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7 Trade Fair And Expo Trends In 2023

Trade Fair And Expo Trends You Need To Follow will be discussed in this article. Trade fairs, expo booths & displays are continuously developing with each year that passes. It is crucial to stay notified about the most delinquent industry movements no matter what sector you operate in. Not every new system will work for you, so select those most relevant to your business and customize them to fit your needs. Keep one step ahead of the competition, and you will be agreeably on your way to successfully bringing in fresh leads and customers in 2023.

7 Trade Fair And Expo Trends In 2023

In this article, you can know about 7 Trade Fair And Expo Trends In 2023 here are the details below;

Trend 1: Live Events Are Back

Live Events Are Back

In 2020 and 2021, many companies switched to virtual and hybrid events, and while these are still popular, in-person shows are starting to take the lead. Physical trade fairs made their real comeback in 2022, and expo organisers, exhibitors and visitors couldn’t be happier. Nearly 75% of event planners think it is challenging to replicate the live event experience online. In-person expos are more familiar and engaging for exhibitors, and additionally, visitors take pleasure in stopping by different booths, meeting new people, and experiencing various sensations.

The live trade show sector is anticipated to rebound even more in 2023 due to all of these factors. A recent Exhibitor Online survey found that exhibiting businesses intended to attend an average of 47 live events in 2023. This is more than double the numbers for 2020 and 2021 and is an increase from the slightly less than 40 in-person events in 2022.

The fact that people are generally pickier about the events they attend still tempers this news. Why is this relevant to exhibitors? It is more crucial than ever to go where your audience is if you intend to present at live trade events. If you only see one or two performances in 2023, you must make them worthwhile.

Trend 2: Stimulate the Senses with Experiential Booths

Stimulate the Senses with Experiential Booths

Another trend has emerged as audiences begin to return in large numbers to live events – experiential booths. Many people felt alone after two years marked by lockdowns and lengthy periods spent working from home. They now want to explore new things and go to in-person shows. Live experiences took part in an ongoing trend in the exhibition industry that doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Also check stablecoins difference from traditional cryptocurrencies

Experiential trade show exhibits are displays that promote your company through hands-on activities, demonstrations and more. Trade fair visitors enjoy live performances because they provide breathtaking sights and unique experiences that aren’t available anywhere else. The goal is to provide your booth guests with something to do, not simply something to look at. It may be done with anything from immersive video displays to virtual reality, from hands-on experiences or product trials to a fun game or a free drink. The more senses you tingle, the stronger the connection you build and the more vividly they will recall you and your brand.

Unless you work for an experiential marketing titan like Google, Amazon or Meta, your company may not be able to afford flashy, futuristic displays. But don’t despair, there are plenty of activities you can offer to your visitors to grab their attention and make them feel closer to your brand. Some of them include:

  • Having live demonstrations and including your audience are the tests.
  • Giving away samples and not only food and beverages.
  • Adding mini-games and small competitions with branded prizes.
  • Having a testing area where members of the audience can test your products like – running on a treadmill, riding a bike, test a blender.
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If you haven’t been to any live trade fairs lately and feel a little rusty, now is the ideal time to assess your booth and get ready for the upcoming show season. If you need some help deciding on the right type of stand for your business, you should check out our detailed trade fair booth guide.

Trend 3: Relaxing Meeting Spaces

Building separate meeting spaces and lounge sections is a more recent trend for companies that want to do business away from the noise of the floor. People are still afraid of being around large crowds, especially now that the pandemic has passed and we have returned. Usually, these spaces provide 24/7 security, locked doors at night and peace of mind for all visitors that have decided to use them. Meeting areas can be set up to suit your conference requirements with modular trade show booth displays.

Another popular addition to the traditional trade fair expo is the lounge areas. They offer a convenient place to meet attendees away from the crowds for businesses that don’t require an enclosed space. Additionally, lounges make a great waiting place for company representatives that have meetings scheduled throughout the day. This is the way these spaces are the ideal place to network and create valuable connections in a relaxing and inviting environment. Meeting rooms and lounge areas are becoming essential factors for attracting leads and building business partnerships.

