste links in SnapDownloader to get started. It will crawl and list out available videos with thumbnails, estimated download size, format, and resolutions.

Partial download, scheduling, and one-click mode are highlighted features of SnapDownloader.

When you love part of the video online, you can designate the start and end time for SnapDownloader to save part of the video only, so that it’s quicker than pulling off all the content in one shot. The scheduling feature allows you to set up a future date and time for the tool to initiate the downloading. The one-click mode will apply the same settings – MP4 720p, for instance – for all the future downloading tasks.

For users unhappy with the limited support of subtitles in 4K video downloader, this best alternative can save subtitles in more than 50 languages, when it’s available in the source video. There are also bonus options to add custom metadata to the videos. This app supports Dailymotion, Twitter, Facebook, and many other popular sites.

Probably the only drawback of the 4K video downloader alternative is its pricing policy. It goes with a subscription-based plan, which starts at $7.99 per month, $29.99 per year for 1 computer, or $39.99 lifetime. Users can enjoy free downloading in the first 48 hours.

Note: The downloader feature in VideoProc Converter is completely free to use. Other features such as editing, recording, converting videos are free to use for videos less than 5 minutes. If you only need full features related to video downloading, VideoProc Converter to truly free and easy to use. No ads, no bundleware.


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