Trend 4: The Early Bird Gets The Worm – Quality Lead Generation

It is never too early to start setting the groundwork to get quality leads. Reaching out to your client base and asking about their intentions for the upcoming year is one tactic. Which events do they intend to see? What do they want to accomplish? There is a good possibility you will meet some new potential customers at a show that a lot of your current clients are going to attend. Being proactive with your marketing efforts is not new to companies attending trade expos. However, it has never been more important. The client of 2023 expects the business to know their needs and expectations. Trade shows are the place to test the waters and get to know better your audience, so you must use all of your available methods and tactics. Also check tutoring services

Mention one or two shows your company is participating in subscriber emails. Don’t note it in every email you send out; doing so can have the reverse impact of sparking interest. Send out a schedule of the trade fairs you intend to attend as an alternative. Then, a few weeks before each event, start sending emails to customer segments you have already spoken to or with whom you have previously interacted at expos. It will start to be a topic of immediate interest for individuals attending the event about two weeks before it. That is a wonderful time to start working on making appointments and offering incentives for stopping by the booth. Lead generation is an art of its own, and if you need more advice on the topic check out our article on how to prepare to exhibit at a trade fair.

Trend 5: Event technology in Live Expos

Event technology in Live Expos

During the last three years, people got used to relying on technology and found how easy their life could be. So, it is normal to want to incorporate it into the way live events are being organised. Here are three ways that technologies are expected to mingle with in-person trade shows:

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Even the most committed attendee may give up when faced with lengthy in-person lineups and robust, slow checkout pages. That is why more and more organisers choose to incorporate on their website an event registration tool. The software manages every step of the process and provides a consistent user experience throughout the whole event. Users can construct branded registration webpages with custom domains, create schedules and more.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

AR and VR are essential components of another emerging trend – the experiential booth. Using these technologies visitors can emerge in new worlds and experience a variety of unfamiliar feelings. Involving a virtual reality experience is one of the best ways to leave a long-lasting impression on your potential clients.


International trade fairs welcome attendees from around the world especially during virtual and hybrid events, as they are cheaper and more accessible. This forces event planners to adapt and get through the linguistic barrier, as offering live translations enable the inclusion of guests who might otherwise miss out on the experience due to not speaking the lecturer’s language. Imagine having visitors from 20 to 50 different countries. Realistically, you can’t hire that many translators, but you can, however, use software to automatically translate and assist your trade fair attendees.

Trend 6: The Importance of Mobile Apps

Almost all people are a little bit addicted to their phones and are used to relying on them for everything. So, there is no surprise that the latest emerging trend is connected to mobile apps. They are the ideal tool to provide the event experience with a completely new dimension, just like the new potential brought on by hybrid events.

Mobile apps are an excellent method to arrange knowledge practically. Information about schedules, presenters, topics, and products or services can all be gathered in one convenient location. Both visitors and exhibitors can use it to communicate and exchange contacts and insight. More and more trade fair organisers see the benefits of incorporating a mobile app, and we believe many new applications will be born in 2023.

Trend 7: The Era of Sustainability

The recent year has seen a greater focus on sustainable events. The fact that virtual events are intrinsically more sustainable than real ones has partially contributed to this. Digital events are more sustainable than physical ones, as there is no travel involved, significantly less material is consumed, and no waste is produced. Since many individuals place a high value on it, businesses that cater to these audiences must take note of it. Simply said, sustainability is a major exhibition industry trend to follow for booth design if it is a fundamental value for your business.

Some of the things that will change include:

  • Sustainable, recyclable building materials with less nylon involved
  • Controlled energy usage with lots of LED and halogen lights
  • SMART building system controlling the heating and lighting in the halls of the expo centre
  • Live demonstrations and testing instead of digital and multimedia presentations
  • Limited usage of paper – leaving the printed brochures in the past and using digital pamphlets

Even if you don’t intend to adopt every unique concept you discover, keeping an eye on the most recent trade show trends is usually beneficial. Do you know what else is beneficial? Using a travel accommodation agency like Fair Point. We can find you affordable and comfortable hotels all around the globe, ensuring that you have a convenient place to rest even after the busiest trade fair day.


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